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103 年 - 103年關務人員五等 英文#15711 

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1.1 The minister provided very strong _____ to support the tax reform in a public debate.
(A) questions
(B) arguments
(C) meanings
(D) favors

2.2 My letter to Susan was returned because I accidentally wrote down the wrong _____.
(A) typewriter
(B) address
(C) record
(D) postage

3.3 Inches, feet, and centimeters are some of the units we use to _____ length.
(A) handle
(B) extend
(C) measure
(D) stretch

4.4 Survivors in the big fire are very _____ to the firefighters for saving their lives.
(A) thankful
(B) sensitive
(C) equal
(D) superior

5.5 This washer is bulky. It will _____ too much space. Let’s buy the smaller one over there.
(A) take up
(B) figure out
(C) get around
(D) pay off

6.6 After a nice dinner of meat and potatoes, I like to have something sweet for _____ along with a cup of coffee.
(A) dessert
(B) an appetizer
(C) gourmet
(D) a main dish

7.7 Although Amanda has a house, she _____ lives in it.
(A) always
(B) never
(C) often
(D) usually

8.8 Kelly: What is your _____ ? Ashley: I like mountain climbing.
(A) language
(B) job
(C) ability
(D) hobby

9.9 Franz earns a good living by playing the trumpet in a famous _____ even though he has to travel a lot.
(A) museum
(B) gallery
(C) harmonica
(D) orchestra

10.10 My roommate never picks up after himself , _____ irritates me a lot.
(A) who
(B) which
(C) when
(D) whose

11.11 Kevin is in good physical shape _____ he does not work out much.
(A) because
(B) unless
(C) so that
(D) even though

12.12 Mary is my favorite _____ because she has a wonderful voice.
(A) dancer
(B) painter
(C) writer
(D) singer

13.13 The _____ show is one of the traditional Taiwanese arts.
(A) puppet
(B) puppy
(C) pauper
(D) pudding

14.14 If you come _____ a new word, you can look it up in the dictionary.
(A) into
(B) down
(C) across
(D) from

15.15 While Elizabeth is very _____, her husband is a man of few words.
(A) official
(B) quiet
(C) successful
(D) talkative

16.16 Controlled by a computer, a _____ is a machine that can do the work of a person.
(A) forest
(B) kitten
(C) robot
(D) seesaw

17.17 The _____ planned to have a hunger strike yesterday.
(A) prison
(B) prisoners
(C) imprison
(D) imprisonment

18.18 I really like Mandy Chang’s latest novel. It is _____.
(A) amaze
(B) amazed
(C) amazing
(D) amazes

19.19 The woman _____ you talked with on the phone is my cousin.
(A) which
(B) what
(C) whose
(D) whom

20.20 The beautiful colonial house on the corner is up for _____.
(A) sold
(B) sale
(C) selling
(D) bought

21.21 Last week Marilyn and her mother took turns _____ all the way across the state in a pick-up truck.
(A) drove
(B) drive
(C) driving
(D) driven

22.22 Jane was so generous that she _____ her clarinet to her classmate to use for a whole year.
(A) lent
(B) loan
(C) given
(D) stole

23.請依下文回答第 23 題至第 27 題 Claude Monet (1840-1926) was a famous French painter and a leader in the art movement called Impressionism. Monet and other Impressionist painters wanted to paint outdoors and show the effects of sunlight. Because he was 23 with the changing effects of sunlight, Monet often painted the 24 subject at different times of the day in different light. 25 , he spent several months in 1890 painting a series of pictures of haystacks. He wanted to show 26 the effects of light on the haystacks changed during the day. 27 he finished the Haystacks, he did a series of paintings of a famous church in France. Between 1892 and 1894, he painted twenty pictures of the church at different times from sunrise to sunset.
(A) frightened
(B) furnished
(C) fascinated
(D) fed

(A) same
(B) similar
(C) different
(D) opposite

(A) Therefore
(B) As a result
(C) For example
(D) Consequently

(A) where
(B) how
(C) hence
(D) what

(A) After
(B) Before
(C) While
(D) Because

28.請依下文回答第 28 題至第 32 題 When China’s new leader spoke to the media recently, he said that the Chinese people wish for “more comfortable living conditions and a more beautiful environment.” This, he said, is the goal that China must try, one that is surely shared 28 many Chinese. To reach that goal, however, China needs to grow fast 29 improving the poor conditions of its environment, especially its air and water. China, for one, has a drinking problem. A group of experts discussed the problem at a meeting recently held in Beijing, and most 30 that China’s water crisis looks very terrible. 31 an official report, China is one of 13 countries with serious water shortages. While China has 20% of the world’s population, it 32 holds 6% of the world’s water resources. But the problem is also worsen by its rapid and short-sighted development.
(A) by
(B) to
(C) for
(D) with

(A) and
(B) but
(C) or
(D) while

(A) agreed
(B) denied
(C) doubted
(D) questioned

(A) According to
(B) Because of
(C) In reply to
(D) In contrast with

(A) certainly
(B) luckily
(C) mostly
(D) only

33.33 Doris: Do you like country life? Danielle: _____. Living in the country is much more comfortable than that in the city.
(A) Not at all
(B) Of course
(C) Oh no
(D) Don’t mention it

34.34 Father: What are you going to do with the scholarship? Son: I’m going to put some in savings and use the rest to buy books. Father: ____________________
(A) Well, I’m not sure if I have that much.
(B) Oh no, my money is stolen.
(C) Yes, I guess I could do that.
(D) That sounds great.

35.35 John: You need to relax a little.
Mary: Well, that’s true . _______________
John: Let’s go see a movie.

(A) How do you like it?
(B) What’s the matter?
(C) What do you have in mind?
(D) You need a break.

36.36 A:Can you tell me a little more about the position? B:Certainly. _______________ A:What exactly does the bookkeeper do?
(A) What’s wrong with you?
(B) Why don’t you tell me?
(C) What would you like to know?
(D) What do you think?

37.37 Ron: Which restaurant do you like best in Taipei? Penny: ____________________. Ron: Let’s have dinner there tomorrow.
(A) I have other appointments tomorrow
(B) I know my dad likes it very much
(C) I love to go to an Italian restaurant in Tien-Mu
(D) I used to eat there

38.38 Carol: I am so happy that we have finally finished our project together in time. Emma: __________. The boss is very pleased with our job, too. Carol: I am glad to hear that.
(A) So am I
(B) Both we are
(C) I am either
(D) Neither am I

39.39 Ben: Where are you going? Wendy: I am going to_____. I want to mail a letter.
(A) the bus stop
(B) the airport
(C) the hospital
(D) the post office

40.40 Susan: What’s the weather going to be like? Emily: __________. Susan: Great! Maybe we can go fishing.
(A) It’s going to be sunny and mild
(B) It’s going to be cheap and delicious
(C) It’s going to be quick and convenient
(D) It’s going to be short and interesting

41.請依下文回答第 41 題至第 45 題 Michael Muller’s day job is photographing Hollywood stars, like Brad Pitt, but his hobby is much more exciting: He chases big sharks with his camera! When he was eight years old, Muller, using his first camera, took a picture of a shark he found in Life magazine. “My friends thought that I took it myself. I never forgot the horror in their eyes when they saw the shark.” Now, aged 42, he is down with the sharks as often as he can be. “You have to look them straight in the eye and touch their nose and mouth with the camera,” he says, of his close-up technique. “That irritates them. Then you’re safe.” He admits to being scared sometimes. On one shoot, a member of his team suddenly disappeared underwater, and Muller, visibly unsettled as he recalls the moment, “ really thought he was dead,” but it was a false alarm. His dealings with sharks have also helped Muller to put into perspective a group of predators he encounters working his day job: angry Hollywood publicist. “ I think to myself, ‘I’ve just been swimming with 40 bull sharks, ”’ he says, breaking into a laugh. ‘“You can’t scare me. ”’
【題組】41 According to the article, what is Muller’s job?
(A) Photographer
(B) Life Magazine editor
(C) Hollywood publicist
(D) Shark dealer

42.【題組】42 According to the article, what is true about Muller when he was a child?
(A) Using his first camera, he took photos of real sharks when he was eight.
(B) Life Magazine used photos taken by Muller.
(C) He saw a picture of a shark in Life Magazine and took a photo of it.
(D) He got his first camera at eight and started to chase sharks right away.

43.【題組】43 What is the most suitable title for this article?
(A) Sharks on Camera
(B) The Day Job of Michael Muller
(C) Michael Muller: The Shark Shooter
(D) Michael Muller: Shooting for the Movie “Jaws”

44.【題組】44 According to the article, what is NOT true about Muller’s experience with the Sharks?
(A) Muller takes pictures of sharks really close.
(B) Muller touches the shark’s nose and mouth with his camera.
(C) Muller is sometimes scared when he takes photos of sharks.
(D) Muller’s friend was attacked by a shark when they were both underwater.

45.【題組】45 The word “predators” in the last paragraph refers to:
(A) Sharks
(B) Publicists
(C) Brad Pitt and his friends
(D) Muller’s underwater team

46.請依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題 The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species(CITES) took place in Doha, Qatar, between March 12 and 25, 2010. The representatives of 175 member nations discussed several animal species that are in danger of becoming extinct because of trade, both legal and illegal. CITES secretary-general Willem Wijnstekers said, “If we use tiger numbers as a performance indicator, then we must admit that we have failed miserably.” Human encroaching and illegal trade in tiger parts have contributed to the fall in their numbers from 100,000 at the beginning of the 20th century to around 3,600 today. Bans were proposed on legal trading in certain species. Japan is the largest importer of the Atlantic bluefin tuna. The fish is the key ingredient in sushi, a Japanese delicacy. Stocks of this fish have fallen by 75% due to widespread overfishing. Monaco, a European nation, proposed a ban on fishing. The World Wildlife Fund world call for restaurants, retailers, chefs and consumers around the world to stop selling, serving, buying and eating the endangered fish. The USA proposed a ban on the international sale of polar bear skins. Their population, now between 20,000 and 25,000, could go down by one-third by the year 2050. This is because climate change is destroying their natural habitat. CITES members opposed the ban saying the threat to the habitat was not connected with trade. They also said that polar bear hunting was a regulated activity and that it was a source of livelihood to many people.
【題組】46 How long did the CITES meeting in Doha last?
(A) 12 days
(B) 14 days
(C) 20 days
(D) 25 days

47.【題組】47 How did the CITES secretary-general feel about their own performance?
(A) Excited
(B) Proud
(C) Confused
(D) Disappointed

48.【題組】48 What is the article mainly about?
(A) Animal trade and endangered animals
(B) Tiger conservation
(C) Protection of animal habitat
(D) The World Wildlife Fund

49.【題組】49 Which country should be held responsible for the overfishing of Atlantic bluefin tuna?
(A) Qatar
(B) Japan
(C) Monaco
(D) The U.S.A.

50.【題組】50 Which of the following is NOT a view held by CITES about polar bears?
(A) Hunting of polar bears should be banned.
(B) Many people earn their living by hunting the bears.
(C) Polar bear hunting is under control.
(D) Decrease in their habitat has nothing to do with trade.