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1.Many athletes have to spend months recovering from _____ they have done to their bodies in training. 

2.Environmentalists encouraged farmers to live and work in _____ with the Amazon ecosystem. 

3.Some foreign laborers suffer emotional, physical, or sexual _____ at the hands of their bosses. 

4.Virus writers and hackers make our lives miserable by hacking into computers or spreading _____ viruses. 

5.Mr. Obama said that he would seek to _____ some of the unrealized promises of his first campaign. 

6.Many people are worried that Taiwan’s pension funds would go _____ in the future. 

7.The public began to _____ discontent in June this year because of rising electricity and gas prices. 

8.Family-run stores have to work hard in the face of _____ from large chain stores. 

9.I was _____ overwhelmed by their kindness that tears rushed to my eyes. 

10.Some strong leaders like power, and they enjoy making things _____. 
(B)to happen

11.Traffic fatalities, including _____ in car crashes, were up to 291 between July 2011 and June 2012. 
(A)those causes
(B)that causes
(C)which caused
(D)those caused

12.About 1,600 articles have been published so far, _____ favor Taiwan’s application for UN membership. 
(A)many of them
(B)some of those
(C)many of which
(D)with some

13.Large farms use up thousands of acres of forest where animals once lived, _____ large-scale industrial logging. 
(A)so is
(B)as does
(C)as for
(D)and so is

14.The path to victory for Mr. Romney narrowed as the night wore along, with Mr. Obama _____ at least 303 electoral votes. 
(D)to win

15.The health department required that all products containing clouding agents _____ off the shelves. 
(A)be pulled
(B)are pulling
(C)were pulled
(D)must pull

16. How often do you eat chocolate? If you answered “every day,” you may ___16___ chocolate. But does eating too much chocolate cause any real health risks? The popular opinion of chocolate is that it is a fattening food that gives you spots, and contains no ___17___ qualities. The fact is, chocolate does contain saturated fat. This type of fat can ___18___ heart disease by increasing levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. ___19___ , scientists at the University of California have discovered that chocolate also contains high levels of chemicals called phenolics, also found in red wine, coffee, and tea. Some phenolics, ___20___ in small amounts, are believed to lower the risk of heart disease. In this sense, eating chocolate may be both good and bad to our health.
(A)addict to
(B)be addicted to
(C)be to addict
(D)have addict to


(A)contribute to
(B)result from
(C)attribute to
(D)derive from

(A)As a result
(B)In addition
(C)On the other hand
(D)As a matter of fact

(A)to consume
(C)when consuming
(D)if consumed

21.As a young girl, starting a business was the last thing on Anita Roddick’s mind. “I wanted to be an actress,” she says. Even when she began to pursue what would become The Body Shop, her environmentalism-minded skin and hair-care company with more than 1,800 stores around the world, Roddick’s goal was not to be an icon. Roddick opened her first shop in 1976 with twenty-five hand-mixed products, eventually franchising The Body Shop, and then going public in 1984. The Body Shop now offers more than 1,000 items and reached sales of more than one billion dollars in 2001/2002. In 1997, Roddick helped launch a master’s degree program in conjunction with Bath University in England, with the aim of making business education more socially responsible. More recently, she established The Body Shop’s Human Rights Award which recognizes individuals and organizations that focus on social, economic, and cultural rights. The biggest challenge has been people’s cynicism. “People feel there has to be an ulterior motive to The Body Shop’s activism, as though our principles are a marketing ploy,” Roddick says. Have the challenges affected Roddick’s feelings about entrepreneurship? Not even slightly. “I don’t think being an entrepreneur is something you question,” says Roddick. “It’s just something you are.”
【題組】What is the reading mainly about? 
(A)Anita Roddick’s dream in childhood. ‚
(B)The secret of starting a business. ƒ
(C)How to deal with challenges. „
(D)Anita Roddick’s story as an entrepreneur.

22.【題組】What did Anita Roddick want to do when she was young? 
(A)To start a business. ‚
(B)To be an actress. ƒ
(C)To be an icon. „
(D)To be an entrepreneur.

【題組】Which of the following statements about Anita Roddick is NOT correct?
(A)She is not interested in environmental protection.
(B)She started her business with a small shop.
(C)Her business went public within ten years.
(D)She is running a worldwide franchise organization.

24.【題組】What does “people’s cynicism” in the last paragraph refer to? 
(A)Good praise. ‚
(B)Positive support. ƒ
(C)Objective comment. „
(D)Negative doubt.

25.【題組】Which of the following best describes Anita Roddick, as described in the passage? 
(A)She intuitively knows the right way to start a business. ‚
(B)She is a socially responsible entrepreneur. ƒ
(C)She is an expert in marketing ploys. „
(D)She would rather be an actress than an entrepreneur.