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102 年 - 102年特種四等考試-英文#14552 

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1.31 Lucy has a____ memory; she can remember many details for a long time.
(B) photographic
(C) biological

2.32 My brother borrowed some clean shirts from me because he was too busy to do the______ .
(A) dishes
(D) laundry

3.33 The five-star_____ is so popular that it is difficult to make reservations in advance.
(A) report
(B) resort
(C) resource
(D) result

4.34 Cindy _____her fright at last and stepped onto the stage to deliver her speech.

5.35 The guests are likely to come early, so we should_____ up and get everything ready before their arrival.
(B) dig
(C) speed
(D) pop

6.36 The hotel’s goodnight gift, a chocolate bar ____in gold paper, was placed on the pillow.
(A) heaped

7.37 Mary, your assignment is____ the day after tomorrow, and so you should not waste any more time daydreaming.
(A) due
(B) late

8.38 Janet is very_____ . Everyone expects that she’s bound to score high in the exam.
(A) doubtful
(B) inferior
(C) superficial
(D) intelligent

9.39 The passengers _____with relief when the plane landed safely.
(A) sighed
(B) boarded
(C) littered
(D) labored

10.40 While we were waiting for the train, we ____ to help two tourists who seemed to lose their direction in the station.
(A) offered
(B) cautioned
(C) hesitated
(D) introduced

11.41 The exam turned out to be a big_____ and hardly anybody in our class passed.
(A) victory
(B) disaster

12.42 Jack pursues his wealth and fame at the____ of his health and family.
(A) extension
(B) expansion
(C) expense
(D) experience

13.43-46 For many, summer is the time to shed the extra pounds piled on all winter. But for some of those trying to lose weight, there’s often this one spot on their body that just won’t let go of that fat. It turns out there’s a genetic reason for this and the information is proving helpful to researchers trying to learn who is at risk for diabetes. Dr. Ronald Kahn, president of Boston’s Joslin Diabetes Center, says the research stems from basic questions people ask of him. He explains, “People ask me as a diabetes and obesity expert, … ‘Doctor, why is it that when I gain weight it always goes to my belly?’ Or, ‘When I lose weight my face gets thin and my hips stay big?’” Kahn and his team have identified genes that match up to where our bodies store fat. Kahn said fat location is an important risk factor in developing diabetes. He said, “When fat is inter-abdominal—that is, inside our bellies, the so-called beer belly type of obesity—this fat creates more insulin resistance. And remember that insulin is the major hormone that controls our blood sugar.” He said doctors might one day be able to analyze someone’s genes and warn those with the greatest disposition for large bellies. 閱讀上文,回答第 43題至第 46 題
【題組】43 What is the main idea of this passage?
(A)Diabetes comes from extra pounds.
(B)Your weight can be genetically determined.
(C)The belly is where your fat is stored.
(D) Prepare for the summer while you are in the winter.

14.【題組】44 According to this passage, who has the greatest chance of getting diabetes?
(A)People with big hips.
(B) People with too much insulin in their bodies.
(C)People with beer bellies.
(D)People with too much hormone that controls the blood sugar.

15.【題組】45 What does “disposition” in the last sentence mean?
(B) Defense.
(C) Discrimination.
(D) Inheritance.

16.【題組】46 According to this passage, what determines where a person stores his or her fat?
(A) The kind of food this person consumes.
(B) The amount of food one consumes.
(C)Whether one has an inclination for diabetes or not.
(D) The genes inherited from one’s family.

17.47-50 Most visitors land at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and drive to Taipei, where they spend a few days in the city’s perpetual gray haze. But Taipei and the industrial west coast are only a small part of Taiwan. The rest of the island is __47__ with remote, forested mountains, which are laced with hundreds of hiking trails. Trekking in Taiwan is not for the fainthearted. The Central Mountain Range is steep and wild. Summer thunderstorms rise unseen, temperatures can drop below zero, and facilities are few and far between. But for those willing to carry their own gear, the treks are __48__ the most beautiful in Asia. The top hikes in Taiwan—on Chilai Ridge and Yushan—require a reasonable level of __49__ and the proper equipment, including a tent and a stove, food and water, a sleeping bag, good boots and warm clothes. It sounds ideal—get out of Taipei, see the mountains, and spend a few days in the fresh air. However, there is one thing you have to attend to. The government requires hikers to have mountain ___50___ , which in turn necessitates a group of three and a guide. 閱讀上文,回答第 47題至第 50 題
(A) distributed
(C) covered
(D) recovered

(A) at
(B) during
(C) between
(D) among

(A) height
(B) fitness
(C) appetite

(A) permits
(B) traces
(C) incentives
(D) approvals