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1.use a lot of resources and contribute to global warming. As a result, more and more couples are now looking for ways to make their traditional weddings kinder to the environment. Before their weddings, these couples mail invitations that are printed on recycled paper. Or, they avoid using paper altogether by e-mailing invitations instead. Couples also register at stores that sell environmentally-friendly gifts, such as bed sheets made of bamboo and towels made of organic cotton. Then, these couples know that they will receive “green” gifts from their wedding guests. Many couples choose to hold their weddings outdoors in parks or on farms rather than in churches or other buildings. This can greatly reduce the amount of electricity needed for the weddings. The couples also look for locations that are as close as possible to their guests. Why? Because the farther their guests have to drive, the more pollution they will produce. During the reception, “green” couples serve organic foods, which are better for the environment because no chemicals are used to grow them. They also purchase food that is grown locally, not thousands of miles away. This reduces the pollution that results from transporting the food for long distances. Finally, they serve their food and drinks using cups, plates and utensils made of recycled materials.
【題組】 1. According to the article, what do these green couples care about?
(A) Having babies.
(B) Saving money.
(C) Receiving presents.
(D) Protecting the earth.
2.【題組】2. Which of the following is a drawback of traditional weddings in the US?
(A) They are unkind to the environment.
(B) They are still very popular in America.
(C) They help couples receive gifts they want.
(D) They have nothing to do with global warming.
3.【題組】3. How do green couples invite guests to their wedding?
(A) By making phone calls.
(B) By e-mailing invitations.
(C) By sending text messages.
(D) By visiting guests in person.
4.【題組】4. Where might green couples choose to hold their wedding?
(A) In a park.
(B) In a hotel.
(C) In a church.
(D) In a restaurant.
5.【題組】5. How do green couples plan their reception?
(A) They buy food grown far away.
(B) They serve food grown without chemicals.
(C) They serve food without using cups or plates.
(D) They ask guests to take food to the reception.
6.第二篇: Do you often find yourself rushing to finish a report right before the deadline? Or maybe you always leave your Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve. If so, you are a typical procrastinator. Procrastinators are people who tend to put off doing tasks until the very last minute. Trying to avoid their fear of failure, procrastinators actively look for distractions. They also lie to themselves by saying things like “I’ll feel more like doing this tomorrow.” Thus, instead of getting things done, they usually end up falling behind schedule. With a few simple steps, however, procrastination can be overcome. Make a list of the tasks you have to do; this helps you organize your time and your mind. You can also split up these tasks into smaller parts to make them easier. Set realistic goals and give yourself plenty of time to complete each task. When the task is completed, reward yourself with a treat. A reward can be a great way to motivate yourself to work harder. As the saying goes, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” If you can stop procrastinating and take charge of your life, you’ll be more confident than ever before.
【題組】6. What is this article mainly about?
(A) A useful tool and how to use it.
(B) A fatal illness and how to stop it.
(C) A bad habit and how to break it.
(D) A technical skill and how to acquire it.
7.【題組】7. Which of the following phrase is closest in meaning to the word procrastinate?
(A) To put off doing something.
(B) To end up doing something.
(C) To feel like doing something.
(D) To take charge of something.
8.【題組】8. Why do procrastinators purposely look for excuses for delaying doing tasks?
(A) They want to fall behind schedule.
(B) They try to avoid their fear of failure.
(C) They need more time to get things well done.
(D) They hope to motivate themselves to work harder.
9.【題組】9. According to the reading, which of the following is NOT a way to overcome procrastination?
(A) Make a list of the tasks you have to do.
(B) Split up the tasks into smaller parts to make them easier.
(C) Force yourself to complete each task as soon as possible.
(D) Reward yourself with a treat when the task is completed.
10.【題組】10. According to the reading, what is the advantage of stopping procrastinating?
(A) You have less control over your life.
(B) You can stop someone stealing from you.
(C) You feel more like doing tasks the following day.
(D) You feel more certain about your ability to do things well.
11.第三篇: Australia’s cuddly koala rarely drinks water and doesn't have any sweat glands, long leaving scientists to wonder how it cools off in a heatwave. On Wednesday, zoologists announced they had uncovered the iconic mammal’s secret—hugging trees, whose trunks can be several degrees cooler than the surroundings. Koalas have high mortality rates in heatwaves. Unable to sweat, they use panting as a way of evaporative cooling, but in the wild, they rarely drink and when they need to, water is often scarce. As tree-dwellers, koalas don't generally seek out cool, shadowy ground surfaces like many other animals. Keen to unlock the marsupials' secret, a team of zoologists observed 37 koalas in the wild during winter and summer seasons in southeastern Australia in 2009 and 2010-11. On hotter days, they found, the animals were more frequently positioned with all their limbs outstretched so they appeared to be hugging the tree trunk or lower branches. The warmer it got, the lower the marsupials were found in the trees, and more often in trees other than eucalyptus, their food source. This could be explained by the eucalyptus being only about 1.46-1.87 degrees Celsius cooler than air temperature, compared to about 5.0 C for the acacia. Based on their observations of tree temperature and koala behavior, the team concluded the animals lose “substantial” body heat to tree trunks in hot weather. Water savings from this behavior could be critical for the survival of this species during heatwaves when water availability is limited.
【題組】11. Where is this passage most likely taken from?
(A) A guide to forestry.
(B) A biology journal.
(C) A health magazine.
(D) A geology textbook.
12.【題組】12. Which of the following is the most effective way for koalas to cool off in a heatwave?
(A) Drinking water.
(B) Sweating a lot.
(C) Getting more sleep.
(D) Hugging trees.
13.【題組】13. What does the word “marsupials” refer to?
(A) Koalas.
(B) Eucalyptus.
(C) Zoologists.
(D) Acacias.
14.【題組】14. Where are koalas most likely found on a hot summer day?
(A) In a cool water pool.
(B) On shadowy ground surfaces.
(C) On the lower part of the acacia trees.
(D) On the higher part of the eucalyptus trees.
15.【題組】15. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) Panting is a way of evaporative cooling for koalas.
(B) Stretching out their limbs on the tree helps koalas save water in their body.
(C) Koalas have many overactive sweat glands and are vulnerable to heat related problems.
(D) Since tree trunks are cooler than air temperature, koalas lose body heat to them when hugging them

【非選題】一、中翻英 社會事業可以定義為具有社會目的之行業,致力於改善社會、環境、教育和經濟的狀況;這個目標是 要對社會造成正面的影響,同時賺取足夠的錢來應付開銷,可能的話,賺得利潤以幫助事業發展。

white bear 國三下 (2015/02/08 23:22):
e social work is defined a goal to devote to improve the conditions of thesocial, environment, education and economy. This targe..

李政書 國一上 (2016/03/08 05:17):
Society business can be defined as the purpose of society job,work on improving society,environment,education and economy situation;this goal is to be possitive effect for society,to pay the cost due to making enough money at the same time,possibly,make benefit to help the business development.
阿人 國一下 (2016/04/23 15:44):
The social fictory can defined to be a social target which prove socialty,envirament,education and economy costruction;this target can treat power fundition to the sociality,at the same time can earn much money to ...
柯以諾 小六下 (2016/09/11 11:06):
Social business can be defined as a career with social purpose which is devoted to improving society, environment, education, and economic conditions. The objective of its purpose is to bring positive influence to the society as well as earn enough money to deal with expenses at the same time, and to gain profits that help develop its business, if possible.

【非選題】二、英翻中 The lighting industry has finally come up with an energy-efficient replacement for the standard incandescent bulb that people actually seem to like: the LED bulb. Although priced at around 20 times more than the old-fashioned incandescents, bulbs based on LEDs last much longer and use far less electricity, a saving that homeowners are beginning to recognize. Prices for the bulbs are falling steadily as retailers sell them aggressively and manufacturers improve the technology.

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如今的光電產業發展出更加節能的新產品,來取代傳統燈泡,一般將其稱為LED燈泡. 雖然它的價格是傳統燈泡的20倍,但壽命更長,也更加省電,其程度讓一般住戶都能感受的到. 隨著產品銷售越加普及 並且伴隨著效能的提升,這種燈泡的價錢也正在穩定的降低.
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