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我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.Cashier: The total is $2,500. Will this be cash or charge? Mary: _______ Cashier: No, I’m afraid not.
(A)How will you like it?
(B)Do you take JCB Card?
(C)Do you have change?
(D)Should I write you a check?

2.Diane: You’ll never believe this! Jane: ______? Diane: I got an A on my math test. Jane: That’s great. Congratulations!
(A)How’s it going?
(B)How’ve you been?
(C)What happened?
(D)Why not?

3.Jason is very busy. He does not have _____ time reading newspapers or watching TV.

4.Jeff has a _____cookbook with him, so he knows what to cook for his family.

5.He went to the library and _____a book.
(C) lent
(D) borrowed

6.Many people cannot tell the difference between the lotus and the water lily because the flowers and leaves have a similar appearance and both kinds of flowers grow in quiet ponds or lakes. In some ways, however, these flowers are very different. First of all, lotus flowers usually reach up out of the water, while the water lily rests on the floating leaves. Secondly, the pads or ridged leaves of the lotus flowers are completely rounded while those of the water lily have a split in them from the outer edge to the center. Finally, the lotus flower has the religious significance of purity in Asia while the water lily is mostly associated with feminine beauty and nymphs (water spirits), as in Greek culture. Although they have different characteristics and meanings, both the lotus and the water lily are highly appreciated in various cultures. 
【題組】 The common natural habitat for the water lily and the lotus is
(A) on the bank of a river.
(B) in a pond or a lake.
(C) above a waterfall.
(D) in a fast-running brook

7.【題組】Which statement is NOT true?
(A) The leaves of the water lily float on the water.
(B) The leaves of the water lily are completely round.
(C) The leaves of the water lily have ridges.
(D) The leaves of the water lily are also called pads.

8.【題組】According to the paragraph, the lotus flower is mostly known to be
(A) a flower found at weddings.
(B) a religious symbol.
(C) an extinct plant.
(D) a poisonous flower.

9.【題組】In the West, the water lily is associated with
(A) beautiful water spirits.
(B) purity of mind and body.
(C) female fertility.
(D) everlasting love.

10.【題組】This paragraph is mainly a
(A) story about the lives of plants.
(B) debate about religions.
(C) comparison of two kinds of flowers.
(D) plea for conservation of nature.

The appearance of smartphones has changed people’s life to a large degree. Not only can people use them to make and receive phone calls, they can __1___ use them to surf on the Internet, send and receive emails, communicate with each other through video and make new friends. They have helped make human contact become easier and more __2___ than 
before. Besides helping people to connect __3__ each other, smartphones allow people to have fun. People can watch videos and movies online as well as play many different online games either with themselves or with others. Using the camera function __4__ by smartphones, people can take pictures of themselves, their family and friends and even things that interest them. Now smartphones have also been used as a kind of credit card.__5__ , people can use them to pay for their grocery shopping without taking the money with them. 

【題組】 1.
(A) also
(B) but
(C) again
(D) never

(A) helpful
(B) general
(C) confusing
(D) frequent

(A) from
(B) for
(C) with
(D) about

(A) provide
(B) provided
(C) providing
(D) to provide

(A) As well
(B) Such as
(C) For instance
(D) As if