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1.1. Thirty _____ by five is six.
(A) plus
(B) minus
(C) times
(D) divided

2.2. The train tickets are not easily _____ because of the coming long holiday.
(A) subjective
(B) available
(C) peculiar
(D) valuable

3.3. Doctors often choose which patients to see first based on how _____ their problem is.
(A) urgent
(B) ready
(C) qualified
(D) instant

4.4. Sandy _____ a selection of magazines while she was waiting for her appointment with the hairdresser.
(A) flipped over
(B) carried through
(C) browsed through
(D) wandered over

5.5. Stress is part of our everyday life. Everyone should learn how to _____ stress in an appropriate manner.
(A) come across
(B) call on
(C) drop by
(D) deal with

6.6. This is a _____ area. You cannot enter.
(A) talented
(B) moral
(C) remarkable
(D) restricted

7.7. John can’t differentiate the _____ watch from the fake one because they look so much alike.
(A) inevitable
(B) rigorous
(C) genuine
(D) imperious

8.8. Emily was diligent in her studies and as a _____ always received high marks.
(A) consequence
(B) conference
(C) longevity
(D) popularity

9.9. The large-scale movie festival won’t be held unless the organizers can talk more companies into _____ it.
(A) prescribing
(B) substituting
(C) sponsoring
(D) provoking

10.10. To be successful, it is important to have high _____ .
(A) mystery
(B) self-esteem
(C) concern
(D) diet

11.11. I’m so sorry I woke you up. I didn’t _____ it was so early.
(A) identify
(B) realize
(C) intend
(D) examine

12.12. You don’t need to bring any _____ . We have all the tools we need to do the job.
(A) equipment
(B) theory
(C) technique
(D) challenge

13.13. I don’t believe in _____ . I think that with hard work, you can make anything happen.
(A) function
(B) fate
(C) controversy
(D) familiarity

14.14. Please don’t walk on the grass. Stay on the _____ .
(A) theme
(B) journal
(C) lid
(D) path

15.15. Oranges are usually sweet, but this one is very _____ .
(A) contagious
(B) fishy
(C) suitable
(D) bitter

16.16. What _____ are you wearing? It smells heavenly!
(A) stains
(B) fragrance
(C) legend
(D) flash

17.17. The mayor announced a plan to build a tunnel _____ the city in order to improve the traffic situation.
(A) above
(B) beneath
(C) over
(D) between

18.18. _____ by the earthquakes, Kevin didn’t dare to stay home alone.
(A) Having terrified
(B) Be terrified
(C) Terrified
(D) Terrifying

19.19. It seems that nobody can avoid _____ by the boss today.
(A) having blamed
(B) being blamed
(C) blaming
(D) to be blamed

20.20. When I returned home, I found the window open and something _____ .
(A) steal
(B) stole
(C) stolen
(D) stealing

21.21. Tony suggested that Mary _____ him another chance.
(A) gives
(B) gave
(C) to give
(D) give

22.22. We can take a walk _____ we have finished the work.
(A) while
(B) now that
(C) therefore
(D) furthermore

23.23. It’s a pity that Kate missed my wedding. If we had known her new mailing address, we _____ her an invitation.
(A) sent
(B) will send
(C) would send
(D) would have sent

24.24. Not much _____ about the project since the meeting last Friday.
(A) to do
(B) is doing
(C) has been done
(D) has to do

25.25. My roomate and I _____ television when the telephone rang.
(A) were watching
(B) have watched
(C) have been watching
(D) are watching

26.26. Kate promised to go to the movies with Jack, but she stood him up.
(A) Kate and Jack eventually went to the movies together.
(B) Kate didn’t show up.
(C) Kate was under the weather.
(D) Kate made Jack stand up because he didn’t keep his promise.

27.27. When you go to a job interview, it is important to dress _____ .
(A) particularly
(B) deliberately
(C) properly
(D) artificially

28.28. Stay in school. If you _____ , you will never get a good job.
(A) recover
(B) identify
(C) prevent
(D) drop out

29.What is the longest-running espionage movie serial in history? A hint would be the first full-length motion picture featuring the hero of the series that was released in 1962. The year 2012 marked the 25th picture starring the world’s foremost spy, a full 50 years of cinema history. The spy is James Bond, who is commonly known as 007. Given that a single actor could not possibly play such a demanding role over such a span of time, there have been seven actors to take on that duty, including superstars Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan. Though each has put his personal spin on how to portray the main character originally conceived by British author Ian Fleming, they all come across as the gun-, woman-, and liquor-loving MI6 agent, the UK’s equivalent of the US’ CIA. It might seem cliché in this day and age, but Bond always captures or kills his target and gets to keep the girl or two as well. James Bond movies are not all about mayhem, though often graphic violence is a large part of them. Dozens of countries and cultures have been the site of Bond films, giving viewers an inside look at other lands. Humor is also guaranteed in each movie, as is the most cutting-edge technological spyware. The plots are mentally challenging, the dialogue is certainly for mature audiences only, and the soundtracks rock. With non-stop action throughout each work, it’s truly hard to feel bored for even a moment during a James Bond movie. With 25 films over 50 years, that makes an average of one James Bond adventure every other year. For those who might worry whether the series has run out of steam, do not have any fear. Daniel Craig, the actor who has played James Bond in the last three movies, has been contracted for two more films. Most likely, Bond’s movies will go on forever. ˉ
【題組】 29. What is the best title for this article?
(A) The World’ s Greatest Spy
(B) Ian Fleming and James Bond
(C) Violence in Film
(D) The Longest-Running Movie

30.【題組】. 30. According to the passage, what is true about the character James Bond?
(A) He works for the CIA.
(B) He has worked for MI6 for 50 years.
(C) He enjoys alcoholic beverages.
(D) He has been married many times.

31.【題組】 31. What does the article say can be learned from James Bond movies?
(A) The lifestyles of different societies
(B) How to attract beautiful women
(C) The history of the United Kingdom
(D) The history of the Cold War

32.【題組】32. The phrase mature audiences in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to which word?
(A) Teenagers
(B) Children
(C) Infants
(D) Adults

33.The History of Rap Rap is a spoken form of musical expression. It involves words spoken in rhyme with a recorded or live rhythm section. Many people use the terms “ hip-hop ” and “ rap ” to mean the same thing. In fact, hip-hop is the culture that modern rap grew out of. Hip-hop is a culture with its own language, clothing styles, music, and ways of thinking, and it is constantly growing and changing. It includes several different art forms, including visual art, dances, and music. Rap is just one part of hip-hop culture. In the 1970s and 1980s rap’s popularity grew, and the rhymes became more complex and clever as the performers competed with each other. The music that they rapped to included recordings of famous African-American musicians and breaks from popular disco and rock music of the time. Many rappers also performed with live musicians. Today, hip-hop culture is popular all over the world, and young people everywhere listen to rap. There are many reasons for rap’s popularity. It offers young people the chance to express themselves freely. It is an art form that can be performed without a lot of money, training, or equipment. Rapping involves verbal skills that many people already have or can develop. You can rap slowly, or you can rap fast. All of this allows rappers with very different personalities to express themselves. This does not mean that rapping is easy, however. It calls for a quick mind, an ability to use language well, originality, and an excellent sense of rhythm. It presents the performer with many challenges, but only two rules: rhyme to the beat of the music, and be original. ˉ
【題組】33. Rap involves words spoken in rhyme, like in some poems. “ Rhyme ” means _____ .
(A) two words ending in the same sound, like “ hit ” and “ sit ”
(B) a very loud or very soft voice
(C) a boring humming
(D) a slow, soft, musical sound like “ shhhh ”

34.【題組】34. Rap artists compete with each other to make the best rhymes. “ Compete ” means _____ .
(A) try to be more insipid than someone else
(B) try to be better than someone else
(C) try to be kinder than someone else
(D) try to finish earlier their show

35.【題組】 35. Each rapper has his or her own special personality and way of expressing himself or herself. “ Personality ” means _____ .
(A) person who helps them in their work
(B) people who express themselves in similar styles
(C) people who like to shout
(D) person who expresses his own character and way of behaving

36.【題組】36. According to the article, which of the followings is NOT correct?
(A) Rap became popular in the 1960s.
(B) Rapping requires certain verbal skills.
(C) Everyone can rap in his way, basically.
(D) The originality is the key of an excellent rap performance.

37.The technology toy company VTech introduced a tablet computer for young children at the 2013 Toy Fair. The machine is specailly designed with a hard rubber case to withstand being chewed or dropped on the floor. According to the tablet’s producer, children can use it with or without parental supervision. The Inno Tab 2 Baby, which seems like an iPad for the little ones, has a variety of functions. It comes pre-loaded with soothing musical melodies and an e-book to flip through. The touch screen allows kids to hand-pick from a selection of educational games that help them learn to identify colors, animals, and other vocabularies. As a child develops, more apps can be downloaded from an online library. There is even a camera that allows parents to monitor their children. Charlotte Johnson, product manager for VTech, claims that giving a child her company’s tablet is better than putting them in front of a TV because the Inno Tab is interactive. In other words, the device should attract competitive parents aiming to give their children an intellectual head start.
【題組】37. Why might the Inno Tab 2 Baby be better for children than a TV?
(A) It is not as bright and won’t ruin a child’s eyesight.
(B) Kids must react to the functions on their device.
(C) Kids are often injured by trying to pick up or bite a TV.
(D) It can be used with or without the help of adults.

38.【題組】 38. What is true about VTech’s tablet for kids?
(A) It was not made with any glass to make it safer.
(B) It can be downloaded with an internet connection.
(C) It contains songs that can calm children.
(D) It is soft enough to be used as a pillow.

39.【題組】 39. Who would probably be interested in buying an Inno Tab 2 Baby?
(A) A parent who is always stepping on their baby’s toys.
(B) A parent that wants their child to exercise more.
(C) A parent who doesn’t like monitoring their child.
(D) A parent that wants their baby to become very smart.

40.【題組】 40. Where did the VTech bring the Inno Tab 2 Baby into the market for the first time?
(A) at a department store
(B) at a computer exhibition
(C) at a toy fair
(D) at a toy museum