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1.1. Successful people have some _______ in common. They are diligent, enthusiastic, and optimistic.
(A) trades
(B) traits
(C) trains
(D) trends

2.2. For the first time in his life he wanted to be completely _______, with no one else interfering.
(A) incredible
(B) incurable
(C) indifferent
(D) independent

3.3. Winning the Nobel Prize is one of the highest _______ a writer can achieve.
(A) talents
(B) medals
(C) honors
(D) evidences

4.4. We don’t need to _______ what the future will hold; just focus on the present task.
(A) object
(B) ignore
(C) predict
(D) produce

5.5. They made a _______ to avoid the town center during rush hour.
(A) journey
(B) detour
(C) concession
(D) compliment

6.6. It is high time that we _______ proper care of the elderly and the poor.
(A) take
(B) took
(C) taking
(D) have taken

7.7. The Reynolds _______ to sell their two houses in order to pay their debts.
(A) oblige
(B) obliged
(C) were obliged
(D) have obliged

8.8. The fierce snake, _______ venom is extremely toxic, is found in Eastern Australia.
(A) its
(B) that
(C) which
(D) whose

9.9. There isn't _______ beer left. Someone drank the last bottle.
(A) any
(B) some
(C) many
(D) much

10.10. _______ recently has his stock portfolio produced the kind of returns that would allow him to retire comfortably.
(A) Thus
(B) Only
(C) While
(D) Besides

        The modern sailing ship was developed by a man who never went to sea. He was Prince Henry of Portugal, the younger son of the Portuguese King and an English princess. Prince Henry lived in the fifteenth century. As a boy he became devoted to the sea, and he dedicated himself to improving the design of ships and the methods of sailing them. In 1416, when he was twenty-two, Henry founded a school for mariners, to which he invited everyone who could help him—Jewish astronomers, Italian and Spanish sailors, and Arab mathematicians and map makers who knew to use the crude compass of the day and could improve it.
        Henry’s goal was to design and equip vessels that would be capable of making long ocean voyages without having to hug the shore. The caravel carried more sail and was longer and slimmer than any ship then made, yet was tough enough to withstand gales at sea. He also developed the carrack, which was a slower ship. But it was the very one that was capable of carrying more cargo.
        To Prince Henry the world owes credit for development of craft that made oceanic exploration possible. He lives in history as Henry the Navigator. 

【題組】11. What was the purpose for Prince Henry to start his school?
(A) Helping mariners.
(B) Improving his own skills as a sailor.
(C) Studying astronomy and mathematics.
(D) Improving ship design and sailing methods.

12.【題組】12. The teachers in Prince Henry’s school seem to have been .
(A) members of the royal family
(B) astronomers, sailors and map makers
(C) shipbuilders
(D) ship owners

13.【題組】13. Prince Henry’s goal was to design vessels that could .
(A) make long deep-sea voyages
(B) travel faster than those in use at that time
(C) explore the coastline of Portugal
(D) carry larger crews and more cargo than existing ones

14.【題組】14. Compared with his caravel, Henry’s carrack was .
(A) longer and slimmer
(B) able to carry more sail
(C) able to carry more cargo
(D) shorter and faster

15.【題組】15. Which of the Following is Prince Henry’s principal achievement?
(A) Improving the compass.
(B) Making oceanic exploration possible.
(C) Inventing the clipper ship.
(D) Founding a school for mariners.