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103 年 - 103 原住民族考試--四等英文#17742 

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1.36 An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But eating only an apple a day for three months ___ takes you to the doctor.
2.37 A Roman ____ of the most old-fashioned, straitlaced variety, Antonia ruled her household justly, but harshly.
3.38 The ___ of air quality can occasionally be caused by street dust, traffic exhaust fumes, and smoke.
4.39 The early history of the area now known as Morocco remains largely ___ in mystery.
5.40 At the edge of "fiscal cliff," the U.S. government backs away, but it does not ___ the crisis altogether.
6.請依下文回答第 41 題至第 45 題 Gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans are our nearest animal relatives. Long ago, people tried to teach apes to talk. This did not work, for the shapes of their tongue and mouth are different from ours and they cannot make the same sounds as we do. In the 1960s, a chimpanzee called Washoe was taught American Sign Language, as though she were a deaf and dumb baby. She and other chimpanzees learned a large number of signs and sometimes put them together to describe things for which they did not know the word. One of them called watermelons "drink fruit" and oranges "smell fruit." Other ways of talking with apes included teaching them to use symbols on a chart or a computer. They all showed that they could think like humans, but in a simple way. For instance, a gorilla called Koko cried when her pet kitten died. The latest attempts are with pygmy chimpanzees. These animals understand a good deal of human speech and reply using symbols on a chart. Scientists hope that this study may show us some of the ways that our own language developed.代號:2601 頁次:4-4
【題組】41 What is this passage mainly about?
(A)Pygmy chimpanzees
(B)American Sign Language
(C)Comparison between Washoe and Koko
(D)Attempts to communicate with apes
7.【題組】42 Which of the following is not true about Washoe?
(A)She was deaf and dumb.
(B)She was a chimpanzee.
(C)She learned to communicate with her trainers via sign language.
(D)She learned to combine signs to express meaning.
8.【題組】43 According to the passage, what is the main reason that apes cannot be taught to talk?
(A)They cannot understand human language.
(B)They cannot use signs creatively.
(C)They cannot read charts accurately.
(D)Their speech organs are shaped differently.
9.【題組】44 What animals are used in this study (line 9)?
(D)Pygmy chimpanzees
10.【題組】45 According to the passage, which of the following is not true?
(A)Scientists study how apes communicate in order to learn about how human language developed.
(B)Apes can communicate with human trainers by using symbols on a computer.
(C)Research shows that gorillas think like human beings and can form complex ideas.
(D)Orangutans are apes and are closely related to humans.
11.請依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題 The headlines about methamphetamine—meth—have been grim. This highly addictive drug leaves a path of destruction that hurts families and entire communities. Users suffer severe health consequences; children are often neglected; and communities face dangerous crime and overburdened law enforcement. Are we making strides in the fight against meth? Absolutely. From first responders to substance abuse professionals, those who work on the frontlines to combat meth recognize the progress. There is still work to be done, however, from eradicating meth production and distribution to helping those battling addiction. Consider Teresa. She is a mother, Girl Scout volunteer, and website developer. Her life took a sharp turn when she started using meth to lose weight. Her story went from bad to worse as she abandoned her family, including her 4-year-old daughter, for nearly a year in the search for her next high. She eventually entered a treatment program and made a commitment to conquer her addiction. Today, she is drug-free and a leader in anti-meth efforts in her community. There are thousands of people like Teresa out there, showing individuals and communities what they need to know. Each year, nearly 150,000 people are admitted to treatment for methamphetamine. And outcomes for meth users entering treatment are comparable to those for users of other similar drugs. Find out about substance abuse treatment, and support meth treatment in your community. Learn more at or call 1-800-662-HELP.
【題組】46 What is the purpose of this passage?
(A)To report on some research on a new drug
(B)To raise money for setting up treatment programs
(C)To call for the government to help fight drug abuse
(D)To arouse public awareness of the harms of meth
12.【題組】47 What does the phrase "making strides" in the second paragraph mean?
(A)Making progress
(B)Causing a sensation
(C)Raising public concern
(D)Becoming controversial
13.【題組】48 Which of the following statements is not true about meth?
(A)It is short for methamphetamine.
(B)It is an incurable disease.
(C)It is highly addictive.
(D)It is harmful to health.
14.【題組】49 Which of the following statements is true about Teresa?
(A)She was a Girl Scout volunteer.
(B)She once used meth to cure her headaches.
(C)She suffers from her addiction to meth even now.
(D)She never deserted her daughter despite her addiction.
15.【題組】50 Where is this article most likely to appear?
(A)An encyclopedia
(B)A science textbook
(C)A computer manual
(D)A news magazine