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103 年 - 103年外語導遊人員(英語) 外國語(英語) #19613 

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1.1.One advantage of staying in apartment-style hotels is that you can either eat out or keep costs down by self- ____.
(B) catering
(D) navigating

2.2 The world-class Kruger National Park, known for its____ of wildlife, has an astonishing variety and number of animals.
(B) diversity
(C) hospitality

3.3 As one source of human-induced global warming, airplanes ____large volumes of greenhouse gases.
(B) shovel

4.4 Bus trips in the city cost $2.50 for adults. Children under 12 years old are____ a half-fare.
(A)abided by
(B) entitled to
(C) indifferent from
(D)oriented toward

5.5 We arrived at the airport two hours before____ in order to check in, but we were told that we could not do so as the flight was overbooked.
(B) departure
(D) dispute

6.6 ____to the theme park and a ten minutes’ stroll from it, the hotel offers you the best location for your holiday accommodation.
(C) Applicable

7.7 An airline____ travelling in secret should act normally first and then test the flight attendant with abnormal behaviors such as being drunk, noisy, or difficult to please.

8.8 Provision for people with disabilities on public transport is only average in this city, although some new buses are now wheelchair-____ .
(B) correlative
(C) inclusive

9.9 Although the city is relatively untroubled by crime in comparison with other cities, there is now more street crime than____ .
(A)it used to
(B)there used to be
(C) was there
(D) it has been

10.10 Many bus companies offer day passes at the cost of a short-distance ticket. They are good for unlimited _____ within the company’s network on the same day.
(B) feet
(C) prices
(D) rides

11.11 Travelling by long-distance bus is generally the cheapest way to reach the destination, but spending 12 hours on the road is very time-____ .

12.12 Ask for____ before you take close-up photographs of people, and if payment is requested, either pay up or put the camera away.

13.13 Under this travel insurance plan, you are____ to make a claim when your journey has to be cancelled for reasons beyond your control.

14.14 We believe travelers can make a positive contribution to the countries they visit if they respect their _____ communities and spend their money wisely.
(C) port
(D) source

15.15 There is no reason to stay in the city center; after the shops close, the center becomes a ____ghost town.
(B) feasible
(C) spectacular

16.16 Stroll west from the Maritime Museum along the waterfront and you will soon ____the Amsterdam Center for Architecture.
(B) hold
(C) reach

17.17 Located in one of the city’s poorer neighborhoods, many old houses in this area have been torn down to _____ for new and better public housing.
(A)date back
(B) fall short
(C)get around
(D)make way

18.18 To order room service, you call the reception and ask for food items listed on the hotel’s menu. The food _____ your room for you to enjoy.
(A)is then brought to
(B)may then bring in
(C)to bring is then at
(D)has then brought to

19.19 In the United States, about 1.8 million people in the____ industry work in establishments such as hotels, restaurants, casinos, and amusement parks.
(B) missionary
(C) renaissance

20.20 Budget airlines boosted their ____of passenger traffic to nearly 40% last year; at the same time major traditional airlines saw lower volumes.
(C) net

21.21 The climate in the city is tropical, with monthly ____temperatures in the range of 19 to 29 degrees and relative humidity between 70 and 80%.
(B) plain
(D) surface

22.22 Once we were seated at the restaurant, it took almost no time before big bamboo steamers full of dumplings arrived, along with____ on how to eat those xiao long bao.
(B) chopsticks
(C) directions

23.23 Youbike is a bicycle rental service that ____with the MRT Easycard, and is widely thought of as the “last mile” in public transportation after you have ridden the bus, train, or MRT.
(B) calls
(C) uses

24.24 Taipei Zoo will accept reservations for up to 300 visitors per day to meet the panda family. Visitors without reservation can ____up for the ticket, though numbers will be limited.
(B) follow
(C) keep
(D) queue

25.25 _____ you purchase good tea, keep it in a dry cool place, avoiding direct sunshine. An airtight container is a good choice.
(B) Though
(D) Whereas

26.26 When the 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan, the railway administration immediately suspended train service____ it checked for any possible damage to tracks.
(B) that
(C)whethe r
(D) while

27.27 This ____ features Spain’s major cities including stops at several famous cathedrals.
(B) itinerary
(C) restriction

28.28 When arriving in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, some visitors find it difficult to adjust to the city’s high _____ and need to seek medical help.
(C) significance

29.29 A____ flight is a form of commercial flight where the departure and the arrival take place in the same country.
(B) domestic

30.30 When the show was cancelled, the people who had bought tickets had their money____ .
(B) prescribed
(C) replaced

31.31 There are many baggage claim ____at most international airports. Once you have collected your baggage there, move toward the customs clearance area.
(C) tunnels

32.32 Taj Mahal, regarded by many as the finest example of Mughal architecture, is one of the most popular tourist____ in India.

33.33 Some hotels require their guests to leave a____ to cover incidental charges to the room.
(B) discount
(C) deposit

34.34 The chef uses only the finest ____to make his special salsa.
(C) vouchers

35.35 When you are in public places, be sure not to leave your personal____ unattended.
(B) amusement
(C) themes

36.36 Don’t miss out on the best London art ____including sculptures, paintings, and photography.

37.37 You can buy washing machines, dishwashers, or other household____ on the fifth floor of this department store.
(B) oysters
(D) chores

38.38 This restaurant is famous for its exotic flavors of Indian____ .
(C) necessities

39.39 Most countries have passed laws to protect their national ____such as valuable historical buildings or things that are important to cultural preservation.

40.40 After many years of travelling, the couples decided to stay in London forever and have a____ home there.
(B) permanent
(C) lethal
(D) temporary

41.41 After cleaning the hallway, the janitor left a sign saying that the floor was wet and ____________.
(C) slippery
(D) enchanted

42.42 John asked the waitress for a____ to drink his iced tea.

43.43 A____ park is a large area of land reserved for wild animals, in which they can move freely and be seen by the public who usually drive through the park in cars.

44.44 Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Kumpur are the world’s tallest twin towers. Visitors can see the views of the city from the Skybridge as well as from the____ at Level 86.
(C) glacier

45.45 It is said that even today men and women still struggle to achieve a balance in their co-existence. In many parts of the world, women are stil____to occupy positions previously closed to them.
(C) discerning

46.46 I missed the meeting this morning. Can someone____ me in on what happened?
(C) fill

47.47 Oil price____ is always regarded as the barometer of worldwide economy.

48.48 Chloe McCardel, an Australian endurance athlete, had to abandon her attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida after she was____ by a jellyfish.
(B) drowned
(C) stabbed

49.49 To take advantage of some good bargains, many consumers choose to become members of warehouse clubs and start to buy things____ .
(A)at large
(B)in terms
(C) off base
(D)in bulk

50.50 Many parents send their children to some after-school music programs in order to explore their musical interests and____ their talents.
(B) disguise
(C) subside
(D) moderate

51.51 Cold symptoms usually last for about a week. If the symptoms ____or worsen, you will want to see a doctor immediately.
(B) persist

52.52 The jazz concert will be held at the high school____ in town and is going to be one event you do not want to miss out on.

53.53 Please make sure to keep____ your receipts so we can you for your travel expenses.

54.54 In general, drivers must be careful about walkers. Under current law, motorists must____ to pedestrians in a crosswalk.
(B) confess

55.55 To save money, Susan always clips ____from the newspaper to use at the grocery store.

56.56 Bollywood movies have recently____ to a global market and drawn hundreds of millions of viewers all over the world.
(B) appealed
(C) speculated

57.57 Visitors to San Francisco this morning might be quite disappointed because the Golden Gate Bridge was barely ____through the dense fog.
(C) amiable
(D) audible

58.58 Hawaii is a great location for all kinds of water sports. Some like to go windsurfing____ others like to go water-skiing.
(A)despite of
(B) therefore
(C) whenever

59.59 More and more public____ stations can be found in places like restaurants, department stores, and airports. Smartphone owners can make use of them when the battery is low.
(B) hacking
(C) fueling

60.60 Prices of hotel rooms are very____ to demand, so special deals and discounts during weekdays could always attract more people.

61.61 A U.S. flight bound for New York last month experienced ____shortly after take-off from Houston, causing minor injuries to five crew and passengers.
(A)jet lag
(B) boundaries
(C) turbulence

62.62 This 2.5km-long tree-lined____ featuring flower shops and boutiques is one of the most beautiful places in Paris.
(B) delicacy
(C) ambulance

63.63 Although guests are not allowed to eat durians inside the hotel because of their offensive odor, some people manage to____ them in.
(B) exclude
(C) achieve

64.64 More money is needed to improve the____ of the nation’s rural areas including building roads and establishing clinics.

65.65 Taking a photograph in a court is often____ and sometimes can even be seen as a serious offense.
(C) celebrated

66.66 Each room of this hotel has large windows that provide ____views of the sparkling Atlantic Ocean.
(A)cautious r
(B) spectacula
(C) experimental

67.67 Gift____ refers to the act of enclosing a present in some sort of material. In many cases, it also adds much value to the gift.
(B) spelling

68.68 Sunday is the best day to visit the market. There are many fantastic ____selling fresh local fruits and vegetables.
(C) pitchers
(D) buns

69.69 Every year the school prepares a celebratory dinner ____for the graduating class. The event will be held at San Francisco's Ritz-Carlton Hotel this year.
(B) complex
(C) disposal

70.70 Many skin diseases are____ and can be passed from one person to another.
(B) fictional

71.Culinary tourism is when people travel to a different country to enjoy local cuisine. Travelers often look specifically for places with a rich cuisine, food and drink festivals, and cooking classes. Many different destinations are popular for culinary tourism, such as France, Thailand, India, and Japan. The most basic form of culinary tourism is when travelers go to a country with the aim of trying local dishes. Culinary tourists are interested in dishes that cannot be found in other places. Food and drink festivals increase culinary tourism because they give travelers a chance to sample many different dishes. Cooking classes also give tourists the chance to learn how to cook local dishes and teach them new techniques in the process. A culinary tour may include a mixture of these activities. Particularly in Thailand, there are cooking schools with a huge range of prices, locations, and cuisines to choose from. A typical half-day course includes an introduction to fundamental ingredients, cooking techniques, and a hands-on chance to prepare and cook at least four dishes. Most schools offer a revolving cast of dishes, making it possible to study for a week without repeating a lesson. Courses often start with a visit to a market and end with a communal lunch where you get to taste your hard work. The courses at smaller Thai cooking schools in Bangkok offer an ideal home-style learning environment that is different from most of the hotels and restaurants in Thailand. You can experience Thai culture through the arts and secrets of fragrant and delicious Thai cooking with the local people. Experienced chefs will show you the secret recipe of authentic Thai cuisine step-by-step. But keep in mind that Thai cooking is extremely flexible. Although you will be given recipes, the emphasis is on understanding the ingredients and flavors and using your senses to make adjustments when you cook. Classes are intended to be relaxed and fun, reflecting the Thai approach to life. There is no need to have any previous cooking experience, just a love of food and a willingness to experiment.
【題組】71 What does the passage suggest about culinary tourism?
(A)Thailand is by far the best destination for culinary tourists.
(B)Most culinary tourists do not express concern about weight watching.
(C)International fast food chain stores are usually not on the itinerary of culinary tourists.
(D)To boost culinary tourism, free samples are provided to tourists in food and drink festivals.

72.【題組】72 Which of the following is true about cooking courses in Thailand?
(A)Most cooking classes do not start until the afternoon.
(B)Ingredients are usually purchased by the chef for tourists.
(C)There is a wide selection of cooking courses in Thailand for tourists.
(D)Smaller cooking schools are preferred over famous hotels and restaurants.

73.【題組】73 Which of the following is closest in meaning to “revolving” in the third paragraph?
(B) reversing
(D) rotating

74.【題組】74 According to the passage, which of the following statement could be inferred?
(A)Thai people are generally very laid-back.
(B)A culinary tour is not complete without food festivals.
(C)Destinations for culinary tourism are limited to four specific countries.
(D)There is a lot of confidential information involved in cooking Thai food.

75.【題組】75 Where is this passage most likely from?
(A)Yellow pages.
(B)A travel website.
(C)A restaurant yearbook.
(D) An annual report of a travel agent.

76.The use of emoticons, punctuation to depict a facial expression, is an essential part of the lexicon of the Internet. Even if you don’t use emoticons, you probably know what they are-little strings of characters, when looked at sideways, are like faces showing some emotion. For example, :-D means laughing, with eyes, a nose, and a capital D for a wide, happy mouth. All this is the result of a half-joking computer post put up by a faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University on September 19, 1982. Scott Fahlman noticed that some of the jokes being sent around Carnegie Mellon’s computer network were being taken seriously by a few people on campus. Someone who didn’t get the joke might be upset by an all-in-fun comment and send out an angry response. This wasted a lot of people’s time. Fahlman suggested the smiley as a solution. If you write something not to be taken seriously, he suggested, type :-) after it. Some people took up his suggestion and it became part of the Internet shorthand at Carnegie Mellon. The popularity of smiley turned out to be much more than Fahlman expected. Within a few months, it soon spread via messages to other universities and companies. No one really knows how many emoticons there are, but lists of 100 or so are common. The most popular ones are actually turned into little pictures by word-processing or instant-messaging software. For instance, :-( meaning sadness or disappointment becomes / on your computer screen.
【題組】76 What is the main purpose of the passage?
(A)To convince the reader to use emoticons in electronic communication.
(B)To introduce the reader to the origin of the smiley.
(C)To provide a historical overview of the Internet development.
(D)To explain the various meanings of the smiley.

77.【題組】77 What does the word lexicon in the first paragraph mean?
(B) communication
(D) application

78.【題組】78 Which of the following best expresses the essential information in the highlighted sentence in the second paragraph?
(A)Many people at his university liked his suggestion.
(B)He was promoted to a better job because of his suggestion.
(C)His suggestion helped create the Internet at the university.
(D)His suggestion was shortened by the university faculty.

79.【題組】79 Which of the following can be inferred from the passage about Fahlman’s colleagues at Carnegie Mellon?
(A)They often posted jokes.
(B)They tried to offend each other.
(C)They didn’t know how to write good messages.
(D)They didn’t like jokes at all.

80.【題組】80 According to the passage, which of the following is true about emoticons?
(A)They can all be turned into little pictures by common word-processing software.
(B)Nobody actually noticed the use of emoticons in text messages.
(C)They are symbols used on a network to indicate emotion.
(D)No more than 100 emoticons are found nowadays.