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1.36 Due to the heavy rain, the meeting has been ____ .
(A)pulled off
(B)taken off
(C)called off
(D)turned off

2.37 Without his parents’_______ , Jonathan cannot go out with his friends.

3.38 I usually buy traveller’s cheques so that I don’t have to carry too much _____ around with me when I go on a long trip.

4.39 Waiter: Sir, are you ready to order now? 
 John: ______
 Waiter: I will come back later. 

(A)I’m always ready for food.
(B)Not yet.
(C)What can I say?
(D)Yes, I will reserve a table of four.

5.40 Mary: Would you mind opening the window? 
John: _______
Mary: Thank you. 

(A)Yes, I don’t mind.
(B)No, not at all.
(C)Yes, please.
(D)No, it’s too cold.

6.請依下文回答第 41 題至第 45 題: Around the world, more and more women are working outside the home. In the United States, around 70 percent of women with children under 18 41 another job besides that of mother and homemaker. Most 42 in traditional fields for women, such as clerical, sales, education, and service. However, a growing number choose a career 43 necessitates spending many hours away from home. These women are engineers, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and scientists, and a few have begun to occupy executive positions in business, government, and banking, 44 through the so-called glass ceiling. Nowadays, some women work full time, some part time, and some seek creative solutions 45 flex-time work schedules and job sharing. Many are single mothers raising children by themselves. But in most cases, one income in the household is simply not enough, so both parents must work to support the family.
(B)they have
(C)who have

(A) employ 

(B) are employed 

(C) are employing 
(D) will employ



(A)now that
(B)so that
(C)even though
(D)such as

11.請依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題: Gasoline used to be very cheap in the United States. Companies bought oil cheaply from overseas and turned it into gasoline. The government encouraged the low prices and did not tax gasoline much. Americans became used to larger and larger cars that took a lot of gasoline to run. The amount of gasoline a car uses depends on the car’s size and weight, along with the design of the engine. Gasoline in Western Europe and Japan, however, was very expensive, partly because governments put high taxes on gasoline to raise money. Cars built in Western Europe and Japan were generally small and light, and they used much less gasoline. In 1973, some of the countries that sold oil to the United States stopped selling it. As a result, there wasn’t enough gasoline, and the price of oil products, including gasoline, rose sharply. The prices stayed high when the oil-producing countries started to sell oil again in 1974.
【題組】46 According to the article, which of the following statements is true?
(A)Gasoline used to be cheaper in Western Europe than in the United States.
(B)Cars built in Japan were generally larger than those built in Europe.
(C)Unlike Japanese companies, U.S. companies never built small cars.
(D)The U.S. Government used to put a low tax on gasoline.

12.【題組】47 What can be said of the cost of the oil that U.S. companies used to import from overseas?

13.【題組】48 Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a factor in the amount of gasoline a car uses?
(A)The color of the car
(B)The size of the car
(C)The weight of the car
(D)The design of the engine

14.【題組】49 According to the article, the price of gasoline rose in the U.S. in 1973 because .
(A)there were more cars imported from Japan
(B)there was a huge gasoline shortage
(C)there were fewer gasoline stations
(D)there were more cars imported from Western Europe

15.【題組】50 Which of the following statements can be inferred from the article?
(A)U.S. companies bought oil from overseas at a much lower price in 1974 than in 1973.
(B)In 1973, the U.S. Government put a high tax on gasoline and caused its price to rise sharply.
(C)Travelling in the U.S. is cheaper than travelling in Western Europe.
(D)In order to save money on gasoline, people would prefer Japanese small cars to American large cars.