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103 年 - 103台酒共同科目-英文#19086 

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1.1. I ________ many difficulties when I first learned cooking. Many dishes were burned.
(A) abandoned
(B) encountered
(C) interfered
(D) oppressed

2.2. Claire has started to exercise every day in order to have a ________ and healthy body.
(A) dead
(B) lean
(C) pale
(D) whole

3.3. The paper must have been written in ________. There are many grammatical errors in it.
(A) beak
(B) cliff
(C) haste
(D) merit

4.4. Johnny is not ________ with the payment of his current job, so he is looking for a new one.
(A) content
(B) desperate
(C) frustrated
(D) respectful

5.5. Employees in the company are ________ for the death of their kind and beloved president.
(A) cheering
(B) hissing
(C) mourning
(D) preaching

6.6. The pottery vase fell to the floor and broke into ________.
(A) crackers
(B) fragments
(C) strikes
(D) vineyards

7.7. After the terrible typhoon, 20 college students ________ to repair houses for old people in that village and asked for nothing in return.
(A) clarified
(B) recycled
(C) tolerated
(D) volunteered

8.8. This new smart phone is definitely ________ to that old one because it has many new functions.
(A) clumsy
(B) durable
(C) luxurious
(D) superior

9.9. Having run under the scorching sun for half an hour, the basketball players were all ________ in sweat.
(A) drenched
(B) fluid
(C) tedious
(D) witty

10.10. The new witness proved Teresa’s ________, so she was released by the judge.
(A) admission
(B) equality
(C) innocence
(D) obstacle

11.11. Diana is surely a ________. She is an excellent judge of fine foods.
(A) gourmet
(B) killjoy
(C) libertine
(D) vagrant

12.12. With the victory in war, the cruel conqueror ________ the defeated warriors, causing them to live in fear and misery.
(A) mollified
(B) protracted
(C) recalled
(D) subjugated

13.13. The result of the Scottish ________ in 2014 showed the majority of voters didn’t want independence.
(A) delegation
(B) perspective
(C) referendum
(D) sanctuary

14.14. Prime Minister Chung Hong-won, the No. 2 ________ in the South Korean government, offered to resign over the boat tragedy.
(A) grocery
(B) novelist
(C) official
(D) passenger

15.15. Be sure to take off your shoes before entering a mosque because ________ is considered unclean.
(A) footwear
(B) headphone
(C) livestock
(D) pickpocket 二、文法測驗【請在下列各題中選出最適當的答案】

16.16. Yani Tseng, a famous Taiwanese athlete, is known ________ her skills of playing golf.
(A) as
(B) for
(C) of
(D) to

17.17. My lazy husband would rather stay at home watching TV than ________ out for shopping on weekends.
(A) go
(B) goes
(C) going
(D) to go

18.18. ________ the heavy traffic, we were late to the important meeting and lost the chance to do business with the big company.
(A) According to
(B) Because of
(C) In case of
(D) With regard to

19.19. It was ________ a nice day that we went on a picnic on the beach.
(A) so
(B) such
(C) many
(D) much

20.20. The noisy kid got his parents ________ a new robot for him.
(A) buy
(B) buys
(C) bought
(D) to buy

21.21. Nylon is smooth and can be washed even ________ than silk.
(A) easier
(B) easy
(C) more easily
(D) much easier

22.22. The surgeon suggested that the patient ________ surgery to remove his tumor.
(A) be undergone
(B) to undergo
(C) undergo
(D) underwent

23.23. If I ________ enough time, I would have done my homework last night.
(A) have
(B) had
(C) have had
(D) had had

24.24. Rumor has it that Mr. Lin was the first man ________ got the first iPhone 6 in Taiwan.
(A) that
(B) which
(C) whose
(D) whom

25.25. My sister and I prepared a ________ cake for the celebration of Mother’s Day.
(A) careful-making
(B) careful-made
(C) carefully-making
(D) carefully-made

26.26. There are so many people living in the poor town, many of ________ don’t have enough money to go to school.
(A) them
(B) those
(C) which
(D) whom

27.27. John is the person I want to go out ________.
(A) with
(B) with him
(C) with who
(D) with whom

28.28. ________ is ruining the quality of life in much of urban China.
(A) Pollute
(B) Polluted
(C) Polluting
(D) Pollution

29.29. ________ a person is successful or not cannot be judged by his income.
(A) Although
(B) Now that
(C) Whatever
(D) Whether

30.30. Immunologists have determined that some germs ________ us sick, but not all germs are bad.
(A) making
(B) do make
(C) not make
(D) are not making

31.三、克漏字測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】 第一篇: Following the news that McDonald’s would pull out of Crimea, there’s been a considerable amount of hatred directed to the American fast food restaurant in Russia. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, has said Russia should close down all locations of the 31 in the country, and apparently many Russians argue for him. According to a recent poll conducted by SuperJob’s Research Center, 62 percent of respondents 32 the closure of all McDonald’s in Russia. Last week, Russian media reported that anti-McDonald’s activists 33 in several Russian cities. “ 34 with American Fast Food!” activists in Bryansk reportedly said. It’s a 35 state of affairs for McDonald’s because Russia’s consumer quality authority has temporarily closed 12 locations. In fact, McDonald’s sold more than $1.5 billion worth of burgers, fries, and shakes to Russian customers in 2013, ranking it the company’s seventh largest market outside the US and Canada.
(A) chain
(B) dorm
(C) government
(D) amount

(A) arrange
(B) disagree
(C) endure
(D) support

(A) had appeared
(B) have appeared
(C) would have been appearing
(D) would have appeared

(A) Back
(B) Down
(C) Forward
(D) Simply

(A) great
(B) high
(C) plus
(D) sad

36.第二篇: The Cy Young Award is an honor given annually in baseball to the best pitchers in Major League Baseball, one each for the American League and National League. The award was first introduced in 1956 by Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick 36 Hall of Fame pitcher Cy Young, who died in 1955. The award was originally given to the single best pitcher in the major leagues; 37 in 1967, after the retirement of Frick, the award was given to one pitcher in each league. Each league’s award is voted on by members of the Baseball Writers Association of America, 38 one representative from each team. As of the 2010 season, each voter places a vote for first, second, third, fourth and fifth place among the 39 of each league. The pitcher with the highest score in each league wins the award. If two pitchers receive the same number of votes, the award is shared. The current formula 40 in the 2010 season. Before that, dating back to 1970, writers voted for three pitchers, with the formula of 5 points for a first place vote, 3 for a second place vote and 1 for a third place vote.
(A) by means of
(B) with regard to
(C) in favor of
(D) in honor of

(A) thus
(B) but
(C) until
(D) since

(A) at
(B) in
(C) to
(D) with

(A) pitchers
(B) teams
(C) votes
(D) writers

(A) awarded
(B) pitched
(C) started
(D) voted

41.四、閱讀測驗 第一篇: 2,000 years ago, the Celts lived in the area which is now Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France. They used to grow their own food, and they considered harvest time to be the end of the year. Every year, they celebrated New Year’s Eve on October 31st with a festival called “Samhain”. The Celts dressed in animal heads and skins for this festival, and their priests, the Druids, built huge bonfires which the Celts gathered around to burn crops as sacrifices to their ancient gods. October 31st marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter, and the Celts believed that on that night, the ghosts of the dead returned to Earth. The Celts thought the ghosts helped the Druids to predict the future. In about 43 AD, after the Romans conquered the Celts, two Roman festivals, Feralia (when the Romans remembered their dead) and Pomona Day (when the Romans honored their goddess of fruits and gardens) were combined with the Celtic Samhain festival. Later, in the 7th century, when Christianity reached the land of the Celts, the Pope made November 1st All Saints’ Day. This was a time for people to honor saints and martyrs. This celebration was also called All Hallows or Hallowmas. The night before it became known as All Hallows’ Eve, which later changed to Halloween. Today, people celebrate Halloween with black cats and magic from Samhain, apples and harvest from Pamona Day, and ghosts and skeletons from All Saints’ Day. It’s a thrilling mixture of fun and fear.
【題組】41. What is the most proper title of this passage?
(A) The Sacrifices of the Celts.
(B) The Differences between the Celts and Romans
(C) The Story of Halloween.
(D) The Dresses for October 1 st .

42.【題組】42. Which statement about the All Saints’ Day is NOT accurate?
(A) It was on October 31st .
(B) Its celebration was called All Hallows.
(C) It was a day to remember the dead.
(D) It was a religious holiday.

43.【題組】43. Which of the following is NOT related to the origin of All Saints’ Day?
(A) The Celts.
(B) Christianity.
(C) Islam.
(D) The Romans.

44.【題組】44. What did the Celts prepare when they worshipped their ancient gods?
(A) Animal heads.
(B) Crops.
(C) Feralia.
(D) Samhain.

45.【題組】45. What are Druids?
(A) Bonfires.
(B) Ghosts.
(C) Priests.
(D) Goddesses.

46.第二篇: According to some authoritative anthropological studies in the last five decades, life expectancy of human beings was short for millennia. The few people who grew old were assumed, because of their years, to have won the favor of the gods. The typical person was fortunate to reach 40. Beginning in the 19th century, that slowly changed. Since 1840, life expectancy at birth has risen about three months with each passing year. In 1840, life expectancy at birth in Sweden, a much-studied nation owing to its record-keeping, was 45 years for women; today it’s 83 years. The United States displays roughly the same trend. When the 20th century began, life expectancy at birth in America was 47 years; now newborns are expected to live 79 years. If about three months continue to be added with each passing year, by the middle of this century, American life expectancy at birth will be 88 years. By the end of the century, it will be 100 years. Viewed globally, the lengthening of life spans seems independent of any single, specific event. It didn’t accelerate much as antibiotics and vaccines became common. Nor did it retreat much during wars or disease outbreaks. A graph of global life expectancy over time looks like an escalator rising smoothly. The trend holds, in most years, in individual nations rich and poor; the whole world is riding the escalator. Projections of ever-longer life spans assume no incredible medical discoveries—rather, that the escalator ride simply continues. If anti-aging drugs or genetic therapies are found, the climb could accelerate. Centenarians may become the norm, rather than rarities who generate a headline in the local newspaper.
【題組】46. In what style is the passage mainly written?
(A) Argumentative.
(B) Comparative.
(C) Expository.
(D) Procedural.

47.【題組】47. What does “that” in the second paragraph refer to?
(A) Anthropology.
(B) Human origin.
(C) Life expectancy.
(D) The authority.

48.【題組】48. Why is life expectancy at birth in Sweden mentioned in the passage?
(A) Because it has documented the life expectancy of its citizens for long.
(B) Because it has set an example for people in the United States to follow.
(C) Because the life expectancy of its people has been the longest among all countries.
(D) Because the life expectancy of its people has grown steadily with each passing year.

49.【題組】49. According to the passage, what impacts have world events had on life expectancy?
(A) They have shortened life expectancy.
(B) They have lengthened life expectancy.
(C) They have made life expectancy rise smoothly.
(D) They have had no significant effect on life expectancy.

50.【題組】50. According to the passage, which of the following may be inferred?
(A) Life expectancy dramatically decreased during the Second World War.
(B) Life expectancy before the 19th century had remained almost unchanged.
(C) Discoveries of anti-aging drugs and genetic therapies will become rare in local papers.
(D) People living less than one hundred years will be soon regarded as extremely precious.