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1.1. Timing is terribly important in the book trade and the publishers might have chosen to hold it back until a more auspicious moment.
(A) perspicuous
(B) conspicuous
(C) propitious
(D) suspicious

2.2. It was years since I had learned Spanish, and I really had to start from scratch again.
(A) in advance
(B) by chance
(C) at once
(D) from the beginning

3.3. The size and simplicity of an Indian tepee or wigwam lead us to conclude that it was built more for practicality than for ________.
(A) feasibility
(B) livability
(C) reservation
(D) ostentation

4.4. Appearing unstable and timorous to his fellows, the rabbit named Fiver in Bunnyville however proved his value to the community with repeated, ________ predictions.
(A) superfluous
(B) fallacious
(C) impeccable
(D) indefinite

5.5. He may think of himself as _____, but all of his decisions today have been wrong.
(B) sagacious
(C) salacious
(D) quiescent

6.6. The driver needs to _____ his anger before someone becomes a victim of road rage.
(A) ameliorate
(B) escalate
(C) venerate
(D) protract

7.7. The mayor is usually a _____ when speaking to local business owners, but on rare occasions he speaks his true opinions.
(A) sophist
(B) sycophant
(C) pedant
(D) novice

8.8. The sales director said that the decline in the company’s sales last month was just a temporary _____.
(A) abnegation
(B) apparition
(C) cementation
(D) aberration

9.9. They had to pack enough food, water, and other ________items to support them for the long trip.
(A) obnoxious
(B) amiable
(C) miscellaneous
(D) upright

10.10. The country’s legislators requested the government to rise the ________on education.
(A) expenditure
(B) galaxy
(C) revenge
(D) fallacy

11.11. Social workers may launch a series of ________ to call people’s attention to their appeals.
(A) attributions
(B) campaigns
(C) variants
(D) prescriptions

12.12. Until the 17th century, ropes and baskets were the primary methods of transporting people and goods ________the heights.
(A) as long as
(B) to and from
(C) at the same time
(D) due to

13.13. To my surprise, the nation’s high rate of unemployment has only affected ________in the technology market so far.
(A) most of stock prices
(B) much of stock prices
(C) a little stock prices
(D) a few stock prices

14.14. ________ of the number of mountain lions went as high as one million but now there are fewer than one hundred.
(A) Estimations
(B) Estimating
(C) Estimates
(D) Estimatives

15.15. It’s estimated that a country which sets higher educational standards for women has much lower infant mortality rate as well as _________ rate.
(A) prosperity
(B) flourishing
(C) ferment
(D) fertility

16.16. The ways in which an individual characteristically acquires, retains, and _________ information are collectively termed the individual’s learning style.
(A) retrievals
(B) retrieves
(C) retributives
(D) retraces

17.17. Political cartoons __________ capsule versions of sarcastic and critical opinions.
(A) serve as
(B) are serving
(C) serve
(D) be served

18.18. ___________ a fairly long speech in a play is often presented as a recitative in the Taiwanese opera.
(A) That it is
(B) There would be
(C) When there is
(D) What would be

19.19. Each cell contains a number of chromosomes, ___________ genes determining what features the animal or human beings will have.
(A) each has
(B) each with
(C) has each
(D) with each

20.20. Thousands of demonstrators held hands to demand more democracy, more transparency and less _______ from the government.
(B) corruption
(C) dysfunction
(D) impurity

21.21. The boy scouts made a _____ to do good deeds that will help mankind.
(A) porridge
(B) plague
(C) plaque
(D) pledge

22.22. I sent off my university application at the last minute and nearly _________.
(A)made a close call
(B) crossed the finger
(C) missed the boat
(D) pulled my leg

23.23. Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is ____. 【共 7 頁,第 2 頁】
(A) perilous
(B) schematic
(C) petrified
(D) perverted

24.24. The Civil War in 1863 ____ the United States into two nations – a southern Confederacy and a northern Union.
(A) alienated
(B) acknowledged
(C) integrated
(D) severed

25.25. Climatic conditions ________ considerably in Utah, largely because of differences in latitude and elevation.
(A) are varied
(B) are variable
(C) vary
(D) varying

26.26. In the States, the salary of a nurse is much higher _____.
(A) than a teacher
(B) in comparison against the salary of a teacher
(C)than that of a teacher
(D) to compare as a teacher

27.27. Unfortunately, that building had been ________ for years when local historians discovered its actual significance to the immigrant community.
(A) in existence
(B) disintegrating
(C) appreciating
(D) thriving

28.28. Professional people appreciate _____ when it is necessary to cancel an appointment.
(A)you to call them
(B) your calling them
(C) that you should have called them
(D) that you are calling them

29.29. As a safety measure, the detonator for a nuclear device may be made of two pieces of equipment, _____ is controlled by a different employee.
(A) each of them
(B) each
(C)both of them
(D)each of which

30.30. _____ at breakfast this morning, you would understand why he is so overweight.
(A) If you saw the amount of pancakes George consumed
(B) If you had seen the number of pancakes George consumed
(C) If you would see the amount of pancakes George consumed
(D) When you see the number of pancakes George consumed

31.31. Effective steps have not been ________ by the government to improve the current economic depression.
(A) done
(B) taken
(C) made
(D) set up

32.II. CLOZE Some of the most splendid African stools and thrones were found in those parts of the continent where gold was mined. The most famous of all was the Golden Stool of the Ashanti people who lived in West Africa. At first glance, the polished wooden object doesn’t look like a stool. It appears to be a sculpture of an old woman, _32_ she carries on her head. Her hands, twice as large as normal, emphasize __33_. But at second glance, one realizes that the old woman’s load is a seat, and the structure is a very special kind of stool. Carved from a single block of wood _34__, the stool is typical of those that were made for rulers of central African kingdoms. It is actually a throne. It represents the African tribal chief’s power and authority, and __35_ has a symbolic meaning.
(A) bent under the load
(B) picking up the load
(C) stood under the load
(D) looking up the load

(A) what load they are
(B) how heavy they are
(C)how heavy it is
(D) what load it is

(A) over a century before
(B) more than a century ago
(C) over many years ago
(D) more than many years before

(A) one of a kind
(B) each of its features
(C) one of the kind
(D) each of their features

36.The gondola has been a part of Venice since the 11th century. 36 its slim shape and flat underside, the boat is perfectly adapted to maneuvering in Venice’s narrow, shallow canals. The front of the boat has a slight leftward curse to prevent it 37 around in circles, as the gondolier, or operator of the boat, uses the oar only on the right side. In 1562, it was decided that all gondolas should be black to stop people from making an 38 show of their wealth. Today, gondola rides are expensive, and are usually taken only by tourists.
(A) With
(B) Through
(C) Along
(D) From

(A) for not going
(B) not to go
(C) from going
(D) from not going

(A) omnipresent
(B) affluent
(C) adjacent
(D) ostentatious

39.Impressionist painting ___39____ include relatively thin, yet visible brush __40___ emphasis on accurate __41___ of light in its changing qualities (often __42__ the effects of the passage of time), ordinary subject matter, inclusion of movement as a crucial element of human perception and experience, and unusual visual angles.
(A) characterization
(B) characteristics
(C) characters
(D) characteristic

(A) strengths
(B) strings
(C) strokes
(D) strikes 【共 7 頁,第 3 頁】

(A) elaboration
(B) depiction
(C) transcription
(D) inscription

42.【題組】42 .
(A) accentuating
(B) accentuated
(C) accelerating
(D) accelerated

43.Camel racing in the Arabian Peninsula is an example of a tradition that __43_ both a social and a scientific institution. Wealthy sheikhs provide financial support and prize money that __44__ Bedouin owners of racing camels, as well as their trainers and jockeys of secure futures without their having to forsake their nomadic way of life. ___45__, owner sheikhs, competing coming themselves, have transformed the sport. Today it is an institution as organized and as scientifically sophisticated as horse racing is elsewhere. Camel clinics, fitted out with the latest available technology, have been established. Veterinarians are employed to provide care and treatment for the camels, both at the clinics and in the Bedouin camps. They also conduct sophisticated research: on embryo transplants, on the cross-breeding of different camel strains, and on the development of training techniques based on studies of the camel’s physiology. The sport succeeds, therefore, in __46 past and present, both by supporting the nomadic way of life and by promoting scientific research.
(A) has evolved into
(B) evolving into
(C) is evolving into
(D) had been evolving into

(A) resurrects
(B) ensures
(C) assures
(D) assumes

(A) On the contrary
(B) In other words
(C) For example
(D) At the same time

(A) mixing
(B) dangling
(C) balancing
(D) differentiating

47.A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. ___47____traditional course materials such as videos, readings, and problem sets, MOOCs provide interactive user forums that help build a community for students, professors, and teaching assistants (TAs). MOOCs are a recent development in distance education which ___48___ to emerge in 2012. ___49___ early MOOCs often emphasized open access features, such as connectivism and open licensing of content, structure, and learning goals, to promote the reuse and remixing of resources, some notable newer MOOCs use closed licenses for their course materials, while maintaining free access for students.
(A) However,
(B) In addition to
(C) Regardless of
(D) Despite of

(A) began
(B) beginning
(C) has begun
(D) was beginning

(A) When
(B) Because
(C) Although
(D) As

50.Listening plays a very important part in the second-language acquisition, to the point that certain methodologies have been built on this fact. Two examples are Total Physical Response and Natural Approach. In addition, of the total time spent on communicating, listening __50__ 40-50%; speaking, 25-30%; reading, 11-16%; and writing , about 9%. What is more, a survey of 454 students in an intensive ESL program showed that the students themselves clearly recognized the importance of listening, and expressed the desire that more of it __51__. Listening comprehension is so important because when listening, listeners often have no control over what will be “coming at” them, particularly in one-way communication situations, as in a lecture. Listeners have no control over what is going to be said, how it is going to be said, and how quickly it is going to be said. In two-way communication, as in dialogue, the listener’s responses and reactions do influence the speaker. The situation is quite different with speaking, where the speaker can __52__ meaning across with limited proficiency by judicious use of communication strategies. Even with reading, there is not the same time pressure, and readers can go back over what they have read, and __53__ a dictionary if they wish to. In listening, the transient spoken word “comes at” listeners very fast and is gone!
(A) takes on
(B) takes off
(C) takes in
(D) takes up

(A) is taught
(B) be taught
(C) taught
(D) being taught

(A) have
(B) give
(C) get
(D) let

(A) appeal to
(B) relate to
(C) apply to
(D) resort to

54.The British music industry is to sue 28 internet users it says are illegally swapping music online. The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) says it is targeting “major uploaders” --- 54 make music available to share free with others. Music file-sharers have been _55_ a decline in world-wide CD sales. The BPI’s actions follow that of its US counterpart which is already suing those it calls the worst 56 . It says more cases are expected to come.
(A) who
(B) those who
(C) computers that
(D) software that

(A) blamed for
(B) caused
(C) resulted
(D) charging

(A) allegations
(B) accusations
(C) offenders
(D) violations 【共 7 頁,第 4 頁】 I

57.II. Comprehension: i. Americans eat more potato chips than any other snack food. Legend has it that the creation of this crunchy snack all started as a practical joke. In the late 1700s, future president Thomas Jefferson returned to America from France, bringing with him the recipe for “potatoes fried in the French manner.” Jefferson served these French-fried potatoes to his guests at dinner parties, and the dish became popular. Unlike the French fries Americans eat nowadays, they were thick-cut potato slices meant to be eaten with a fork. They soon found their way to restaurant menus. In 1853 chef George Crum worked at Moon Lake Lodge, an upscale resort in Saratoga Springs, New York, which hosted America’s rich and famous. One summer evening, railroad tycoon Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt visited the lodge for dinner and ordered French-fried potatoes, which Chef Crum cooked in the standard, thick-cut style. The Commodore complained that the potatoes were cut too thick and sent them back to the kitchen. Though Chef Crum had cooked this dish as it was usually prepared, he cut some slightly thinner potatoes for the Commodore and sent these to the table. But the Commodore sent them back again to be cut thinner. The chef, proving to be the Commodore’s equal, cut the potatoes paper-thin and fried and salted them until they were too crisp to be picked up with a fork. Chef Crum sent these out and waited, prepared to meet with the Commodore’s wrath. Surprisingly, the waiter returned to tell Crum that the Commodore loved his “crunch potato slices” and shared them with his friends. Before long everyone wanted them, and they were added to the menu as “Saratoga Chips.”
【題組】57. A good title for this passage would be__________.
(A) Potato Chips: Americans’ Favorite Snack
(B) The Origin of Potato Chips
(C) Saratoga Chips: the Original Potato Chips
(D) Chef Crum Creating Potato Chips

58.【題組】58. The American French fries and the French-fried potatoes are different in that__________.
(A) President Jefferson ate the French food in the American style
(B) Americans did not like potatoes fried in French manner
(C) French-style potato fries were thick-cut slices to be eaten with a fork
(D) French fries became more popular in the American restaurant

59.【題組】59. “Legend has it that…”means the story __________.
(A) is a joke
(B) has been told many times
(C) has been passed down from earlier times
(D) is popular but not necessarily true

60.【題組】60. It is NOT true that __________.
(A) the standard style of French-fried potatoes is thick-cut
(B) Serving the railroad tycoon paper-thin potato slices is a prank
(C) Chef Crum made the potato slices thin and crisp a special menu item
(D) the Commodore liked the crunchy potato slices and shared them with friends

61.【題組】61. The general tone of this passage can be described as __________.
(A) honest
(B) mocking
(C) persuasive
(D) hysterical

62.ii. Have you ever seen bipedal humanoid robots? These two-legged, human-like robots can perform in exhibitions or assist people with household chores. Some bipedal humanoid robots were unveiled in the 1990s and have been improved since then. Both the Sony Corporation, with its Dream Robot, and the Honda Corporation, with its robot called ASIMO, have made innovative advances in the past decade. The recent model is operated by a computer through a wireless network system. Carrying a lithium-ion battery in its backpack, the robot can move freely for at least one hour without recharging. In general, a humanoid robot can walk, jump, and run like a human. It can dance and sing and even do tricks. Also, it can walk up and down stairs steadily on its own. Equipped with visual sensors and force sensors, it can step forward or backward to shake hands with people. What’s more amazing is that it can get on a stage and correctly conduct musicians during a concert performance. Although it can provide entertainment to consumers, a humanoid robot is actually designed to help handicapped and elderly people. It can understand voice commands and carry out instructions. Its size is suitable for helping a person confined to a bed or a wheelchair. Also, it can serve meals, give or receive objects, move away heavy objects, and clean around the house.
【題組】62. A bipedal humanoid robot ________.
(A) looks like an animal
(B) has human forms or features
(C) can direct science-fiction films
(D) has no hands

63.【題組】63. A humanoid robot can ________.
(A) perform in exhibitions
(B) dance and sing
(C) follow the instructions
(D) All of the above 【共 7 頁,第 5 頁】

64.【題組】64. Humanoid robots are actually designed to ________.
(A) help people in need
(B) have fun
(C) damage people’s health
(D) show off

65.【題組】65. Which of the following statement is not true?
(A) A humanoid robot is controlled by a computer.
(B) A humanoid robot had been improved before 1990s.
(C) A humanoid robot can do many tasks.
(D) Some bipedal humanoid robots are from Japan.

66.iii. Despite the physical fitness boom, a large proportion of Americans still fail to exercise regularly. In particular, people who begin exercise programs because of an identified health risk are as likely as not to drop out within three to six months. Thus, psychologists have been trying to develop exercise programs that will keep people exercising. As in the case of smoking cessation programs, the encouragement and support of spouses have been found to play a major role in keeping people from dropping out of exercise programs. In addition, people are more likely to continue exercising when they are in a group rather than individual programs. Finally, people are more likely to adhere to a fitness program if they can incorporate the exercise into their daily lives-for example, by walking instead of driving short distances, or by walking up and down a few flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator.
【題組】66. Who would play a major role in keeping people from dropping out of exercise programs?
(A) psychologists
(B) neighbors
(C) husband or wife
(D) coworkers

67.【題組】67. People are more likely to continue exercising if they attend ________.
(A) individual program
(B) in a group
(C) with a colleague
(D) with a trainer

68.【題組】68. People are more likely to incorporate exercise into their daily lives, they ________.
(A) invite the friends and go to the gym to work out
(B) purchase the equipment and exercise at home
(C) get any chance to exercise, for example, walk instead of driving short distances
(D) join the sports competition and exercise

69.iv. A child's place in the family birth order may play a role in the type of occupations that will interest him or her as an adult. In two related studies, researchers at Ohio State University, Columbus, found that only children--and, to a certain extent, first-born ones--were more interested in intellectual, cognitive pursuits than later-born offspring were. In contrast, later-born children more likely leaned toward artistic and outdoors-related careers. These results fit into theories that say a child’s place in family birth order will influence personality, indicates professor of psychology Frederick T.L. Leong. "Parents typically place different demands and have different expectations of children depending on their birth order. For example, parents may be extremely protective of only children and worry about their physical safety. That may be why only children are more likely to show interest in academic pursuits rather than physical or outdoor activities. In addition, those who are an only child will tend to get more time and attention from their parents than children with siblings." Parents may also encourage only or first-born offspring to pursue interests that could lead to a prestigious career like lawyer or doctor. That may be why later-born ones are more likely to show interests in artistic careers. "As they have more children, parents tend to become more open and relaxed, and that may allow younger children to be more risk-taking," Leong explains. "If the first-born or only child wants to be a poet that may concern parents. But by the fourth child, parents may not mind as much."
【題組】69. What is the main purpose of this article?
(A) It describes how parents can help their later-born children achieve academic success.
(B) It demonstrates why some children cannot reach their social goals.
(C) It explains how a child’s birth order may predict his/her future achievements.
(D) It suggests that children’s personalities influence their career selection.

70.【題組】70. According to the article, which of the following characteristics may be less common among first-born or only children?
(A) risk-taking
(B) conservative
(C) carefree
(D) artistic

71.【題組】71. What does the article imply about one’s birth order in the family?
(A) It may influence one’s future career.
(B) It can decide one’s academic achievement.
(C) It may determine one’s intellectual level.
(D) It can predict one’s relations with his/her siblings.

72.【題組】72. According to Prof. Leong, why do many first-born or only children pursuit intellectual professions?
(A) They are more talented in these areas than their younger siblings. 【共 7 頁,第 6 頁】
(B) They are physically weak to take laboring jobs.
(C) They are afraid of losing the parents’ attention.
(D) They are encouraged by the parents to develop in these areas.

73.v. The piranha is a much-maligned fish. Most people think that this is a deadly creature that swarms through rivers and creeks of the Amazon rainforest looking for victims to tear apart. And woe betide anyone unlucky enough to be in the same water as a shoal of piranhas. It takes only a few minutes for the vicious piranhas to reduce someone to a mere skeleton. The truth is that the piranha is really a much more nuanced animal than the mindless killer depicted in the media. In fact, piranhas are a group made up of approximately twelve different species. Each piranha species occupies its own ecological niche. One type of piranha takes chunks out of the fins of other fish. Another type eats fruit falling from trees into the river. Each piranha species plays a unique role in the ecology of the rainforest floodplains. So what should you do next time you hear someone talking about the “deadly piranha”? You can remind them that the piranha is not always the notorious killer fish that the tough, muscular heroes of popular nature television shows would have us believe.
【題組】73. The primary purpose of this paragraph is to
(A) correct misconceptions about the piranha.
(B) illustrate the importance of piranhas in rainforest ecology.
(C) describe two different species of piranhas.
(D) instruct us on what to say if someone describes the piranha as “deadly.”

74.【題組】74. The writer uses the old-fashioned expression woe betide to
(A) highlight the danger posed by piranhas.
(B) suggest that the reputation of the piranha is well-deserved.
(C) emphasize the sarcastic tone.
(D) indicate that the passage was written in the 19th century.

75.【題組】75. Which is the best definition for nuanced?
(A) petty
(B) rough
(D) refined

76.【題組】76. The exaggeration of the piranha being deadly and vicious is used at the beginning of the paragraph to
(A) frame an argument that is supported in a later paragraph.
(B) create ambiguity so the reader cannot be sure which position the writer supports.
(C) juxtapose the myth of the piranha with the truth about the fish.
(D) evoke vivid images of nature television shows in the reader’s mind.

77.【題組】77. Which of the following is supported by the paragraph?
(A) A total of twelve different species of piranhas are found in the world.
(B) Not all the information provided in the nature television shows is true.
(C) The deadliest type of the piranha can even eat and digest animal bones.
(D) Most types of piranha eat fruits.

78.vi. “Who is qualified to teach ESP (English for Specific Purposes)?” This is the most frequently asked question and the core of many debates in the field of language education. Because ESP courses incorporate specific content, administrators, teachers, and even students, some may believe that content teachers should teach ESP. The rationale for such an argument is it would be difficult to ask traditional English teachers, most of whom are trained in the humanities, to teach from materials related to business, sciences, medicine, engineering, or other content areas. In higher education, content professors are experts in the specialized disciplines, and many possess good English skills from their academic training. Therefore, many administrators and other stakeholders often consider content teachers to be the most effective ESP teachers. However, most content professors put priority on their own research and content teaching and thus are less interested in taking on the responsibilities of teaching English. In those cases where content professors are asked to teach ESP, the classes are likely to lose their original language focus because content teachers tend to spend more time teaching research and content knowledge. In addition, content teachers usually lack appropriate training in teaching methods and in classroom management. Many tend to apply outdated approaches, such as translation or audio-lingual methods, because that was how they learned English.
【題組】78. What is the main purpose of this paragraph?
(A) To explain the rationale of how to teach English to students with specific needs.
(B) To summarize the development of ESP teacher training and curriculum design.
(C) To emphasize the importance of providing adequate teacher training to content professors.
(D) To compare the qualification of language vs. content teachers in teaching ESP courses. 【共 7 頁,第 7 頁】

79.【題組】79. According to the article, which of the followings may be a problem for content teachers instructing ESP courses?
(A) Their English proficiency is insufficient to hold such courses.
(B) They may not possess up-to-date teaching techniques.
(C) They lack professional knowledge in the specific content areas.
(D) They hold negative attitude toward the concept of ESP in higher education.

80.【題組】80. What ESP rationale does this paragraph imply?
(A) The main purpose of an ESP course is to teach English but not academic content.
(B) The content area is the primary concern of an ESP course.
(C) An ESP course should balance between content knowledgeand language skills.
(D) An ESP course is better team-taught by a content and a language professor