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我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.While many people spend their lifetime ________ fame and wealth, I decide to pursue health and happiness instead.
(A) inspiring
(B) occupying
(C) avoiding
(D) seeking

2.The professor asked his students to finish the report in one month. Tomorrow will be the ________.
(A) device
(B) advice
(C) deadline
(D) demand

3.Don’t count your chickens before they are ________.
(A) hatched
(B) defined
(C) bounded
(D) disguised

4.I will be sure to let you know about future promotional ________ for your business in Thompson.
(A) examples
(B) services
(C) facilities
(D) opportunities

5.After the summit meeting, both sides agreed to ________ fire so that the peace talks could go on.
(A) drift
(B) adore
(C) cease
(D) erect

6.During the one-month trial period, customers are under no ________ to sign any contracts.
(A) pledge
(B) promise
(C) obligation
(D) engagement

7. John ________ at me in bewilderment when I told him the news.
(A) packed
(B) stared
(C) tossed
(D) saluted

8.Don’t take sight and hearing for ________; make the best use of them.
(A) catered
(B) granted
(C) scented
(D) treated

9.Please remember ________ the radio before you sleep.
(A) to turn away
(B) turning away
(C) turning off
(D) to turn off

10.Simms Engineering estimates that the proposed modifications ________ your original design will cost in the region of $200,000.
(A) as
(B) to
(C) at
(D) by

11.________ change your mind, please give us a call.
(A) Could you
(B) Would you
(C) Might you
(D) Were you to

12.Knowing that her son was suffering from a ________ disease, the mother cried her eyes out.
(A) dying
(B) deadly
(C) died
(D) dead-like

13.Many people say couples tend to resemble each other. It seems that the longer they stay together, ________they will become.
(A) more similar
(B) more similarly
(C) the more similar
(D) the more similarly

14.A: I don’t feel well. I have an upset stomach. B: You ________ have eaten something bad.
(A) can
(B) must
(C) should
(D) would

15.________ it was a holiday, I could sleep late.
(A) After
(B) Though
(C) Since
(D) Unless

Some people have power over plants. There is a saying in England that some people have “green fingers.” It means that they are very good 41 making plants grow. Others believe that if they talk to their plants 42 kind words and a soft voice, they will help them to grow better. But if they shout at them, the plants may stop growing. It’s rather difficult to prove 43 or not this is true. 44 , some studies have shown that music can affect plants. AnAmerican woman student 45 different kinds of music to plants. When she played classical music (Bach orBeethoven), she found that the plants grew towards and around the loud-speakers; but when she played pop music, the 
plants grow in the opposite direction as if they were trying to escape from it. Plants apparently like soft music and not loud music, perhaps they also like the sound of soft voices.

【題組】 41.
(A) at
(B) with
(C) in
(D) as

(A) use
(B) into
(C) used
(D) with

(A) if
(B) till
(C) whether
(D) even

(A) But
(B) After
(C) When
(D) However

(A) tries to play
(B) tried playing
(C) tried to play at
(D) tries to playing at

McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast-food chain. Not only do adults like it, but kids are also very fond of it. Some studies even show that for many kids, any food from McDonald’s tastes better than anything else. One study was undertaken by Dr. Robinson, a professor of pediatrics at Stanford University. Working with 63 children aged 3 to 5, Robinson asked them to try the same food, some of it in a plain wrapper, and some in a wrapper with the McDonald’s brand on it. The result was that children thought the food without a big “M” brand tasted less delicious than the other one.
Why does McDonald’s have such appeal to young kids? The answer perhaps lies in its successful marketing strategies. In addition to its TV advertising, the company also uses placement advertisements in children’s favorite cartoons and Disney movies. The company also promotes colorful toys in its children’s meals, frequently changing 
the gift toy so that children will remain interested in the product. Moreover, the McDonald’s website has become more than a place to check the latest menu or news of discounts. It has become a place where kids can connect with friends, play interactive games, and take part in various contests. The main purpose, as some analysts have said, is to link food with a lot of pleasure. But is McDonald’s food really tastier than other food? Many would say no.

【題組】 46. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) Children aged 3 to 5 love to eat McDonald’s food.
(B) McDonald’s is the largest fast-food restaurant.
(C) Games and contests on the McDonald’s website.
(D) How McDonald’s attracts young customers.

22.【題組】 What did Dr. Robinson ask the kids to taste?
(A) Two different kinds of food.
(B) Different food in two bags with the same brand name.
(C) The same food in two bags with different brand names.
(D) McDonald’s children’s meals.

23.【題組】According to the passage, which of the following does NOT make McDonald’s a favorite restaurant for children?
(A) Its marketing strategies.
(B) Its toys.
(C) Its prices.
(D) Its advertisements.

24.【題組】According to the passage, which of the following does McDonald’s website NOT offer?
(A) Interactive games.
(B) Online ordering.
(C) News of discounts.
(D) The latest menu.

25.【題組】What does the author think about McDonald’s food?
(A) It is not more delicious than other food.
(B) It is the best for kids.
(C) It is not suitable for kids.
(D) It is expensive.