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104 年 - 104年關務特考三等英文#20748 

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1.1 Many cats who have spent a good deal of their time outdoors, such as _____ cats, do not seem to adjust to life indoors.

2.2 E-cigarettes come highly recommended for the _____ smokers to effectively fight the deadly habit.
(A) clandestine
(B) recalcitrant
(C) lascivious
(D) tantamount

3.3 We are seeking advice on how to best _____ our broken-up pool deck, hopefully making it look as before.

4.4 It is extremely difficult to please the _____ gourmet who has never rated a restaurant with "excellent."

5.5 The website provides _____ to certain public records of the local town courts.

6.6 The government has instituted security regulations intended to prevent the entry of hazardous materials or _____ into the country.

7.7 Shipments between two countries are international _____ and must comply with applicable regulations before being cleared for entry.

8.8 A tax relief program _____ qualifying homeowners for increases in local property taxes on their primary residences.
(B) reimburses 
(C) perpetrates 

9.9 The regulations allow you to bring back only one liter of alcoholic _____ duty-free for personal use.
(B) beverage
(C) paradox
(D) execution

10.10 Regulatory mandates include tariff and duty _____ , security clearances, registration requirements, filings and shipment documentation.
(A) assessments
(B) consortium
(C) resemblance
(D) plausibility

11.請依下文回答第 11 題至第 15 題: To counter the lost fertility that comes with harvesting crops and land-tilling, farmers have relied on regular applications of human-made fertilizers to maintain field productivity. Excessive application of fertilizers can, 11 , further reduce natural soil fertility by introducing salts that kill microorganisms. Fertilizers can also provide an excess of nitrogen that stimulates populations of 12 bacteria to the point that too little organic matter is available to feed soil bacteria, which then starve. Nitrogen leaching into lakes can lead to unnatural algal blooms that can consume all of the oxygen, 13 fish and plant life. When nitrogen contaminates domestic water wells, as has happened in communities close to dairies and feedlots with inadequately controlled animal 14 , the “blue baby syndrome” can result. Nitrates interfere with the oxygen-carrying ability of red blood cells and the effect can be especially serious for infants. Most adults have an enzyme that converts the 15 red blood cells back to normal.
(C)) fruitfully
(D) amicably 

(C) reconstruction

(B) killing
(C) kneading

(B) museums

(C) cloned  

16.請依下文回答第 16 題至第 20 題: Much has been written about feng shui in English. At present time, the year of 2012, there are over 300 separate titles in English and many thousands of websites on the subject. Yet 25 years ago the subject was virtually unheard of in the United States and very difficult to discover amongst Western-educated Chinese. Before that there were only books written by missionaries and colonial administrators living in the nineteenth century. Western interest was probably sparked by my first book, The Living Earth Manual of Feng Shui, which was written in 1976 when most material on feng shui was still available only in Chinese. Feng shui did not however become “dinner party conversation” until the late 1980s, and Lillian Too did much to popularize it in the 1990s in the Western worlds. However, when interest in feng shui did finally gather speed, because of the lack of source material, many well-meaning teachers and writers seemed to forget that it is a really precise and exacting subject, and extended it in ways not originally part of its traditional Chinese roots. Now, although any science can be extended by new research and testing, this has got to be done with a full knowledge of all that has gone before. It is sometimes forgotten that feng shui is not a branch of interior decorating, but a practical science in its own right. To put not too fine a point on it, a lot of later-day Western feng shui has been simplified beyond the point where it works, or has been invented or “intuited.” Often intuition has provided a key or a direction in which to look, but it is never sufficient in itself to declare “it must be so” because I feel it to be so. It therefore came as a delight and a breath of fresh air when I laid my hands on the new project about feng shui.
【題組】16 According to the passage, which of the following is true about the books on feng shui?
(A)Before the mid-20th century, almost no one talked about feng shui in the United States.
(B)The missionaries and colonial administrators were strong practitioners of feng shui.
(C)The first English book on feng shui was written by the author of the passage.
(D)Chinese scholars in the United States began to teach people what feng shui was in the 1970s.

17.【題組】17 When did feng shui become popular among Western people?
(A)In the early 19th century.
(B)In the late 19th century.
(C)In the early 20th century.
(D)In the late 20th century.

18.【題組】18 According to the author, what is feng shui?
(A)A dinner party conversation.
(B)An interior decoration.
(C)A practical science.
(D)A source material.

19.【題組】19 What does the author think about the later-day Western feng shui?
(A)"It must be so" is the learning attitude for mastering the skills of feng shui.
(B)The faculty of invention makes a feng shui master scientifically professional.
(C)Intuition plays a key role for a feng shui master to look for the right direction.
(D)The studies of feng shui nowadays are generally too simplified to be scientifically precise.

20.【題組】20 Which of the following most accurately states the main idea of the passage?
(A)The misleading understanding of recently published books on feng shui.
(B)The crucial significance and urgent need to promote the science of feng shui.
(C)The personal pleasure and public demand to work on the project of feng shui.
(D)The historical development and recent studies of feng shui in the United States.

21.請依下文回答第 21 題至第 25 題: The 1989 Loma Prieta quake (magnitude 7.0) struck in the early evening as a World Series baseball game was about to start between the two Bay Area teams, the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s. At least 60 people died, most of them 21 an elevated section of freeway near Oakland. Also, part of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge collapsed, 22 the bridge for more than a month. The Marina District in San Francisco sustained heavy damage where 23 had been built on former bay land, filled many decades earlier. Such filled land loses its solidity, undergoing 24 and amplified movement during earthquakes. The 25 was to the south in the Santa Cruz mountains, where the cities of Watsonville and Santa Cruz sustained damage. In total, about 16,000 homes and apartment units were destroyed or damaged. The American Red Cross operated 45 shelters for months that housed, at the peak, 6,000 people.
(A)at the killing off of
(B)by the falling back of
(C)in the crumbling down of
(D)on the picking up of





26.一、翻譯:請將下列英文段落翻譯成中文,中文段落翻譯成英文:  A Taiwanese passenger carrying bottles of cough syrup was stopped and fined by a customs officer at the entry point of an American airport. It turned out that the syrup contained opium, which was deemed illegal by the airport customs security agents. The bottles were later confiscated and the passenger was fined US$500.(15 分)
27.一、翻譯 根據一項最近公布的調查顯示,四分之三在臺定居且為白領階級之外籍人士表示 對在臺生活感到滿意。但是,調查亦顯示,只有百分之二十的受訪人士表示對各 類產品包裝上的雙語標示感到滿意。(15 分)
28.二、英文作文:(20 分) Have you ever been a team leader before? Write an essay of about 300 words to describe (1) your role as a team leader, (2) the one particular challenge you faced in trying to resolve issues among team members, and (3) what you would have done to be more effective if you could do it again.