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103 年 - 103年第一銀行新進行員甄試 外務組、櫃台組 英文#17232 

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1.1. Bob waited ______ for his medical test results. He feared that he had developed some kind of cancer.
(A) furiously
(B) anxiously
(C) absolutely
(D) passionately
2.2. Joe has no ______ over quitting college. For him, having a job is more important than getting a college degree.
(A) career
(B) profit
(C) ambition
(D) regret
3.3. It’s a ______ that you missed the fireworks display. It was a splendid sight to see.
(A) shame
(B) glory
(C) focus
(D) purpose
4.4. The meeting time is not definite. We still have to wait for ______.
(A) reformation
(B) transformation
(C) confirmation
(D) animation
5.5. Amy refused to talk to me. ______, she was still mad at me for having forgotten her birthday.
(A) Casually
(B) Apparently
(C) Eventually
(D) Occasionally
6.6. Mary, kind and gentle, is a great ______ to her mean sister Sue.
(A) contrast
(B) contest
(C) contact
(D) contract
7.7. I ______ a few photos to the email and sent it to my best friend Tom.
(A) attacked
(B) approached
(C) attached
(D) assigned
8.8. The stadium is full of ______ whenever there is a professional baseball game played.
(A) pedestrians
(B) spectators
(C) passengers
(D) sponsors
9.9. Yangmingshan National Park is ______ for its cherry blossoms and hot springs.
(A) spiritual
(B) competitive
(C) creative
(D) renowned
10.10. Parenting is an ______ job, especially when you have an energetic child who never seems to need a moment of rest.
(A) embarrassing
(B) exhausting
(C) aggressive
(D) ideal
11.11. I strongly ______ that you try the new restaurant on the corner; the food there is excellent.
(A) assist
(B) ignore
(C) recommend
(D) provide
12.12. To study more ______, you can survey the study skills of many successful students and try some of them.
(A) efficiently
(B) originally
(C) extremely
(D) mentally
13.13. Traveling is a good way to ______ your horizons.
(A) preserve
(B) comment
(C) broaden
(D) resume
14.14. While I was on business in Beijing, I ______ an old friend who was visiting the city.
(A) estimated
(B) encountered
(C) consumed
(D) predicted
15.15. When seeing a mouse in the kitchen, the terrified woman let out a ______.
(A) relief
(B) laugh
(C) glance
(D) scream
16.16. Each year, lots of tourists visit the ______ palace, awed by its grandeur and beauty.
(A) eloquent
(B) significant
(C) dependent
(D) magnificent
17.17. Emma took a trip to Japan during the winter break and brought me a cup as a ______.
(A) dialect
(B) receipt
(C) souvenir
(D) messenger
18.18. The major quake ______ 16 lives and left hundreds of people homeless.
(A) shared
(B) claimed
(C) rescued
(D) suffered
19.19. Asked to go to bed right away, the boy, who was watching his favorite show, ______ turned off the TV.
(A) gratefully
(B) feverishly
(C) reluctantly
(D) passionately
20.20. The assassin was caught on the spot soon after he ______ the ambassador with a rifle.
(A) tied
(B) shot
(C) aided
(D) hacked
21.21. I find it hard to concentrate on studying with the radio ______.
(A) turning on
(B) on
(C) be turned on
(D) to turn on
22.22. ______ the teacher’s surprise, the boy didn’t know the answer to such an easy question.
(A) For
(B) On
(C) At
(D) To
23.23. What is this ______ flower called?
(A) sweet-smelling
(B) sweetly-smelling
(C) sweet-smelled
(D) sweetly-smelled
24.24. ______ the video was posted online, the man was recognized by his neighbors.
(A) No sooner
(B) As long as
(C) As a result of
(D) As soon as
25.25. All the students joined the graduation trip. Some of them had a good time; ______ considered it boring.
(A) another
(B) other
(C) the other
(D) the others
26.26. After the earthquake, they dared not stay in the house, ______ that there would be aftershocks.
(A) feared
(B) fearing
(C) and fearing
(D) to fear
27.27. You should be grateful to ______ helps you when you are in need.
(A) whatever
(B) whomever
(C) wherever
(D) whoever
28.28. Our English teacher laid down some rules, one of ______ was to speak English only in class.
(A) which
(B) them
(C) those
(D) what
29.29. Chinese New Year is coming. It is time that we ______ the house.
(A) cleaned
(B) clean
(C) will clean
(D) have cleaned
30.30. My family gives ______ money to charity every year.
(A) a large number of
(B) a couple of
(C) a great deal of
(D) a good many
31.31. Thinking of the roads crowded with holiday traffic, my father would rather ______ home.
(A) stay
(B) stays
(C) to stay
(D) staying
32.32. Those are people waiting to get into the stadium, ______?
(A) are they
(B) are those
(C) aren’t they
(D) aren’t those
33.33. Matilda’s parents never realized ______.
(A) what had happened
(B) where did they go wrong
(C) how smart was their daughter
(D) why was it important to be honest
34.34. ______ the approach of the X’mas party, the students are getting excited.
(A) As
(B) With
(C) When
(D) Because
35.35. Johnny is a spoiled child. His parents simply let him ______ whatever he likes.
(A) do
(B) does
(C) doing
(D) to do
36.36. The house prices in urban areas are ______ higher than those in rural regions.
(A) very
(B) most
(C) more
(D) much
37.37. Jack never likes me; ______ is my sister that he is crazy about.
(A) it
(B) she
(C) who
(D) there
38.38. Only when Clinton’s wife left him ______ how much she meant to him.
(A) he realized
(B) did he realize
(C) that he realized
(D) and he realized
39.39. I could not persuade him to seek professional counseling, ______ hard I tried.
(A) however
(B) whoever
(C) whatever
(D) whenever
40.40. If I ______ he would gamble the money away, I wouldn’t have lent him the money.
(A) know
(B) knew
(C) had known
(D) have known
A: These years, the Internet has really made shopping easy. Look at all the sites selling Valentine’s Day 
B: ________________
A: You are right. That’s always the difficult part.

(A)You must be very excited to receive a Valentine’s Day gift.

(B)I don’t think it makes it easier to buy the right gift.

(C)That’s so romantic!

(D)That’s an easy way to show how much you like someone.

A: When will someone score? It’s been almost an hour since the game started.
B: ________________ Besides, it’s the teamwork rather than the result that appeals to most soccer fans.

(A)I can’t believe it!
(B)It’s so unfair!

(C)Don’t worry. They will.
(D)How can that be?

A: I just started taking a new kind of pill for my headaches.
B: ________________
A: Yes, but the side effect is that I’m always tired.

(A)Is it working for you?
(B)Does it have any side effect?

(C)Why did you stop taking the old pills?
(D)You’d better see a doctor.

A: I heard the news about your job. Why did you quit?
B: Well, my boss thought I was unimportant. ________________
A: I see. That’s why your wife wanted you to quit the job.

(A)He had faith in my capability.

(B)He often assigned important tasks to me.

(C)I finally got fed up with his attitude.

(D)He thought highly of my contributions to the company.

A: What did you think of my presentation yesterday?
B: I thought you did a good job. ________________

(A)It left nothing to be desired.
(B)Your efforts were in vain.

(C)It got on my nerves.
(D)You should have practiced more.

46.46. A: How would you like your steak, sir? B: ________________
(A) So long.
(B) Nice try.
(C) Good job.
(D) Well-done.
47.47. A: ________________ B: Every other week.
(A) How far is it to the train station?
(B) How often do you go to the gym?
(C) How long will it take to get home?
(D) How come you didn’t go to work today?
48.48. A: ________________ B: That’s why I just gave the waiter a big tip.
(A) Let’s tell the waiter we are ready to order.
(B) Their service was great, and so was the food.
(C) Just look at the long line in front of the theater!
(D) I can’t believe they had us wait for thirty minutes.
49.49. A: What took you so long? B: ________________
(A) Don’t take it for granted.
(B) It took me a whole month.
(C) I was looking for my car keys.
(D) Farewell, my friend. Take care.
A: Can you believe that? My neighbor bought a lottery ticket and hit the jackpot!
B: ________________

(A) Really? He’s so lucky!
(B) I hope he wasn’t badly hurt.

(C) Did he break the expensive pot?
(D) So he lost all his money overnight?

      While some places remind you of the past, others make you think of the future. However, traveling in this city is like walking through time. At one moment, you can be visiting   51   Hindu and Chinese temples, but after walking only a few blocks, you are surrounded by skyscrapers. This could only happen in one place. You are in Singapore, a city   52   East meets West and the past and future collide.
      Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia. It is also one of the world’s last remaining city-states. For years, the British, Dutch and Portuguese fought for this valuable land. After becoming independent, Singapore quickly developed into a modern city that   53   the best of Eastern and Western cultures.
      But most of all, Singapore is famous for being the cleanest city on the planet. It has some of the strictest laws against   54   and pollution. In 1963, Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew started a tree planting movement that has continued to this day. This is why Singapore is known   55   “The Garden City.” And this is not the island’s only nickname. Its Malaysian name, Singapura, means “Lion City.” Today, the lion statue has become the symbol of the city.

(A) extinct
(B) ancient
(C) defective
(D) advanced
(A) how
(B) what
(C) which
(D) where
(A) combines
(B) competes
(C) confuses
(D) consumes
(A) cycling
(B) shoplifting
(C) littering
(D) skydiving
(A) for
(B) to
(C) as
(D) by
       Joseph hated school. Although he worked hard, his assignments came back covered in red marks highlightingspelling mistakes, letters written wrong, and incorrect spacing between words. He understood the subjects but struggled with reading and writing. His grades suffered, and his classmates called him stupid. Luckily for Joseph, when one teacher heard him describe how words seemed to dance on the page, she recommended that he be testedfor dyslexia.
       The word “dyslexia” comes from Greek and means “difficulty with words.” This disability affects up to ten percent of people. Scientists have suggested a range of causes for it, including hereditary reasons. In other words, the disorder may be passed from parents to a child before it is born. Dyslexics often have great difficulty associating 
the sounds of letters with how they are written on the page—the most basic stage of learning to read. Although there’s no cure, the good news, for children like Joseph, is that proper support can help. Through multi-sensory teaching, which adds visual and tactile aids to learning reading and writing skills, students can overcome their problems and even excel in other areas.
      Dyslexia doesn’t indicate low intellect, and many successful figures are known to have struggled with it at school. Just look at what famous inventor Thomas Edison achieved despite his difficulties. He didn’t learn to read until he was seven and was kicked out of school at the age of twelve because his teachers didn’t understand his condition. It just goes to show that with hard work and the right support, dyslexics can go on to achieve anything.

【題組】56. What is this article mainly about?
(A) A disorder.
(B) A new cure.
(C) An inventor.
(D) A Greek word.
57.【題組】57. According to the article, what do people suffering from dyslexia have difficulty doing?
(A) Dancing.
(B) Reading.
(C) Concentrating.
(D) Communicating.
58.【題組】58. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word hereditary?
(A) legal
(B) ethnic
(C) genetic
(D) unknown
59.【題組】59. Where would this article most likely be found?
(A) A medical journal.
(B) A history textbook.
(C) A travel guidebook.
(D) A fashion magazine.
60.【題組】60. About dyslexia, which of the following is NOT true?
(A) There is no cure for dyslexia.
(B) About 10 percent of people suffer from dyslexia.
(C) Proper teaching aids can help students with dyslexia.
(D) People’s intelligence will decrease because of dyslexia.