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1.36 When doing a scientific experiment, you should be careful not to jump to a_____ . All factors must be considered.
(A) disaster
(B) reason
(C) research
(D) conclusion

2.37 Learning that he was____ to Harvard University, Shawn didn’t show any sign of excitement because he knew that he couldn’t afford the high tuition.
(A) transmitted
(B) permitted
(C) admitted
(D) submitted

3.38 Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have ___young people’s social life and communicating mode.
(A) dominated
(B) denounced
(C) deported
(D) discharged

4.39 Taylor Swift is undoubtedly a(n) ___ artist. Besides singing and songwriting, she can play the banjo guitar, piano, and ukulele.
(A) indigenous
(B) versatile
(C) intentional
(D) vulnerable

5.40 A major source of pollution, industrial development has greatly ____the wildlife in this region.
(A) arrested
(B) struggled
(C) opposed
(D) threatened

6.41 At the carnival, everyone is expecting the magnificent _____and the fireworks show that follows.
(A) paradise
(B) parade
(C) paralysis
(D) paradox

7.42 The salesperson_____ Mom to buy a new pot which she doesn’t need.
(A) persuaded
(B) proved
(C) pursued
(D) permitted

Astronauts eat freeze-dried foods from plastic bags. Freeze-drying is a special __43__ that 
removes moisture from foods that have been quick-frozen. When food is treated in this way, it lasts for a long time without spoiling. It is also lightweight and easy to pack in a spacecraft, 
where every ounce and every inch count. When an astronaut is ready to eat, he uses a 
special__44__to inject water into the package. The water he injects replaces the __45__
moisture that was removed from the food. Now the freeze-dried food will taste__46__fresh food. The astronaut can use hot or cold water for his meal. He can have hot soups as well as cold drinks.  

(A) process
(B) product
(C) property
(D) prospect

(A) advice
(B) device
(C) notice
(D) service

(A) abnormal
(B) formal
(C) marginal
(D) original

(A) like
(B) to like
(C) likely
(D) alike

    Her life seemed perfect to many people. Diana Spencer was born in 1961 to wealthy
parents in Sandringham, England. She grew up with money, education, and love and in 
1981 she did what many little girls dream about. She married a prince. By 1984, Diana hadtwo beautiful sons, William and Harry. How could life be more perfect? 
    But Diana’s life wasn’t perfect. She was terribly unhappy in her marriage to Prince 
Charles. In 1992 they separated, and in 1996 they divorced. But people in Britain and all 
over the world still loved Diana and respected her for the work she did to help people in poorcountries. The press still followed her everywhere and reported everything she did, in both 
her public and private lives. 
    And it seems that this adoring, sometimes critical, but always invasive press was at 
least partly responsible for Princess Diana’s death on August 31, 1997. Diana and Dodi al Fayed, who was reported to be her fiancé, were killed in a car crash in Paris while trying to escape a group of paparazzi. The princess’ death left many people wondering about just 
how far reporters should be allowed to go to get a story. Is a good story or photograph 
worth risking someone’s life? 

【題組】 47 How old was Diana Spencer when she died?
(A) 38 years old.
(B) 36 years old.
(C) 34 years old.
(D) 30 years old.

13.【題組】48 How did Diana Spencer die?
(A) She committed suicide.
(B) She died in a car crash.
(C) She died from illness.
(D) She was murdered.

14.【題組】49 What does the word “paparazzi” mean?
(A) Reporters who follow famous people to reveal their private life.
(B) Writers who write about the life of famous people.
(C) Business people who try to buy information about famous people.
(D) A group of people who are indifferent to famous people.

15.【題組】50 Which of the following statements in NOT true?
(A) People say that invasive reporters may be one of the causes of Diana’s death.
(B) Dodi al Fayed married Diana Spencer after she got a divorce from Prince Charles.
(C) Diana Spencer was not happy in her marriage with Prince Charles.
(D) Diana Spencer died in Paris.