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102 年 - 102年 初等考試 一般行政#9451 

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1.I need some _____ to pay for the parking.

2.Many people have died of liver cancer because it is difficult to _____ it in its early stages.

3.He gets very _____ with his job as a doorman.

4.It is a shame that the error was noticed only after Ms. Perng _____ the project proposal.
(A)sends in
(B)has sent in
(C)had sent in
(D)is sending in

5.William found the movie _____ because he loves the story about humans and animals.
(A)to interest

6.David: I’m planning to go camping next weekend with my friends. Would you like to come with us? Doris: _____ David: Are you sure you don’t want to go? It should be a lot of fun.
(A)Oh, I’d like to, but I already have other plans.
(B)Where will you go?
(C)That sounds wonderful.
(D)Thanks for inviting me.

7.Waiter: Are you ready to order? Tommy: Yes. Can I have the steak, please? Waiter: _____Tommy: Medium.
(A)How would you like it cooked?
(B)Which part would you like?
(C)How fast should we serve you?
(D)Do you prefer your steak well done?

8.Advertisements are everywhere. In order to draw our attention, advertisements have been _8_ in different mediums and forms. They have been shown in buses and cars to _9_ that people can see them wherever they go. They can also be seen in balloons floating up in the air. On the Internet, advertisements will pop up on the _10_ so that people cannot avoid them. Although most people might feel excited when first seeing them, they can still _11_ them away whenever they like. But people can do almost nothing about it if pop-up ads _12_ on television. It can really affect people and most people aren’t happy to see them.

(A)take care
(B)make sure
(C)pay off
(D)act out




13. The thieves struck on the morning of August 22, 2004, not long after the Munch Museum had opened. The Sunday peace was broken by the shouting of the two men storming into the exhibition area. Using a gun to force the guards to the ground, they took two paintings off the wall and left. The whole thing took less than 5 minutes. The crime was seen as a shame to Norway, which regards Munch’s paintings as among its most valued cultural treasures. One and a half years on, six men were charged and their trial began February 14, 2006. The police may catch the thieves, but they don’t have the paintings. In the first place, the police took so long to arrive. By the time they did, the original witnesses were gone and the crime scene had been changed with other visitors. The only evidence they got was an unclear photo of two guys taken by the security camera. The police began to make some arrest 8 months later. As for the museum, it closed after the robbery and reopened 10 months later, after adding $6 million security equipment.
【題組】On what day did the robbery happen?

14.【題組】When did the Museum reopen?
(A)April 2005.
(B)June 2005.
(C)February 2006.
(D)December 2006.

15.【題組】Why did the late arrival of the police make it more difficult to find the paintings?
(A)The guards had been seriously injured.
(B)The security camera had been broken.
(C)Some evidence might have been lost.
(D)The visitors had been scared away.