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102 年 - 102 台北市國中 英文 克漏字#10455 

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The world’s forests are gradually shrinking, especially in poorer countries. This
unfortunate situation is _____1_____. the result of a mix of bad policies, population
growth and poverty. Most of the bad news has come from South America, 
particularly Brazil, but richer regions such as Australia are also affected. War 
zones are particularly _____2_____. In South-East Asia, illegal logging flourishes, and 
Indonesia’s orangutans are among the species that have suffered from it. In 
addition to its effect on biodiversity, poor forestry management also plays a part 
in causing big fires, although improved _____3_____. techniques are being developed.
In addition to good management, and cooperation between government, 
industry and environmentalists, the conservation of forests can be aided by _____4_____. . One day, genetically engineered trees may make plantations faster to mature and more economically viable, and thus _____5_____. the pressure to hack down wilderness 

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Gambling is an issue that has always been loaded with moral overtones. Is 
gambling morally wrong? In the current debate, some critics agree that it is. And 
they have been quick to point out all the terrible consequences and --6--. that may 
accompany gambling operations, whether legal or illegal, such as gambling addiction, prostitution, drugs, money --7--. , underworld control and so forth. But so far, government officials, businesspeople, and casino supporters have --8--.touched 
on these issues. They are mostly likely aware of these issues, but their emphasis 
has always been on the benefits — how casinos can boost the tourism industry 
and the --9--. in general.
The government may not be interested in the --10--. issues, but if gambling is to
be legalized, there must be careful planning, strict laws and tight control to 
prevent casinos from becoming a hub for criminal activities. The government 
must not take it lightly. Legalizing gambling must not be a gamble itself.

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