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1.1. When confronted by the police, Ben did not know what to say. _____he remained silent.
(A) That’s when
(B) It’s how
(C) That’s why
(D) It’s what

2.2. Either the students or the teacher _____ planning to come to the end of the semester party.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) has
(D) were

3.3. If I _____ have to go to work tomorrow afternoon, I will give you a ride to the airport.
(A) didn’t
(B) don’t
(C) wouldn’t
(D) won’t

4.4. _____ from the mountaintop, Taipei 101 looks beautiful at night.
(A) Seeing
(B) Sight
(C) Having seen
(D) Seen

5.5. State College is a small college town _____ Jason met his doctoral advisor for the first time.
(A) there
(B) that
(C) where
(D) after

6.6. Below _____ one of the most encouraging comments Jenny has received from her writing teacher.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) been
(D) were

7.7. Mrs. Pennycook will be unable to show up at her son’s birthday party tonight because _____.
(A) of she will be on a plane to Paris
(B) she will be on a plane to Paris
(C) she was on a plane to Paris
(D) she had been on a plane to Paris

8.8. Movies are an interesting topic to talk about; and _____.
(A) sports are so
(B) sports are either
(C) so are sports
(D) either are sports

9.9. The concert is open to anyone, young and old _____.
(A) too
(B) alike
(C) both
(D) including

10.10. The harder you practice, _____you will become.
(A) the best baseball player
(B) the more likely baseball player
(C) the better baseball player
(D) the easy baseball player

11.11. To some travelers, Los Angeles, _____diverse immigrant population, seems more of an international district than a typical American city.
(A) with its
(B) has
(C) of its
(D) to have its

12.12. His short stay in New York City during his teenage years was very important to author Ian Johansson, _____ provided the background to several of his bestselling novels.
(A) however it
(B) since then
(C) it has
(D) for it

13.13. I always eat breakfast before going to school. _____, I would get hungry during class.
(A) If
(B) Otherwise
(C) Unless
(D) Although

14.14. Throughout the state of Arizona, _____summer camps, where college students may study and relax in beautiful rural settings.
(A) there are
(B) of which
(C) located
(D) in

15.15. There are so many colors to choose from. I’m wondering _____.
(A) which one should I get
(B) which to get
(C) to get which one
(D) which one I should get

16.16. My cousin from India is not the conservative type; _____, she is quite liberal.
(A) on the contrary
(B) despite
(C) in spite of
(D) although

17.17. During the winter break, Sam did nothing but hang _____ with his friends all day.
(A) on
(B) out
(C) off
(D) up

18.18. After a serious of man-made and nature disasters, blood donors are usually urgently needed to save more people’s lives.
(A) frankly
(B) desperately
(C) crucially
(D) typically

19.19. Deeply enchanted by the glamorous TV celebrities and movie stars, many teenagers seldom realize that their minds are so vulnerable to the influence of television and other multi-media.
(A) absorbed
(B) programmed
(C) appealed
(D) susceptible

20.20. What happens when someone splashes you?
(A) you get sick
(B) you get tired
(C) you get wet
(D) you get excited.

21.21. An absolute genius skilled at chemistry and mathematics, Taylor Cage was considered to be the smartest student in our graduate program.
(A) proficient in
(B) suspicious of
(C) articulate about
(D) proud of

22.22. The applications of 3D technology have been of a great help for scientists to figure out the exact position of the heavenly bodies relative to one another.
(A) in spite of
(B) on top of
(C) with respect to
(D) regardless of

23.23. Many elementary school kids reluctantly ate vegetable such as carrots and broccoli when strongly required by their care-takers.
(A) unknowingly
(B) unwillingly
(C) impatiently
(D) uncomfortably

24.24. Jessie Blaire was one of the very few song writers and composers who had been so much idolized during their life time.
(A) personalized
(B) dissatisfied
(C) worshipped
(D) upgraded

25.25. Inch by inch, the strong wind and other natural elements _____ the writing from the walls of the monument in memory of our national heroes.
(A) deleted
(B) awaited
(C) illustrated
(D) polished

26.26. In the event of soccer, it will be a long shot trying to win Brazil in the Olympic Games.
(A) possible
(B) impossible
(C) ideal
(D) fascinating

27.27. Please do not disturb him. He needs to concentrate to finish his annual report.
(A) surprise
(B) excite
(C) ponder
(D) bother

28.28. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, Louisiana, and caused a great damage of 3 billion dollars.
(A) breeze
(B) lightening
(C) storm
(D) current

29.29. The debate over whether humans have an innate ability for mathematics is unlikely to be settled due to a lack of empirical research.
(A) inborn
(B) learned
(C) talented
(D) hidden

30.30. Parents and grandparents do not always agree about the best way to raise children. They often get into conflict about this issue.
(A) consoling
(B) disagreement
(C) negotiation
(D) communication

31.31. The elite runners have an enormous lung capacity that gives them an edge when they compete in races at lower altitudes.
(A) best
(B) small
(C) athletic
(D) excessive

32.32. After doing exercise regularly for 3 months, he notices a dramatic improvement in all of his senses; he can see, hear, smell, and taste much better than before.
(A) modest
(B) remarkable
(C) dull
(D) limited

33.33. A 30-year-old who wants to retire at 55 with a pension will have to accumulate a large amount of money.
(A) gather
(B) separate
(C) employ
(D) pack up

34.34. Before herbs were available in supermarkets year-round, herb vinegar was made in the fall.
(A) affordable
(B) reusable
(C) obtainable
(D) exchangeable

35.35. The use of disposable cups and plates has a huge negative impact on the environment because it leads to deforestation and global warming.
(A) throwaway
(B) cheap
(C) artificial
(D) unique

36.36. Dave: Are you ready yet? Let’s go swimming. Jessie: I wouldn’t walk on the sand barefoot like that. Dave: It probably is pretty hot. I guess I’ll wear my flip-flop to walk down to the water. Where are the speakers?
(A)At a swimming pool
(B) On a boat
(C) At a beach
(D) In a bathroom.

37.37. Sam: Is that a police car behind us? James: I think you just went through a red light without stopping. Sam: Oh no! This is going to cost a lot of money. Why is Sam unhappy?
(A) He is going to get into a car accident.
(B) He paid too much for his car.
(C) He is going to get a ticket from the police officer.
(D) He lost his wallet.

38.38. Ann: Tim, how are you feeling? Tim: Well. I’ve still got a runny nose. The fever went away though. Ann: You must be getting better then. What is Ann telling Tim?
(A) He is getting worse.
(B) He will get rid of the cold soon.
(C) He should go see a doctor.
(D) He should take his medication.

39.39. Dave: Can we leave now? I’ve heard enough about this topic already. Jan: I thought you wanted to hear this. Dave: So did I. But this guest speaker is boring. What are the speakers doing?
(A) Attending a lecture
(B) Watching movies
(C) Listening to music
(D) Waiting for someone.

40.40. Tim: Jen! Guess what I did last night. Jen: I’ve got no clue. What? Tim: Can you believe that I finished my English final paper? Jen: Unbelievable. You always put things off until the last minute. Why is Jen surprised?
(A)Tim has to write an English paper
(B) Tim failed his English exam
(C) Tim did not need her help with writing
(D) Tim is done with his English final paper.

41.41. Taylor: James. Your room is a mess. James: I know I should clean it but I’ve just been too busy. Taylor: Oh, really? What have you done all weekend? What does Taylor mean?
(A) James should have time to clean his room
(B) She shouldn’t have asked James to do so many things
(C) James is way too uptight
(D) She should have helped James with his homework.

42.42. Wendy: Hi, Liam. I’m glad you show up. Liam: I hope I’m not too late. Wendy: Not at all. _____.
(A) Stay away.
(B) Come on in.
(C) Step back.
(D) Come see me.

43.43. Tim: Don’t you want to grab a bite with me? Jan: _____. Tim: Me too. Let’s go.
(A) No, I do. Just a moment.
(B) Yes, I do. I’m starving.
(C) Yes, I don’t. Why not?
(D) No, I want to.

44.44. A: May I see your ticket, please? B: Oh no. I left _____ at home. A: Sorry, I’m afraid I won’t be able to let you in.
(A) a ticket
(B) one
(C) yours
(D) it

45.45. A: _____the Oscar for Best Picture? B: Avatar for sure. It’s one of the best.
(A) Do you think which movie should win
(B) Which movie should it win
(C) Which movie do you think should win
(D) How did the movie win

46.閱讀測驗 46-50 Feeling drowsy and tired after a bad night’s sleep? Here comes the good news: simply being told you’ve slept well could help perk you up. Most people are probably aware of the placebo effect. Taking a pill of any kind can make one feel better, even if that pill has no active ingredients. The good news is that the placebo effect is not only limited to gel capsules you take when you are ill. Nowadays, it’s possible to get placebo exercise and even placebo sleep. The phenomenon, called placebo sleep, involves telling people that they have got a good sleep even when they haven’t. People who were told they got a good night’s sleep function better at work than those who thought they slept poorly. Scientists at Pennsylvania State University in the U.S. conducted a study in which research participants were told that a new technology, which doesn’t actually exist, could measure their sleep quality from the night before. They were connected to a machine monitoring brainwave frequency and shown piles of spreadsheets and formulas. Then some were informed that their deep sleep or rapid eye movement (REM) sleep had been above average the night before, a sign they were mentally alert. Others were told their REM sleep from the night before had been below average. Research participants in both groups were then informed of the importance of sleep quality to cognitive functioning. Surprisingly, those who thought they had a good night’s sleep concentrated better and functioned well at work. The effect of placebo sleep has to do with a participant’s mindset regarding his or her sleep quality. While placebos are widely used in drug testing, the scientists say their experimental results suggest the importance of perception and the brain’s role in health.
【題組】46. Which of the following is the best title for this passage?
(A) Negative impacts of Placebo sleep
(B) Placebo sleep helps your brain work better
(C) Placebo sleep and drug testing
(D) Sleep quality and Placebo drugs

47.【題組】47. The main purpose of this reading is _____.
(A) to tell people about the benefits of placebo sleep
(B) to show the negative effects of placebo sleep
(C) to persuade people to take placebo drugs
(D) to let people know about the placebo drugs.

48.【題組】48. Read the following sentences from the reading passage. What does “they” refer to? Scientists at Pennsylvania State University in the U.S. conducted a study in which research participants were told that a new technology, which doesn’t actually exist, could measure their sleep quality from the night before. They were connected to a machine monitoring brainwave frequency and shown piles of spreadsheets and formulas. Then some were informed that their deep sleep or rapid eye movement (REM) sleep had been above average the night before, a sign they were mentally alert.
(A) scientists
(B) research participants
(C) formulas
(D) rapid eye movements

49.【題組】49. The underlined word “probably” from the passage could be replaced with _____.
(A) rarely
(D) most likely

50.【題組】50. The word “perk someone up” in the passage means_____.
(A) to make someone feel insecure
(B)to surprise someone
(C)to make someone more healthy
(D) to make someone lively and refreshed