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1.1. Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” set out the revolutionary view that all living things had ___________ by natural selection.
(A) evolved
(B) involved
(C) engaged
(D) revolved

2.2. Research ___________ a variety of hardware platforms, such as computer hardware, cell phones and other mobile devices and applications.
(A) consists
(B) is composed
(C) encompasses
(D) is engaged

3.3. Shortages of energy made people anxious, particularly under the present conditions of perceived worldwide ___________ .
(A) inflation
(B) efficiency
(C) sufficiency
(D) deficiency

4.4. The dumping of highly radioactive nuclear wastes into the Pacific Ocean constitutes a potential ___________ to a process of global radioactive contamination.
(A) trigger
(B) shield
(C) stifle
(D) halt

5.5. The United States Capitol building, in Washington, D.C., is ___________ in a small park surrounded by a number of impressive government buildings.
(A) secluded
(B) situated
(C) exhibited
(D) encircled

6.6. Shere Hite’s book has been more widely debated. The media throughout the country have brought the author’s ___________ opinions to the public’s attention.
(A) controversial
(B) authoritative
(C) conclusive
(D) articulate

7.7. The Chinese, who began systematic astronomical and weather observations shortly after the ancient Egyptians, were assiduous record-keepers. Because of this, they can claim humanity’s longer continuous ___________ of natural events.
(A) defiance
(B) domination
(C) maintenance
(D) documentation

8.8. Technology offers a picture of the self that seems to ___________ the fragile and unreliable accounts of it we like to give each other.
(A) contract
(B) contact
(C) contradict
(D) control

9.9. In ___________ their winning approach, members of Taichung University’s team knew they would not be able to rely on access to specialized component parts.
(A) dividing
(B) devising
(C) descending
(D) defining

10.10. Those who make the right call at the right moment attain a sage-like status and subsequently ___________ a great deal of attention.
(A) recommend
(B) accommodate
(C) command
(D) comment Ⅱ. Grammar

11.11. A majority of people in the world can get the protein their bodies___________ from the food they eat.
(A) requires
(B) require
(C) to require
(D) requiring

12.12. If there had been fringe benefits, I ___________the position.
(A) could consider
(B) considering
(C) would have considered
(D) will be considering

13.13. Although the bite of black spiders is rarely fatal, it might cause flesh wounds, posing the greatest danger to the infant and___________ .
(A) the elder
(B) the elderly
(C) the older
(D) the age

14.14. ___________of measurement has ever equaled the metric system in simplicity.
(A) Another system
(B) Other systems
(C) No other system
(D) No system other

15.15. Manufacturers are investing increasing amounts of money in new forms of automation, including robots, to increase productivity,___________ , and improve product quality and reliability in order to retain their competitive position.
(A) product cost which was reduced
(B) product cost was reduced
(C) reducing product cost
(D) reduce product cost

16.16. ___________over a million different species of insects exist in the world, more than all other animal species combined.
(A) It is estimated that
(B) There is estimate
(C) That is estimated
(D) The estimate is

17.17. According to Clifford Seertz’s definition, religion is a symbolic presentation of___________ to be reality.
(A) which is conceived
(B) what is conceived
(C) what it is conceived
(D) that which is conceived

18.18. He declares himself ___________by the contentious campaigns by some U.S. state governors to wrestle down costly public sector wage and benefits settlements.
(A) is encouraging
(B) is encouraged
(C) encouraging
(D) encouraged

19.19. Taipei School is a university preparatory school for___________students, grades 7 to 12.
(A) high-achieved
(B) high-achieving
(C) highly-achieved
(D) highly-achieving

20.20. People ___________written texts for over a thousand years, dissecting sentences to reveal the hidden truths beneath.
(A) have been analyzing
(B) are analyzing
(C) has analyzed
(D) is analyzing

21.Ⅲ. Cloze Please read the passages below. For each blank, choose the answer that best fits the whole text. Passage A James Bond, is a fictional character created by British journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in 1953. He is the 21 of the James Bond series of novels, films, comics and video games. Fleming wrote twelve Bond novels and two short story collections before his death. The Bond character is a secret service agent, code number 007, residing in London but active internationally. Bond was a 22 character who was based on a number of 23 whom Fleming knew during his service in the Naval Intelligence Division during World War II; Bond's name was 24 from American ornithologist James Bond. Bond has a number of character traits which run throughout the books, including an enjoyment of cars, a love of food and drink, and an average intake of sixty 25 cigarettes a day.
(A) protagonist
(B) advocate
(C) critic
(D) sponsor

(A) composed
(B) composition
(C) composing
(D) composite

(A) commissariats
(B) commandos
(C) commemorates
(D) commanders

(A) appreciated
(B) approbatory
(C) appropriated
(D) appraised

(A) making customized
(B) custom-made
(C) custom-making
(D) made customized

26.Passage B Of Homer’s two epic poems, the Odyssey has always been more popular than the Iliad, perhaps because it includes more features of mythology 26 readers. Its subject (to use Maynard Mack’s categories) is “life-as-spectacle”: for readers, 27 by its various incidents, observe its hero Odysseus primarily from without; the tragic Iliad, however, presents “life-as-experience”: readers are asked to identify with the mind of Achilles, 28 motivations render him a not particularly likable hero. In addition, the Iliad, more than the Odyssey, suggests the complexity of the gods’ involvement in human actions, and 29 that modern readers find this complexity a needless complication, the Iliad is less satisfying than the Odyssey, with its simpler scheme of divine justice. Finally, since the Iliad present a historically verifiable action, Troy’s siege, the poem raises historical questions 30 the Odyssey’s blithely imaginative world.
(A) that have access to
(B) that has access to
(C) that are accessible to
(D) that is accessible to

(A) digressed
(B) diverted
(C) divided
(D) divisive

(A) which
(B) what
(C) whose
(D) whosever

(A) to date
(B) to my surprise
(C) to my knowledge
(D) to the extent

(A) that are absent from
(B) that are devoid of
(C) that devolve to
(D) that are devoted to IV. Error Correction Please identify the underlined part that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct.

31.31. As technology has become more readily available( A ), more blue-collar jobs have required to manipulate( B ) computers well in order to collect and analyze data about productivity and market trends( C ) to stay competitively( D ).
32.32. In a recently published book entitled( A ) Whole Brain Learning, the concept and process of whole brain learning are expanded( B ), differentiated and deeped( C ) in its philosophy, perspective, paradigm, and applications of these( D ) to the development of human potential.
33.33. Along the Taihsuei River’s shores are( A ) the Taiwan’s most popular( B ) nature reserve, in which( C ) varied and abundant foliage grows( D ).
34.34. That( A ) copper and bronze were first used( B ) in the world is ( C ) an interesting question in science history( D ).
35.35. Indians in pre-Colombian times( A ) developed a wide range( B ) of medicines derived of( C ) plants, including digitalis, which they utilized( D ) in the treatment of heart disease.
36.36. Its strength and lightness make aluminum is( A ) an excellent material for( B ) constructing the external walls( C ) of both( D ) homes and offices.
37.37. Legends often contain an element( A ) of fact, but( B ) sometimes it is( C ) totally( D ) untrue.
38.38. Examining( A ) specific instances of language use gives( B ) us insights into how language works which would never have obtained( C ) by simply introspecting about( D )  the language system.
39.39. Language learners need to know both( A ) how and when to use conjunctions. Their( B ) presence or absence in discourse often contribute to( C ) style, and some conjunctions can sound very pompous when used( D ) inappropriately.
40.40. In spoken language, learners get less help( A ) from standard pedagogic descriptions than those( B ) for writing, and therefore( C ) often need to work out the use of linguistic features for themselves( D ).
41.V. Reading Comprehension Please read the passages below. Each passage will be followed by several questions. Choose the option that best answers each of these questions on the basis of what is stated or implied in the passage. Passage A Andrew Carnegie soon turned to manufacturing iron and steel in Pittsburgh, taking full and grateful benefit of protective tariffs—although he had previously been an advocate of free trade and later, after he had his millions, would be one again. Each year he alternated between amassing his huge fortune in America and traveling to Britain. There he followed in the tradition of his grandfather by making radical speeches against all forms of special privilege. His rhetoric was noticeably tamer in Pittsburgh. Carnegie’s principles almost always seemed to bend to fit his interest. Yet, if he had been less principled, less impeded by such inhibitions as principle placed in his path through the nineteenth-century capitalistic jungle, it is quite probable that his legacy would have been less benign. After all, he did found and endow the Carnegie Corporation of New York, which in the first half-century after his death would make grants almost equal to his entire fortune while at the same time greatly increasing its capital. If he did not quite die poor, he made a game try at and probably worked harder at giving money away than he ever had at making it.
【題組】41. According to the author, Carnegie was able to make a great fortune partly because of .
(A) favorable tariffs
(B) free trade
(C) his grandfather
(D) his radical speeches

42.【題組】42. Carnegie’s attitude toward free trade was apparently .
(A) expressed frequently in Pittsburgh
(B) a great hindrance to his business dealings
(C) adjusted to accommodate his business interests
(D) an unchanging conviction throughout his life

43.【題組】43. The passage implies that nineteenth-century capitalists .
(A) resembled wild beasts in tropical forests
(B) were somewhat inhibited by principles
(C) were at least no worse than Carnegie
(D) had a hard time giving money away

44.【題組】44. We can infer that Carnegie’s speeches were tamer in Pittsburgh because .
(A) he was too busy there to spend time on speeches
(B) he was only there part of the time
(C) his grandfather lived there
(D) he would otherwise have harmed his business interests

45.【題組】45. By the time of his death, Carnegie had succeeded in .
(A) giving away an enormous amount of money
(B) losing most of the fortune he had made
(C) putting his entire fortune in trust for his heirs
(D) losing most of the fortune he had made

46.Passage B Perhaps the most striking quality of satiric literature is its freshness, its originality of perspective. Satire rarely offers original ideas. Instead it presents the familiar in a new form. Satirists do not offer the world new philosophies. What they do is look at familiar conditions from a perspective that makes these conditions seem foolish, harmful or affected. Satire jars us out of complacence into a pleasantly shocked realization that many of the values we unquestioningly accept are false. Don Quixote makes chivalry seem absurd. Brave New World ridicules the pretensions of science. A Modest Proposal dramatizes starvation by advocating cannibalism. None of these ideas is original. Chivalry was suspected before Cervantes, humanists objected to the claims of pure science before Aldous Huxley and people were aware of famine before Swift. It was not the originality of the idea that made these satires popular. It was the manner of expression the satiric method that made them interesting and entertaining Satires are read because they are aesthetically satisfying works of art, not because they are morally wholesome or ethically instructive. They are stimulating and refreshing because with commonsense briskness they brush away illusions and secondhand opinions. With spontaneous irreverence, satire rearranges perspectives, scrambles familiar objects into incongruous juxtaposition and speaks in a personal idiom instead of abstract platitude. Satire exists because there is a need for it. It has lived because readers appreciate a refreshing stimulus, an irreverent reminder that they lived in a world of platitudinous thinking, cheap moralizing, and foolish philosophy. Satire serves to prod people into an awareness of truth. Satire tends to remind people that much of what they see, hear, and read in popular media is sanctimonious, sentimental, and only partially true. Life resembles in only a slight degree the popular image of it. Soldiers rarely hold the ideals that movies attribute to them, nor do ordinary citizens devote their lives to unselfish service of community. Intelligent people know these things but tend to forget them when they do not hear them expressed.
【題組】46. What does this passage mainly discuss? .
(A) Reasons for the popularity of satire
(B) Popular topics of satire
(C) New philosophies emerging from satiric literature
(D) Difficulties of writing satiric literature

47.【題組】47. Why does the author mention Don Quixote, Brave New World and A Modest Proposal? .
(A) They present commonsense solutions to problems
(B) They are appropriate for readers of all ages
(C) They are books with similar stories
(D) They are famous examples of satiric literature

48.【題組】48. Which of the following can be found in satire literature? .
(A) Abstract discussion of moral and ethnics
(B) Odd combinations of objects and ideas
(C) Newly emerging philosophies
(D) Wholesome characters who are unselfish

49.【題組】49. According to this passage, there is a need for satire because people need to be .
(A) exposed to original philosophies when they are formulated
(B) reminded that popular ideas are often inaccurate
(C) told how they can be of service to their communities
(D) informed about new scientific development

50.【題組】50. Which of the following is NOT a purpose of satire? .
(A) Reminding readers of the truth
(B) Brushing away illusions
(C) Introducing readers to unfamiliar situations
(D) Exposing false values