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102 年 - 102年 轉任考試-上校轉任#10053 

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1.1 Every profession develops its own _____ to enable its members to communicate effectively with one another. For instance, in the computing field, a “bug” means an error.
(A) logo
(B) jargon
(C) standard
(D) cliché

2.2 From traditional to modern, simple to _____, Christmas tree decorations reflect the personalities of the families decorating the trees.
(A) customary
(B) elaborate
(C) inseparable
(D) prevalent

3.3 While reading job seekers’ CVs, employers should be aware that many CVs carry ______ and that some even contain complete lies.
(A) embellishments
(B) embezzlements
(C) endearments
(D) endowments

4.4 The teacher was such a ______ person that points were taken off for homework assignments that did not follow the exact typing format.
(A) clairvoyant
(B) fastidious
(C) sentimental
(D) vernacular

5.5 The other residents could not understand why Mr. Wang had acted so ______ by constantly trashing the neighborhood.
(A) gregariously
(B) repugnantly
(C) submissively
(D) voraciously

6.6 After joining the weight-losing program, Peter tried very hard to resist the ______ to eat too much dessert.
(A) hypocrisy
(B) propaganda
(C) temptation
(D) vigilance

7.7 Because emotional bullying can be the most difficult type of bullying to prove or cope with, its effects can be ______ and destructive.
(A) conspicuous
(B) devastating
(C) gratifying
(D) hilarious

8.8 To cut down possible sources of _____ when plague threatened, many cities banned the resale of old clothes, which were burned instead.
(A) contagion
(B) dilemma
(C) utilities
(D) vicinity

9.9 Jeremy Lin’s improbable success in the NBA prompted a spate of “gee-whiz” stories and added “Linsanity” into everyday ______.
(A) dilemma
(B) errand
(C) lexicon
(D) version

10.10 The Ghent Altarpiece, widely thought to be one of the most famous panel paintings in the world, has been admired and ______ for centuries.
(A) coveted
(B) evolved
(C) lamented
(D) quoted

11.11 Mike claims to be a rich bachelor, but in fact he is a ______ with two wives living in different cities.
(A) bigamist
(B) bigot
(C) decoy
(D) diplomat

12.    In 1996 the Wall Street Journal ran an article on the nuisance of satellite navigation devices, cellphones, and other such appliances in the wilderness. All this high-tech       12      , it appears, is drawing up into the mountains people who perhaps should not be there. At Baxter State Park in Maine, the journal reported, one hiker called up a National Guard Unit and asked them to send a helicopter to airlift him off Mount Katahdin because he was tired. On Mount Washington, two very demanding women called the mountain patrol headquarters and said they could not       13      the last mile and a half to the summit even though there were still four hours of daylight left. They asked for a rescue team to come and carry them back to their car. The request was refused. A few days later, another hiker called and requested a helicopter because he was a day       14      and was afraid he would miss an important business meeting. The article also described several people who had got lost with satellite navigation devices. They were able to report their positions as 36.2º north by 17.48º west or    15    , but unfortunately did not have the faintest idea what that meant as they had not brought maps or compasses or, evidently, brains.
(A) experiment
(B) equipment
(C) supply
(D) sculpture

(A) afford
(B) manage
(C) reach
(D) succeed

(A) in advance
(B) beforehand
(C) behind schedule
(D) afterward

(A) else
(B) otherwise
(C) whatever
(D) whichever

16.16 After a decade of impressive growth in Africa, experts believe the year ahead will remain optimistic despite the Eurozone crisis and the potential problems it may cause for the continent.
(A) According to the experts, the economic outlook for Africa remains bright.
(B) The year ahead will not look promising unless the Eurozone crisis is solved.
(C) Regardless of the crisis in Africa, the Eurozone stands a good chance to survive.
(D) The continuous growth of Africa has created unknown problems for the Eurozone.

17.17 Both the American and the French revolutions developed out of strong convictions about the innate rights of individual human beings.
(A) The American revolution broke out because American people strongly believed they had the same inborn rights as the French.
(B) The French and American revolutions took place because of people’s strong inborn belief that they were individuals.
(C)The French revolution broke out because French people firmly believed that they should enjoy the same rights as Americans.
(D) The American and French revolutions occurred because people firmly believed that each person was naturally entitled to certain rights.

18.18 Artifacts produced in the ancient Egyptian period had a precise role assigned to them in everyday life.
(A) Ancient Egyptians did not separate art from daily life.
(B) Artists were respected and had high social status in ancient Egypt.
(C) Religious art influenced the design of products by ancient Egyptians.
(D) The architecture and decoration of pyramids are the best demonstration of Egyptian art.

19.19 Journeys are the midwives of thought.
(A) Great thoughts are generated when you travel.
(B) If you do not take journeys, you cannot be a midwife.
(C) You expand your horizons by traveling with a midwife.
(D) Inspirations come from journeys only.

20.20 The modern technology has enabled us to split up atoms, but we can’t break down our prejudices.
(A) Nowadays we have been equipped with advanced technology to overcome many extreme challenges, but not to open our mind.
(B) Scientists need to put in much more effort than what they have put in to split up atoms in order to break down our prejudices.
(C) We will be able to be truly open-minded with the help of the modern technology that has enabled us to split up atoms.
(D) Advanced technology that has helped us overcome many extreme challenges has made us open-minded.

    The motion picture is one of two major arts to have evolved within modern history—the other art being still photography, upon which the motion picture is based. (Television is here regarded simply as a means for distribution and exhibition of moving images accompanied by sound.) We can only guess what first prompted people to express themselves in the various older artistic media, or how early modes and conventions developed and disappeared as 
aesthetic and social functions changed. The motion picture, however, is clearly the child of nineteenth-century scientific curiosity and technological ingenuity; it has grown up under our twentieth-century noses. 
    In fact, the most important of the motion picture’s original reasons for being had nothing to do with its artistic potential. The theory underlying the motion picture was demonstrated in  a succession of optical toys. Its tools and 
materials were invented out of a desire to make visual records of life and to study the movements of animals, including humans. Its capacity to provide peep-show entertainment attracted paying customers to what scientists and 
inventors had made available. Later, as the novelty of lifelike movement began  to pale, the technicians and entrepreneurs who had discovered how to project moving images onto screens stumbled onto an old interest latent in
audiences—the story. They began to offer simple narratives in a new form. As in the novel, the play, music, or dance, an ordering of events into a beginning, middle, and end was required in even the simplest motion picture.

【題組】21 What are the two major art forms developing within modern history?
(A) Motion picture and novel
(B) Motion picture and television
(C) Motion picture and peep-show
(D) Motion picture and still photography

22.【題組】22 Which of the following did NOT prompt the first invention of the motion picture?
(A) Directors’ desire for storytelling
(B) Scientists’ desire for visual records of life
(C) Technicians’ desire for technological ingenuity
(D) Customers’ desire for peep-show entertainment

23.【題組】23 In which way is the motion picture similar to the novel, the play, music, or dance?
(A) It provides sound.
(B) It provides narratives.
(C) It provides moving images.
(D) It provides visual records of life.

24.【題組】24 What does the underlined phrase “to pale” in the second paragraph mean?
(A) To turn white
(B) To lose appeal
(C) To become dark
(D) To draw attention

25.【題組】25 According to the passage, which of the following statements about the motion picture is true?
(A) The motion picture was first produced because of its artistic potential.
(B) The motion picture grew out of the twentieth-century scientific curiosity.
(C) The development of the motion picture is based on the invention of television.
(D) The aesthetic and social functions of the motion picture have changed through time.