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2.2.搜救雷達詢答機(SART)開啟後,若附近海域並無9 GHz雷達運作,則SART將出現何種顯 示?


(B)“PAN PAN”字組
(D)“MAY DAY”字組


6.6.船舶利用數位選擇呼叫(DSC)設備發送遇險呼叫,在任何情況下,下列何項資料不被選定 輸入?


8.8.若船舶於1995年2月1日以前建造且適用海上人命安全國際公約,未備有應急電源者,則船上 應有備用電源能供應無線電設備至少幾小時?




(D)稀硫酸(H2 SO4 +H2O)


14.14.下列關於「商船搜索與海難救助手冊」對於「遇險特別標示」中之對空求救信號,下列何者 正確?

15.15.某船於「波羅的海」區內航行,由於電羅經故障,深夜誤闖瑞典軍事管制區域。突然間看到 岸上發出摩爾斯“L” 燈號,問其意義為何?
(A)You should stop your vessel instantly.
(B)I wish to communicate with you.
(C)You are running into danger.
(D)Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals.


17.17.某船於航行時,看見有漁船呼叫,但雙方語言不同,無法溝通,因此決定以懸掛旗號互通信 息。該漁船懸掛“W” 旗,問其意義為何?
(A)I require assistance.
(B)Keep clear of me.
(C)I require medical assistance.
(D)I am dragging my anchor.

18.18.於摩斯碼(Morse Code)中,「劃(Dash)」的長度是多少個時間單位?

19.19.根據國際海事組織標準船舶報告制度(SRS),字首“O(Oscar)”之後的應報告內容為 何?
(C)離開VTS Zone的時間及地點

20.20.Located: In warnings: position of object confirmed.(依據IMO SMCP)

21.21.General emergency alarm means a sound signal of seven short blasts and one blast given with the vessel’s sound system.

22.22.Brief all crew members and passengers about restricted area and do not enter the engine room without .

23.23. means an emergency reversal operation of the main engine to avoid a collision.

24.24.Boarding arrangement: All , such as pilot ladder.(依據IMO SMCP) A.facility B.accommodation D.goods
25.25.My ship’s draft is 12m. The depth of water is not in position 30°N 130°
(E) (依據IMO SMCP)

26.26.Course made good means the course which a vessel good over ground, after allowing for the effect of currents, tidal streams.

27.27.Visibility by rain.

28.28.You are other traffic.

29.29.“Ease to five” means:
(A)to put the rudder at port side five degrees.
(B)to put the rudder at starboard side five degrees.
(C)to backs the rudder at five degrees of same side.
(D)you may put the rudder within five degrees range either port or starboard.

30.30.My present position is at sea No.2 port side.

31.31. is a routing measure aimed at the separation of opposing streams of traffic by appropriate means and by the establishment of traffic lanes.
(A)Traffic Clearance
(B)Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS)
(C)Separation Zone
(D)Inshore Traffic Zone (ITZ)

32.32. means a vessel which has been destroyed, sunk or abandoned at sea.

33.33.The goods ordered are now ready for . Please send us instructions for them.

34.34.An international standard for vector charts (S-57) has been finalized by and vector charts complying with this standard produced by or on the authority of, a national hydrographic office are known as electronic navigational charts.

35.35.The following event has been made in the Deck Log Book. “1000~1100 Master together with C/O and C/E carried out weekly inspection and found everything fully compliance with the standard of Paris Memorandum.”

36.36.Broken Stowage is the term used to express the space which is lost and by cargo or between packages in stowage.

37.37.An INERT GAS SYSTEM on a tanker should be used to:
(A)blow out from cargo lines to prevent gas concentrations.
(B)prevent fires in pump room by continually displacing flammable vapors.
(C)prevent the generation of flammable or combustible in tanks.
(D)dilute tank atmospheres to keep gas concentrations below the lower explosive limit.

38.38. are used to record the events occurring during the ship’s stay in a harbor, at anchorage, or underway, and they are also requested to produce evidences in case officials inquire about accidents.
(A)Bell books
(B)Course recorder
(C)Log books

39.39.A document prepared by the captain of a vessel on arriving at port, which shows conditions encountered during voyage is a “ ”.
(B)Sea Protest
(C)official report

40.40.“   ” means a white light placed as nearly as practicable at the stern showing an unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of 135 degrees and so fixed as to show the light 67.5 degrees from right aft on each side of the vessel.
(A)Masthead light
(D)Towing light