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1.26. Picture writing was probably ________ by people who lived centuries ago in a time called the Stone Age.
(A) replaced
(B) originated
(C) advised
(D) distinguished

2.27. Being ________ to the thoughts and feelings of others makes it easier to understand their problems.
(A) suspicious
(B) consistent
(C) immune
(D) empathetic

3.28. The north polar ________ pushes cold air further south, resulting in blizzards in North America.
(A) vortex
(B) vessel
(C) literature
(D) eruption

4.29. If you are busy, you can email and develop an online relationship at your ________.
(A) suspension
(B) imagination
(C) convenience
(D) proposal

5.30. The professor offered several ________ suggestions about how we might reduce air pollution.
(A) industrious
(B) indifferent
(C) disposable
(D) constructive

6.31. The bank is trying to revive its image in the eyes of consumers after a series of ________ in the last year.
(A) advances
(B) deposits
(C) scandals
(D) endorsements

7.32. There are an ________ number of entertainment choices in a modernized city like Taipei.
(A) ultimate
(B) astounding
(C) overestimated
(D) unsettled

8.33. The Wildlife Society has worked hard to protect the endangered ________ like the Taiwan black bear.
(A) series
(B) sample
(C) segment
(D) species 二、文法測驗【請在下列各題中選出最適當的答案】

9.34. The green fruit turns brown, and, ________ to ripen fully, becomes yellow.
(A) allowing
(B) when it allows
(C) if allowed
(D) after allowing

10.35. The nation experienced its coldest day this winter yesterday, with the lowest temperature in the plains of Taiwan ________ in Hsinchu.
(A) record
(B) to record
(C) which recorded
(D) being recorded

11.36. ________ years for the newborns to master all the necessary skills for daily life.
(A) It takes
(B) That spends
(C) That takes
(D) It spends

12.37. Many parrots have great facility in imitating not only human speech ________ other human sounds.
(A) rather than
(B) in addition to
(C) but also
(D) instead of

13.38. The 1997 Asian financial crisis saw a variety of currencies ________ under attack, severely damaging local economies.
(A) be coming
(B) come
(C) to come
(D) came

14.39. Observers fear a catastrophe may occur ________ an oil tanker collide with a pirate ship.
(A) should
(B) if
(C) when
(D) to

15.40. Bill Gates said that we need to improve capitalism ________ it benefits everyone, especially the very poor.
(A) in that
(B) so as
(C) as well as
(D) so that

16.三、克漏字測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】 It is 7:30 on a Monday morning, and Huang Tien-yin, a public relations manager, is struggling to finish a 90-minute workout. Sweat streams as he 41 another 30 crunches at his gym, his goal of 200 nearly reached. “There is 42 way I can hit the shower without finishing my abdomen workout,” Huang said between gulps of strawberry protein drink. “If I want to look totally buff in my Ermenegildo Zegna suits, I simply must peel another two inches 43 my waistline.” Huang, 30, may sound like a famous cast member from a TV reality show. In fact, he readily admits that he is a 44 , a term coined in the mid-1990s that describes an urban male who spends a lot of time and money on appearance and lifestyle. Huang said that his goal in life is to look his very best by keeping trim and sporting the latest fashions and 45 accessories. He admits that taking care of himself is a priority.
(A) puts aside
(B) takes off
(C) squeezes out
(D) runs into

(A) no
(B) one
(C) some
(D) any

(A) upon
(B) from
(C) into
(D) with

(A) homosexual
(B) heterosexual
(C) bisexual
(D) metrosexual

(A) intimidating
(B) eye-catching
(C) easy-going
(D) time-consuming

21.四、閱讀測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】 One of the most beautiful sights in the bird world is the male peafowl, or peacock, strutting proudly about with its magnificent tail raised and its richly colored tail feathers glistening in the sunlight. The peacock’s many-colored “tail” is not really a tail at all. It is a fan composed of stiff, beautiful feathers. This fan is supported by the peacock’s true tail. In addition to the glorious plumage, a peacock has a crest of upright feathers on its head. The peahen, or female peafowl, has no such grand coloring. Instead, the peahen is usually colored dull brown and has neither a fan nor a crest. The peafowl is a member of the pheasant family. It may be found living wild in the jungles of Asia and of the East Indies. Tame peafowls may be seen in nearly all other parts of the world, where, although their flesh and their eggs are both good for table use, they are generally kept as ornaments or curiosities in parks and in zoos. Peafowls in a wild state feed on grass, grain, frogs, insects, and snails. In captivity, however, they thrive on grains commonly fed to poultry.
【題組】46. While not directly stated, it can be reasoned from the article that ________.
(A) it is easy to tell peacocks from peahens
(B) peacocks are sometimes white
(C) peahens are not vain
(D) peacocks like to strut about

22.【題組】47. This article as a whole is about ________.
(A) the pheasant family
(B) the peacock’s tail
(C) the foods of birds
(D) a kind of pheasant

23.【題組】48. The word “they” in the last sentence refers to ________.
(A) frogs
(B) insects
(C) peafowls
(D) snails

24.【題組】49. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) Wild peafowls eat grain and grass.
(B) Peafowls may be found wild in most parts of the worlds.
(C) Peafowls are good to eat.
(D) Peacocks have crests.

25.【題組】50. The word “plumage” in the 2nd paragraph refers to a peacock’s ________.
(A) size
(B) sex
(C) color
(D) feathers