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1.Very small amounts of DNA      from a crime scene can be used to link an unknown suspect to the crime. 

2.Given the difficult job the police have, it is easier for them to      their duties if they have the support of the public.

3.In order to prevent a criminal from running, police use     

4.Studies indicate that laws establishing administrative license       have reduced alcohol-related crashes by almost 40 percent.

5.Following the 9/11 terrorist attack, police departments across the United States were given new           , which provided additional burdens for busy police departments.

6.It is wrong for a policeman to      his/her power while in office.

7.The woman went to the police station and wanted to file a      report because someone took her bag by force on the Main Street 30 minutes ago.

8.A search      is a court order issued by a judge that authorizes law enforcement officers to conduct a necessary search of a person or a place for criminal evidence.

9.A      refers to the situation when a person promises you that you can make a lot of money by investing with him/her, but then just takes your money and disappears. 

10.The police      the whole town during the Chinese New Year in order to maintain order and security.

11.The victim’s family was happy to know that the kidnapper had been taken into      . 

12._____force is a troubling aspect of police misconduct, because it is not always easy to determine the precise amount of force that is required in each situation.

13.In the police station, weapons and      are stored in armory.

14.The National Police Agency has set up a “165 hotline” for the public to report suspicious phone calls scams and      theft.

15.The      division of a police department is charged with solving reported crimes.

16.Police officers use their      in deciding when and how to arrest, stop, frisk, shoot, and/or ticket individuals. 

17.Be wary of      packages and letters. They can contain explosive, chemical, or biological agents.

18.A: I would like to report a domestic violence case. B: Sure. Are you a of abuse      ?

19.The police themselves emphasize their role as ________ fighters and deemphasize their job as peacekeepers and social service providers.

20. Some people are afraid of flying. They are worried that the plane will crash or that someone may hijack it. People who hijack a plane usually threaten to kill the passengers or blow up the plane if they do not get what they want. Hijackers often want money, but sometimes they want other things—to have their friends let out of jail, or to go to another country.  The first hijacking occurred on June 16, 1948, on a plane traveling from Macau to Hong Kong. Some men with guns told the pilot that they wanted money. The pilot tried to fight them off, but the hijackers shot him. The plane crashed into the ocean, and nearly everyone on it died. Only one man survived. His name was Wong-yu Man. When the police brought the plane out of the ocean, they looked at it very carefully. They found bullet holes in its walls. That’s how they knew there had been a hijacking.  A police officer sat near Wong-yu Man’s bed in the hospital. Before long, Wong-yu Man started to talk in his sleep. “Where are my men?” his said. “Are they all right? Did they get the money?”  The police officer wrote everything down. He thought that Wong-yu was one of the hijackers, and he was right. When Wong-yu came out of the hospital, he went to jail for a long time. 

【題組】45 According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A)Wong-yu Man hijacked the plane because he and other hijackers wanted to go to Hong Kong.
(B)This haijacking was a total failure because the plane crashed and all the people died except Wong-yu Man.
(C)When staying in the hospital, Wong-yu Man confessed to the police that he hijacked the plane with his friends.
(D)The plane crashed because the hijackers shot the pilot, killed all the passengers and blew up the plane.

21.【題組】46.How did the police know that the crash was unusual?
(A)Because no one survived except Wong-yu Man.
(B)Because they found bullet holes in the plane.
(C)Because they took the plane out of the ocean.
(D)Because Wong-yu Man told them the whole story.

22.Crime analyses have been largely ___47___ through technological advances. Crime analysts historically used simplified maps to examine and monitor crime in their respective jurisdictions. Pin-mapping was used to locate what are now referred to as ___48___ of criminal activity. Computers now provide sophisticated analyses of criminal behavior and other aspects of crime and justice, which largely assist with crime ___49___ and law enforcement efforts. Computerized crime mapping via geographic information systems (GIS) applications enables researchers to analyze multiple layers of data to ___50___ relationships among times, trends, shifts, ecological variables, locations, and other factors.