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1.1. It is always very hot and dry in the ________, which is covered by sand.
(A) forest
(B) desert
(C) ocean
(D) jungle

2.2. It’s almost dinner time. Mom is ________ cooking in the kitchen.
(A) busy
(B) dirty
(C) lucky
(D) heavy

3.3. I can’t stop ________ and sneezing. I think I’ve got a cold.
(A) blinking
(B) laughing
(C) yawning
(D) coughing

4.4. The department store was having a sale, so I went ________ and got myself some new dresses.
(A) hiking
(B) jogging
(C) camping
(D) shopping

5.5. Mike is a smart student; he can ________ solve these math problems.
(A) sadly
(B) easily
(C) kindly
(D) loudly

6.6. When eating a steak, you need a ________ to cut the meat.
(A) chopstick
(B) knife
(C) spoon
(D) napkin

7.7. The doctor said I was ________ and that I needed to go on a diet.
(A) slender
(B) muscular
(C) overweight
(D) nearsighted

8.8. We didn’t have enough practice, so ________ we lost the game.
(A) patiently
(B) curiously
(C) naturally
(D) accidentally

9.9. My parents ________ their 20th anniversary by taking a vacation in Hawaii.
(A) declined
(B) improved
(C) decorated
(D) celebrated

10.10. It was ________ of you to donate money to the poor.
(A) generous
(B) energetic
(C) dishonest
(D) humorous

11.11. Tired and sleepy, Ron changed into his ________ and went to bed.
(A) scarf
(B) earrings
(C) pajamas
(D) raincoat

12.12. Realizing that he had stepped on my foot, the man ________ to me politely.
(A) proposed
(B) apologized
(C) introduced
(D) complained

13.13. Jasper is a(n) ________ young man. He always thinks he is more important than other people.
(A) arrogant
(B) obedient
(C) patriotic
(D) cautious

14.14. Free Internet ________ is provided in the airport, so you can surf the Net with your laptop or mobile device.
(A) parcel
(B) faucet
(C) access
(D) engine

15.15. More than 500 people were ________ from their homes after the town was flooded.
(A) disarmed
(B) collapsed
(C) promoted
(D) evacuated

16.16. On his way to work, Jim stopped by a ________ to grab some warm donuts for breakfast.
(A) restroom
(B) bakery
(C) tunnel
(D) drugstore

17.17. When Mary is angry, she goes ________ and doesn’t talk much.
(A) similar
(B) silent
(C) social
(D) joyful

18.18. It is important for us to stay away from junk food to ________ healthy weight.
(A) charge
(B) expect
(C) maintain
(D) introduce

19.19. In his biography, the writer ________ in detail how he managed to survive in the war.
(A) describes
(B) stretches
(C) pronounces
(D) measures

20.20. Physical exercise helps to _______ stress and improve sleep at night.
(A) combine
(B) reduce
(C) attract
(D) lengthen

21.21. The price of oil began to fall again on Friday, giving up most of the gains it ________ the previous day in the first rally in two weeks.
(A) making
(B) had made
(C) having
(D) have made

22.22. The electronics industry, ________ roughly 30 percent of Taiwan's exports, saw the best performance in June.
(A) comprises
(B) that comprises
(C) which comprises
(D) comprise

23.23. ________ more and more superrich people in Russia, and they have expensive tastes.
(A) There is
(B) There are
(C) There have
(D) There has

24.24. I ________ not afraid of giving a speech before, but now the idea really scares me.
(A) am
(B) was
(C) do
(D) did

25.25. Be quiet! Your father ________.
(A) sleeps
(B) slept
(C) is sleeping
(D) was sleeping

26.26. Mary called to ask ________ I would like to have dinner with her or not.
(A) how
(B) when
(C) where
(D) whether

27.27. Sandy doesn’t live with me. She ________ out when she got a new job in another city.
(A) moved
(B) was moving
(C) has moved
(D) will move

28.28. A: ________ does it take to get to the train station from here? B: About half an hour.
(A) How far
(B) How long
(C) How often
(D) How many

29.29. My brother has visited Japan four times, but I never ________.
(A) do
(B) am
(C) did
(D) have

30.30. The hotel has ________ own pool. You can go swimming if you stay there.
(A) its
(B) his
(C) it’s
(D) their

31.31. The post office is two blocks away. Just ________ walking along the street and you’ll see it.
(A) keep
(B) keeps
(C) to keep
(D) keeping

32.32. India has been an independent country ________ 1947.
(A) in
(B) for
(C) since
(D) before

33.33. My TV is broken. How much will it cost to have it ________?
(A) repair
(B) repaired
(C) to repair
(D) repairing

34.34. How many people ________ in the factory when the fire broke out?
(A) were they
(B) had they
(C) had there
(D) were there

35.35. ________ turn is it to take out the garbage today?
(A) Who
(B) Who’s
(C) Whose
(D) Whom

36. A: How did you like your stay in Taiwan? Did you have a great time?
B: Yes. Every minute we spent here was enjoyable.
A: I’m glad to hear that. __________________________
B: Yes. Thank you so much for making our stay comfortable.

(A) Why not come to visit us in Taiwan?

(B) Do you mind filling out this questionnaire about our service?

(C) Why don’t we exchange email addresses?

(D) Did the hotel meet all of your needs?

37. A: When I first went to college, I didn’t have many friends. I don’t know why. I wasn’t bad looking.
B: ______________________.

(A) I guess you were an easy mark

(B) I guess you weren’t easy-going enough

(C) I guess you were too easy to pass the exam

(D) I guess you liked easy money

38. A: I’m on sick leave this afternoon. Can you give this receipt to Tom when he comes?
B: __________________________
A: Then please keep it for me. I’ll give it to him tomorrow.

(A) You’d better see a doctor.

(B) All right! You can count on me.

(C) What time will he come here?

(D) What if I am away when he comes?

39. A: Which dress do you prefer, the pink one or the blue one?
B: __________________________

(A) Neither one.

(B) You are right.

(C) Yes, I like dresses.

(D) I know it is expensive.

40. A: The directions Linda gave us were very confusing.
B: __________________________

(A) Yes. I have no idea what she meant.

(B) True. They were as clear as a bell.

(C) Sure. She is good at giving directions.

(D) I know. It was so easy to find her house.

41.        If you could invent one thing to make the world a better place, what would it be? That’s the question Google asked students in kindergarten    41    12th grade across the United States for this year’s Doodle 4 Google contest. Students were asked to redesign the famous Google logo using that    42    . On May 21, Audrey Zhang was chosen    43    the winner out of more than 100,000 contestants. The fifth grader’s doodle, “Back to Mother Nature,” shows a    44    water purifier. To help Audrey    45     , Google is giving $20,000 in her name to a charity to bring clean water and latrines to 10 schools in Bangladesh.
(A) until
(B) through
(C) between
(D) beyond

(A) field
(B) debate
(C) theme
(D) motto

(A) for
(B) by
(C) as
(D) with

(A) life-changing
(B) life-changed
(C) changing-life
(D) changed-life

(A) make up her mind
(B) make believe
(C) make ends meet
(D) make a difference

It began as just an ordinary day for Yevgeny Salinder. The 11-year-old boy was taking a walk near his home in central Russia when suddenly the extraordinary happened. Yevgeny found animal limbs sticking out of the frozen ground. The boy told his parents, who immediately contacted scientists. When experts began digging out the buried creature, they discovered it was a 30,000-year-old woolly mammoth. Scientists say it is one of the greatest woolly mammoth discoveries in more than a century. The mammoth has been named Jenya, which is a nickname for the discoverer’s Russian name, Yevgeny. Scientists say Jenya died at the age of 16. He is 6 feet 6 inches tall, and weighs 1,100 pounds. Since some mammoths may have been as tall as 13 feet, scientists are taking note of Jenya’s size. “He was pretty small for his age,” says Professor Alexei Tikhonov of the Zoology Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. What is also unusual about this mammoth is his missing left tusk. The loss of a tusk would have made fighting difficult for Jenya. Experts think a crack in his remaining tusk means that the mammoth may have been hunted by humans. The well-preserved state of Jenya is what makes this discovery especially extraordinary. Much of the carcass still has scraps of flesh, fur and organs intact. The mammoth also has a massive hump of fat on his back. The fat helped mammoths keep warm during the frigid Arctic winters. The condition of Jenya’s body will allow scientists and experts to learn more about woolly mammoths. With enough information, one day it may be possible to recreate this prehistoric wonder. 

【題組】46. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) The teamwork between a boy and scientists.
(B) The discovery of a buried woolly mammoth.
(C) The physical structure of woolly mammoths.
(D) The relationship between a boy and a mammoth.

47.【題組】47. Which of the following is NOT something unusual about Jenya?
(A) It is rather small in size.
(B) Its left tusk is gone.
(C) It is well-preserved.
(D) It died when it was 16.

48.【題組】48. Which of the following does the word “carcass” in the last paragraph most likely refer to?
(A) Skin.
(B) Hair.
(C) A dead body.
(D) A hump of fat.

49.【題組】49. Which of the following is NOT something that Jenya’s missing tusk suggests?
(A) Fighting might be difficult for Jenya.
(B) Jenya might have been hurt by hunters.
(C) Jenya might have been hunted by humans.
(D) The tusk might have helped Jenya keep warm in winter.

50.【題組】50. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) Yevgeny Salinder is an expert of woolly mammoths.
(B) The woolly mammoth was named after its discoverer.
(C) Jenya is about half the height of some big mammoths.
(D) Scientists can learn more about woolly mammoths from Jenya