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104 年 - 104年三等警察人員_消防警察人員 消防警察專業英文#22623 

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1.41 On the scene of fires, a fire captain is expected to make an evaluation of the fire to _____ how the firefighters should respond.

2.42 When fighting a wildfire, firefighters sometimes have to start a backfire to_____ the control lines.

3.43 Firefighters are often called to other emergencies that do not necessarily_____ “fires,” such as medical calls, industrial accidents, and various types of rescues.
(A) consume

4.44 In the US, a_____ firefighter refers to a new firefighter undergoing training or one under the legal age to be considered a firefighter.

5.45 The three factors that make up_____ are heat, fuel, and oxygen, commonly called the “fire triangle.”

6.46 To avoid the pumps being shut down due to malfunction in the control system, they can only be switched off_____ by a firefighter.
(A) momentarily

7.47 It was reported that a firefighter in Taoyuan was so_____ helping a pregnant woman in labor that he did not even recognize that the woman was his wife.
(A) famous for
(B)suspicious of
(C)intent on
(D)opposed to

8.48 Many older people live alone and have reduced_____ , which makes it harder for them to escape from a fire.
(A) mobility
(B)living expenses
(C)hospital admissions

9.49 In a major earthquake, collapsed structures may contain voids in which_____ persons can survive for comparatively long periods of time.

10.50 At least 5,000 people have died in the quake and that number is expected to double as rescuers continue to_____ through the rubble.
(A) sift

11.51 Fire stations need to assess the suitability and condition of their internal and external travel routes,_____ safe access, and egress at all times.
(A) ensuring

12.請依下文回答第 52 題至第 55 題: 
In the fire department, all vehicles will require regular inspection of every aspect of their structure, systems, and operational functions. Servicing and 52 maintenance will ensure, as far as is practicable, that the vehicle will remain effectively available. The time taken to 53 these processes will be directly related to the accessibility of all the areas to be inspected and serviced and the design of the vehicle must provide this 54 . Additionally, in anticipation of the need to remove a major component, such as the engine, pump, tank, or 55 system, removable panels and suitable lifting connections must be in place to ensure that removal and replacement does not entail unacceptable extension of down-time.

(B) articulate




16.請依下文回答第 56 題至第 60 題: 
Most traditional older fire departments in larger U.S. central cities use Fire engine red for their fire engines. 56 , many suburbs and smaller cities now use the color lime or bright yellow for their fire engines because of its greater visibility at night. The 57 research into fire appliance visibility was conducted by the City of Coventry (UK) Fire Brigade and Lanchester College of Technology in 1965. This research 58 that under the range of artificial street lighting in common use at the time yellow more generally retained its great visibility under a variety of lighting color renderings. It was also more 59 in general road conditions in day time and during stormy weather. Research conducted by Dr. Stephen Solomon, a New York optometrist, promoted the use of “lime yellow” in the United States from the mid-1970s. Further research that 60 the use of yellow for emergency vehicles generally was published in 1978 in Australia. It found that the more brightly colored fire apparatus suffered a lower accident rate than the less brightly colored vehicles (red) used by the same fire department.






21.一、中翻英:(10 分) 根據統計,火災每年奪走的人命,超過每年所有天災奪走之人命的總合。而所有火災 意外,又以住宅火災為大宗。以英國為例,單是去年,就有兩百人死於住宅火災。
22.二、英文作文:(15 分) 事業(career),家庭(family),朋友(friends),對任何一個人而言,皆有其重 要性。若無法同時兼顧時,你個人對其重要性的先後排序會是如何?為什麼?請以 此為題,寫一篇約 250 字的文章,闡述你的看法。