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1.I need to go to the _____ to exchange my new basketball shoes.
(C)coffee shop

2.Eating breakfast every morning is very important for students. It enables them to have enough _____ to learn new things.

3.The endings of the modern movies are often open, _____ the viewers in doubt as to the final outcome of the characters.
(C)left to

4.This luggage is three times as heavy _____ that.

5.Some people like football and _____ like basketball.
(D)the other

6.John: Hello, is Mark there? Mary: Yes. John: _____ Mary: Well, he’s busy right now.
(A)Where is he?
(B)May I speak to him?
(C)I’ll call again later.
(D)This is John speaking.

7.Lisa: I’m going to the supermarket. Do you need anything? John: _____ Lisa: Sure. Anything else?
(A)Yes. It’s great.
(B)May I take your order?
(C)Yes, please do.
(D)Could you buy some bread for me?

8. Online learning is also called distance education. Many American colleges and universities have been offering it for years. Online classes are usually taught by _8_ who have been trained in online teaching. These classes can be highly interactive, _9_ students communicate with each other and their teachers. Some classes require students to all log in at the same time so they can _10_ live lectures by a professor. Students can also ask questions and work together on team projects. Many schools offer online education. Students should be especially careful of programs that offer a degree _11_ for little or no work. These are known as diploma mills, and are illegal in the United States. Educational advisers also say that before you enter any program, make sure the work will _12_ in your country.



(B)in return
(D)in need

(B)be regarded
(D)be recognized

13. In 1888, Vincent Van Gogh moved to Arles, a town in southern France. The artist Paul Gauguin moved there too, and they became good friends. The weather was beautiful, and they were both inspired by the colorful countryside. They painted daily and talked about art, but they didn’t have much money. Van Gogh often became sad and couldn’t paint. One day he became very angry and argued with Gauguin. Gauguin left Arles, and shortly after, Van Gogh cut off a piece of his own ear. After a while, Van Gogh began to paint again. He sent some paintings to Paris but couldn’t sell them. Then, in 1890, early on a Sunday evening, Van Gogh went out to the countryside with his paints. He took out a gun and shot himself in the chest. His brother Theo traveled from Paris to be with him. Two days later, Van Gogh died. In his short, sad life, Van Gogh painted 200 paintings. He sold only one of them. In 1990, one of his paintings was sold for 82.5 million U.S. dollars.
【題組】This passage is mainly about .
(A)a short friendship between Van Gogh and Gauguin
(B)the reason why Van Gogh cut off his own ear
(C)Van Gogh’s life in Arles as an unknown painter
(D)Theo’s brotherly love for Vincent Van Gogh

14.【題組】Which of the following statements is correct?
(A)Van Gogh could not paint any more after his crazy act.
(B)Van Gogh did not attempt to kill himself.
(C)Theo came from Paris to attend Van Gogh’s funeral.
(D)Van Gogh killed himself in the countryside.

15.【題組】One of Van Gogh’s paintings was sold for 82.5 million U.S. dollars about _______years after his death.