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1.1.China’s giant panda is one type of animal with a low ________, and symbol wildlife preservation.
2.2.Through the body language, such as facial ________ , gestures and movements, people have no difficulty communicating.
3.3.When we fail, we have to study our failures and figure out why we did not ________ .
4.4.Princess Diana was a generous person who ________ her life to helping those less fortunate. 
5.5.A smoke alarm ________ the occupants to the fire which gave them valuable time get out of house safely.
6.6.It was reported that ________ rate in Taiwan increased to 4.19 percent in April of 2013 from 4.18 percent in March of 2013. Lots of people could not find jobs.
7.7.Great athletes have always done their best to get an ________ over their competition and improve their level of fitness.
8.8.Alzheimer's disease, whose patients often ________ memory loss, is believed to be treated effectively by a traditional Chinese herbal remedy. 
9.9.The ice sculpture festival has ________ more attention in recent years because of its richness, variety and splendor.
10.10.This fertilizer is produced by mixing up several ________ with water and soil. 
11.11.We could not decide the final price immediately because the price is a matter of ________ between the buyer and the seller. 
12.12.Calcium ________ causes many elderly people to suffer from broken bones so the elderly should drink more milk.
13.13.To maintain the machine properly, our main concern is how to reduce the heat generated by ________ between two components or parts. 
14.14.Independent rating of how companies are managing their intangible assets lifts the quality and the ________ of corporate reporting and analysis. 
15.15.The conditions which gave rise to the epidemic included the poor ________ and a lack of safe water sources in the region.
16.16.I’m very sorry for not answering your call immediately. I ________ my hair when you called.
(B)has washed
(C)had washed
(D)was washing
17.17.The extent of Joan’s knowledge on various subjects ________ to me. 
(A)is astounding
(B)are astounding
(C)is astounded
(D)are astounded
18.18.Jack! How many times do I have to remind you ________ up your coat when you get home from school?
(D)to hang
19.19.Individual differences in children must be recognized. While one child might have a strong interest in math and science, ________ child might tend toward more artistic endeavors. 
(D)the other
20.20.However hard we tried, we just couldn’t find the person ________ car was blocking the driveway.
21.21.________ you are in the world of business or the world of social relations, the way you dress can make a tremendous difference.
(A)No matter
22.22.Alice bought the house for eight-million dollars two years ago, but now it is worth ________ that amount. 
(A)more double than
(B)more than double
(C)than double more
(D)double than more
23.23.To some people, Mickey Mouse is seen as the spread of American culture to other countries ________ he reflects American imperialism and ideas.
24.24.The earth is becoming warmer and warmer. There are few countries ________ are concerned about the serious problem of global warming.
25.25.Due to the economic depression, our sales ________ for months, so we are now in great financial difficulties.
(A)are dropping
(B)have been dropped
(C)had been dropping
(D)have been dropping
26.26.Please wait for a while. The salesman will explain to you ________.
(A)how the machine works
(B)how does the machine work
(C)how you to operate the machine
(D)how do you operate the machine
27.27.Finland is the least densely populated country on the continent and ________ its five million residents enjoy one of the highest standards of living anywhere.
28.28.________ most of his time devoted to the extracurricular activities, Allen, one of the gifted students in my class, got only mediocre scores in his major studies.
29.29.The witness to the murder asked ________ in the TV news or newspaper. She wanted her name to be kept secret.
(A)not to be identified
(B)to not be identified
(C)not being identified
(D)being not identified
30.30.For me, a job with variety ________ is well-paid. 
(A)doesn ’t matter more than
(B)doesn ’t matter so much than it
(C)ƒmuch more matters than if it
(D)matters much more than if it
31.It was reported that the British government has warned airlines around the world not to allow the National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, _____31_____ has revealed himself as the source of top-secret documents about American NSA surveillance programmes, to fly to the UK. If a carrier brings in Snowden, it would be _____32_____ for a £2,000 fine. The Home Office deemed Snowden’s presence in the UK to be _____33_____ to the "public good," even though he has not yet _____34_____ with any crime and no warrants have been issued for his arrest. ‘ Carrier alerts,are _____35_____ when the UK government wants to deny entry to people who do not normally need visas to enter the country, or whose visas were issued before something happened.
【題組】 31•
(A) when
(B) who
(C) whose
(D) which
(A) determination
(B) determent
(C) aetermme
(D) detrimental
(A) cnanged
(B) charged
(C) been charged
(D) been changed
(A) issued
(B) caused
(C) motivated
(D) topic
36.Hundreds oi different species of plants and animals have arrived m the United States. This numoer has increased greatly as international travel and business have increased. Some of these new “ _____36_____ ” have caused problems for agriculture or the environment. The Mediterranean fruit fly, _____37_____ , arrived in California on some imported fruit in 1970s. In its original home, it had never caused much damage. In California, however, it _____38_____ so quickly that the California fruit industry was soon in trouble. The government had to take serious measures to try to kill the flies, but have not managed to get rid of them altogether. Sometimes the damage caused by an immigrant species is not measurable in dollars. It may not harm us directly, but it may change the environment. And that may cause proolems for the _____39_____ plants or animals that were living there before. Loosestrife is a plant that came to North America sometime in the 19th century. It may have been carried as seeds on the back of some sheep from Europe, or someone may have brought the seeds to plant in their garden. _____40_____ ,loosestrife now grows along rivers and lakes all over North America. It is a pretty plant, but when a lot of loosestrife grows in one place, other plants cannot grow there.
(A) neighbors
(B) criminals
(C) victims
(D) residents
(A) above all
(B) for example
(C) in fact
(D) on the other hand
(A) multiplied
(B) expired
(C) commuted
(D) fertilized
(A) foreign
(B) artificial
(C) native
(D) suburban
(A) Of course
(B) In any case
(C) By contrast
(D) On the whole
四、閱讀測驗【請在下列各題中選出最適當的答案】 第一篇:

Now, I suspect, a lot of people are experiencing a kind of parents,remorse. We oought into the Dnilosonny that children needed unlimited self-esteem, maximum freedom and minimal pressure to succeed in life or contribute to society. We taught our kids to think of themselves as entitled and to see themselves as the center of the universe. Now instead of parents having expectations of their children, children have expectations oi how their parents are supposed to behave. We!re here to serve them, to make their lives as comfortable and convenient as possible.

I want my children to stop acting like an only child, and learn to share everytnmg with their siblings, including their parents’ time and attention. I want them to get out of their heads this idea that the world revolves around them, and all that matters at any given moment of the day is what they want, need or feel; and I want them to treat people better, starting with their family members, and then moving on to complete strangers, and not look down on anyone —ever.

Of course, the problem is that this is what parents are for. It’s our job to instill these values and teach children how to become good people. It doesn’t happen naturally. And it won’t happen magically. It’ll only happen if we set standards and enforce rules when they’re not met. And fathers have a special role to play in all of this. It’s not easy being a good dad. In fact, it’s exhausting. And it can often be frustrating. In fact, frankly, a lot of fathers decide it is too hard. They give up, check out, hang back and essentially let their kids raise themselves. Itfs one of the reasons why we got into this mess.

The only way out is for fathers to get back in the game. We have to be present in our children’s lives. Forget about being their mends. They have mends. They need fathers. We have to be in our kids’ faces, just like our grandfathers and fathers used to be. And for the same reason - because we care enough not to be anywhere else.

【題組】41 .What is the passage mainly about?
(A) How to be a good father.
(B) How to serve children.
(C) Why it is hard to be a kid.
(D) Why parents are disappointed.
42.【題組】42. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
(A) Kids can raise themselves.
(B) Grandfather used to be strict with kids.
(C) The author expects his children to be better people.
(D) Parents try their best to make their children’s lives better.
43.【題組】43.Which statement can be inferred from the passage?
(A) Fathers play no role in their families.
(B) Discipline needs to be established.
(C) Children enjoy the pressure in life.
(D) Parents pay too little attention to their kids.
44.【題組】44. What does “it” refer to in “a lot of fathers decide it is too hard”?
(A) To find a job.
(B) To enforce rules.
(C) To set standards.
(D) To be a good father.
45.【題組】45.Which behavior is the author most likely to encourage?
(A) Children care only for themselves.
(B) Fathers need to be their children’s best friend.
(C) Kids can see themselves as the center of the universe.
(D) Children can treat people better and never look down on anyone.
What is inflation? Inflation is often called “too manv dollars chasing too lew goods.” It’s when prices in a country rise across the board. If the prices of your snack, bread, gasoline, and many other things all rise at the same time, that’s inflation. Inflation means your money buys less than it used to.

Experts have different views on why and how inflation happens. One reason for inflation is an increase in the supply of money. Generally, when the supply of something goes up, the demand for it goes down. In other words, its value goes down. So when there is a lot of money circulating, each piece of money becomes less valuable. Another cause or inflation is a rise in production costs. This means it costs more money to make a particular product. The price of a candy bar may go up if the nuts in it are suddenly more expensive or if the workers making it are paia higher wages. Higher taxes can also cause inflation. When items are taxed, people who produce goods don,t want to see their profits go down. Instead, they raise their prices. This is called “transferring the burden to the consumer.”

Inflation is complicated. Track the prices of some goods you are interested in, and see if you can understand why they’ve changed over time.

【題組】46. What is the article mainly about?
(A) The factors that cause inflation.
(B) Some of the good things about inflation.
(C) How governments can prevent inflation.
(D) The effects that inflation has on the global economy.
47.【題組】47. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a reason for inflation?
(A) More supply of money.
(B) Higher costs to produce goods.
(C) Higher salary paid to workers.
(D) More demands from consumers.
48.【題組】48. Which of the following statements is true?
(A) Taxes help reduce inflation.
(B) Inflation is caused by one simple factor.
(C) Printing more money can lead to inflation.
(D) When your money buys more, that’s inflation.
49.【題組】49. According to the article, which of the following might cause the price of com to increase?
(A) A sudden drop in inflation.
(B) An increase in seed prices.
(C) A farm technology breakthrough.
(D) Less money circulating in the country.
50.【題組】50. Where is this article likely to appear?
(A) A travel guide book.
(B) A medical journal.
(C) A business magazine.
(D) A computer magazine.