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104 年 - 104年二等一般警察人員考試_各類別 英文#22637 

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1.三、請將下列中文翻譯為英文,英文翻譯成中文。 (二)Criminals purported themselves as single and successful businessmen engaged in overseas trading business who are looking for a friend via an Internet chat forum or an online dating website.(10 分)
2.四、英文作文:(30 分) While many young people dream of being police officers, it is a truth that not everyone is cut out for the work. Here are five qualities that are generally considered essential for every competent, effective police officer: communication skills, empathy, integrity, professionalism, and courage. Write an essay of approximately 350 words in which you explain—in detail and with examples—why the first three are indeed essential traits of a police officer.