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1.Confucius was a Chinese thinker and social ______ known as the “Great Master.” He spoke and dreamed of a world where happiness would replace misery. 

2.Some people have a ______ about broken mirrors. They believe that if you break a mirror, you will have seven years of bad luck. 

3.When we think of great ______, we often think of the spectacular buildings of the past, such as cathedrals, castles, temples, palaces, and seats of governments. 

4.______ is spreading throughout Asia as people move to big cities, where they eat fattier fast food and live a more sedentary lifestyle. 

5.Jackie was an ______ runner until the age of 79. She has participated in over a hundred marathons in her lifetime. 

6.Although the fire destroyed many items in the store, the manager was not too worried because he knew the store’s insurance would pay for the ______. 

7.A ______ broke into a mansion last Saturday. He went through the house room by room, putting anything of value into a large bag he’d brought with him. 

8.Helping others is often considered a moral obligation. However, in some cultures, any sense of compulsion raises questions about the sincerity of the ______. 

9.Worldwide, tourism generates annual ______ of nearly 3 trillion US dollars, making it the world’s largest industry. 

10.Some people shop merely to acquire. This type of ______ shopping often puts them in considerable financial debt. 

11.Deadly ______ have hit Tokyo, the capital of Japan, and drowned at least 3 people after torrential rain fell on Friday night. 

12.Michael has been a really difficult boss to work for. No matter what his employees do, he always finds something to ______. 

13.Although wind power has many advantages, turbines used to produce such power are regarded by many people as ______ because of the way they are shaped. 

14.When instant cake mixes hit US shelves in the late 1940s, sales were ______. The main reason was that these mixes made baking too easy; cooks felt undervalued. 

15.Hunting and habitat destruction have forced roughly 720 mountain gorillas to ______ to just a few protected areas. Even there, they are not safe. 

16.Internet dating services help people find interesting people to date. New members usually need to fill out a ______ to explain who they are and what kind of person they’d like to meet. 

17.______ can change the color of their skin. Sometimes these animals will change colors so that they are difficult to see and become almost invisible. 

18.What’s the recipe for a successful TV crime show like CSI? Good triumphs over evil and ______ is served in under an hour. 

19.Kodak started making cameras in 1887, and became a ______ manufacturer, but recently it has struggled to keep up with technological changes. 

20.We are running out of natural ______, and soon enough there will be nothing left. 

21.Can you imagine living in a place which is ______ than your freezer? This is Yakutia in Siberia, which in the winter it is often –50。C. 
(A)fourth time colder
(B)four times colder
(C)four time colder
(D)fourth time cold

22.Joseph ______ have a lot of friends in high school; he was not very popular back then. 
(A)was used to
(B)has use to
(C)didn’t use to
(D)isn’t used to

23.Nature photographers usually go off the ______ route to take unforgettable photographs of nature. 

24.Many people in Okinawa, Japan live to be 100 years old; further, people there only have ______ the heart disease than Americans. 

25.______ a self-starter, but she is also a real risk taker who likes to try new ways of doing things. 
(A)Not only Sandra is
(B)Not only Sandra be
(C)Not only is Sandra
(D)Not only be Sandra

26.Many people in the world are so hard-up ______ they cannot afford to meet any of their basic needs. 

27.In light of its negative effects on our bodies, psychologists suggest that we ______ trained to cope with stress. 
(D)have been

28.Thierry Henry, ______, has used his hero status on the field to fight racism in soccer. 
(A)is one of the world’s greatest soccer players ‚
(B)who be one of the world’s greatest soccer players ƒ
(C)who been one of the world’s greatest soccer players „
(D)one of the world’s greatest soccer players

29.Losing the ecosystem services the Earth provides would cause serious economic and health problems for everyone. Clearly, they are too valuable ______. 
(A)for lose
(B)to lose
(C)for losing
(D)to be losing

30.If there are no predators, the population of prey animals will get too large. Therefore, in 1976, the government made ______ illegal to kill wolves. 

31.Sophia could not get the horror movie she saw last night out of her head. What is worse, the more she thought about it, ______ frightened she became. 
(A)the most
(B)the more

32.______ you go in the United States, there are beautiful things to see. There are deserts, mountains, oceans, and sandy beaches. 

33.Since the 1930s, hundreds of stone balls have been found in Costa Rica. It’s believed that they ______ by the ancestors of native peoples who lived there at the time of the Spanish conquest. 
(A)could have been made
(B)have been making
(C)could make
(D)being made

34.In many English language courses, the British and American varieties are taught. One is not more correct than ______, but there are important differences between the two. 
(C)the other
(D)the another

35.I am supposed to sign up for the review sessions on Monday and Tuesday, ______? 
(A)won’t I
(B)wouldn’t I
(C)ain’t I
(D)wasn’t I

36.The Lees have two boys. ______ of them feels interested in taking over their father’s business. They prefer to start their own. 

37.More and more parents find ______ a headache to regulate the time their children spend on the Internet. 

38.I know I have been given so much care and love by my parents, but sometimes I wish they ______ just give me a chance to have a break. 

39.Nowadays, as new technologies, such as mobile phone Internet access, evolve, ______. 
(A)so does the work of the cybercriminals
(B)the work of the cybercriminals as well ƒ
(C)the work of the cybercriminals, too
(D)so the work of the cybercriminals does

40.In an analysis of reports from 42 countries, married people were found to be ______ happier than singles. 

The business card etiquette varies across different countries. The business card is treated with more _41_ within Asian countries. It is received with both hands and a positive comment is usually _42_ . The business card etiquette in the United States differs in that the business card is less formal. It is usually put inside a pocket after _43_ . Furthermore, the
business meeting etiquette differs as well. For instance, lengthy small talk is common in many Latin American countries _44_ in Australia there is typically only a few minutes of small talk before getting down to business. Another example can be found in Brazil where it’s _45_ if you interrupt. Inversely, in Korea, interrupting is not good.



(C)been received
(D)being received



46.Becoming better observers of animal behavior may be the key to surviving natural disasters. During the tsunami disaster of 2004, over 300,000 people died. No one has counted the number of animals _46_ , but we know that it wasn’t many. Before the disaster _47_ , animals were behaving strangely. For instance, shortly before the tsunami, in Khaolak, Thailand, 12 elephants that were giving tourists rides became _48_ . They suddenly left their usual habitat, carrying four _49_ tourists to safety. On the eastern coast of India, flamingos, _50_ should have been breeding at the time of year, suddenly flew to higher ground. Of the 2,000 wild pigs that inhabit an Indian nature reserve, only one was found dead after the tsunami.
(C)had been killed
(D)being killing



(C)be surprised
(D)being surprising


Class time at Southern Cross School in South Africa is an unusual scene. Teachers and pupils are not shut inside classrooms. Instead, they walk through the grass and bush, or sit in the shade of trees, and join serious discussions.
The school has the same syllabus that is set for the country’s schools by the educational authorities, but the teaching methods are totally different. Southern Cross uses nature as a teaching tool. Classes go outdoors to look for phenomena that can be used to study anything from mathematics and science to language. Jumbo Williams, the school’s headmaster,
emphasizes the importance of environmental care. “When students leave school, we want them to be champions of the natural environment,” William said.
Today, the first lesson of the day is mathematics. To practice numbers, the children visit the nearby water trough to look at animal tracks and count how many different animals came to drink during the night. Language, speech, and debate classes focus on conservation issues. A recent student debate centered on whether people should give water to animals in the wild.
The idea for the school came from Sue Godding, who was the manager of a game lodge. She says that nature-based tourism is one of South Africa’s national treasures. She believes that the country needs to produce people who understand the environment and the need to preserve it.

【題組】How is Southern Cross School unusual? 
(A)Because the classes are outdoors.
(B)Because the students are shut inside classrooms. ƒ
(C)Because the teachers are tourists.
(D)Because the school has a different syllabus.

52.【題組】What is an important goal of Southern Cross School? 
(A)To help students get jobs as tour leaders. ‚
(B)To produce students who can work at a game lodge. ƒ
(C)To foster skills in raising animals. „
(D)To develop students’ love for nature.

53.【題組】What does Sue Godding think is important for South Africa’s future? 
(A)Producing new political leaders.
(B)Changing the current syllabus set for its schools.
(C)Promoting nature-based tourism.
(D)Improving higher education.

54.【題組】In which class do the students at Southern Cross School learn about nature? 
(A)only Mathematics.
(B)only Science.
(C)only Language.
(D)All classes.

55.【題組】Based on the passage, which of the following statements is true about Southern Cross School? 
(A)Its pupils study more subjects than children at other schools. ‚
(B)Its classes go outdoors in search for learning materials. ƒ
(C)Its headmaster used to work as a manager of a game lodge. „
(D)Its teachers are trained educational authorities.

Forest fires can be beneficial for trees, soil, and animals. First, trees are the major beneficiaries. Many naturally occurring forest fires, often caused by lightning strikes, are surface fires that burn the understory – the shrubs and herbs from the forest – without damaging the trees in the overstory. In this way, the fire eliminates competition from the smaller trees,
allowing the larger trees to flourish. Once the understory has been burned away, the forest is less likely to burn from high-temperature fires – the combined crown, surface, and ground fires that can do real damage to the tall trees. Burns are also a natural form of control for tree disease and insect pests.
Furthermore, forest fires can improve soil quality by converting the “litter” – dead leaves, twigs, and branches on the forest floor – to nutrient-rich soil. Normally, litter decomposes very slowly. However, fire releases the nutrients in the litter immediately. This creates an increase in the amount of phosphorus and potassium which are key elements that promote tree
growth. The resulting rich soil encourages seed growth.
Additionally, forest fires can ‘thin out’ the forest so larger animals can live in the forest. Animals like deer and moose, which need some open space to live, benefit from the thinning of the understory. As the enriched soil allows new herbs and shrubs to grow, there is new food for these animals as well.

【題組】What would be the best title for this passage? 
(A)Forest Fires: Benefits and Risks
(B)Trees, Soil, and Animals in Forests ƒ
(C)Causes and Consequences of Forest Fires
(D)Beneficial Effects of Forest Fires

57.【題組】According to the passage, which of the following is NOT a benefit of forest fires to trees? 
(A)Burning the shrubs and herbs.
(B)Reducing disease and pests. ƒ
(C)Allowing all trees to flourish.
(D)Decreasing the risk of bigger forest fires.

58.【題組】How do forest fires promote soil quality? 
(A)By releasing the nutrients in the dead leaves, twigs, and branches. ‚
(B)Through eliminating phosphorus and potassium. ƒ
(C)By damaging the trees in the overstory. „
(D)Through decomposing dead animals.

59.【題組】How will animals benefit from forest fires? 
(A)Deer and moose will enrich the soil. ‚
(B)Bigger animals will have more room to live. ƒ
(C)All animals will become thinner. „
(D)Smaller animals will feed on the new herbs and shrubs.

60.【題組】What can be inferred from this passage about forests? 
(A)Forest animals always have enough food. ‚
(B)Thinning of the understory often causes high -temperature fires. ƒ
(C)Tourist littering is a big problem. „
(D)Trees compete for space to grow.