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104 年 - 104年佐級鐵路人員考試【英文】(場站調車)#22137 

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1.36 My eyes haven’t _____ to the dark yet; therefore, I can’t see anything now.

2.37 An employer has to _____ with many business problems every day. He needs help and support from his employees.

3.38 Those who _____ in women’s liberation movement continue to fight for a change.

4.39 In what has become a summer tradition, wealthy Arabs travel to London with their _____ supercars.

5.40 Peggy found a kitten on her way home. _____ kitten looked hungry, thirsty and lost.

6.Akira Suzuki is now famous for his work in the theater, but his early ambition was to be a writer. In his biography, which has just been published, Suzuki is described 41 a quiet, introverted sort of man. He wrote his first play when he was in primary school, and his first “haiku” (a special kind of Japanese poem) when he was just six years old. Nowadays, 42 he still believes poetry is the highest form of art, he is better known as a playwright 43 written more than thirty plays. He has also moved into films, not as an actor but as a 44 for films such as The Fifth Samurai, which was highly successful. In the future, he plans to write a novel 45 his childhood. Is Suzuki a historian, poet, dramatist, screenwriter or a novelist?




(A)instead of
(B)rather than
(C)based on
(D)next to

11.請依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題: American talk-show host, Oprah Winfrey, has been named as the highest-paid TV celebrity and one of the world’s most powerful women, but she is also a big giver, topping a list of the 30 most generous celebrities for the second year running in 2007. The second annual list, compiled by The Giving Back Fund, a group that seeks to encourage philanthropy, put Oprah in the top slot with The Oprah Winfrey Foundation and Oprah’s Angel Network spending $50.2 million in 2007 on education, health care, and advocacy for women and children worldwide. Second place on the list, published in the latest edition of Parade magazine, went to trumpeter and A&M record co-founder Herb Alpert with The Herb Alpert Foundation spending $13 million on education, including the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. Singer-actress Barbra Streisand came third in the list that was based on public records of donations made in 2007, with $11 million donated by The Streisand Foundation to the environment, women’s issues, civil rights, AIDS research, and advocacy. Fourth place went to Paul Newman, who gave $10 million to the Scholarship for Kenyon College, his alma mater in Gambier, Ohio. Mel Gibson was in the fifth slot, giving $9.9 million to the Holy Family Church in Malibu, California.
【題組】46 What is this passage mainly about?
(A)Oprah Winfrey
(B)Famous foundations
(C)Generous celebrities
(D)Powerful men and women

12.【題組】47 What do the people mentioned in the passage have in common?
(A)They all live in Los Angeles.
(B)They are all supporters of women rights.
(C)They all have donated money to help others.
(D)They all become famous because of their foundations.

13.【題組】48 Which of the following is true about The Giving Back Fund?
(A)It is bank that gives money to poor people.
(B)It is a group of people that make money like celebrities.
(C)It is a foundation that helps people become rich and famous.
(D)It is an organization that invites people to donate money to help others.

14.【題組】49 Which of the following foundations donated money to improve education?
(A)Mel Gibson Foundation and Paul Newman Foundation
(B)Mel Gibson Foundation and Oprah’s Angel Network
(C)The Streisand Foundation and The Herb Alpert Foundation
(D)The Herb Alpert Foundation and Oprah’s Winfrey Foundation

15.【題組】50 Where would this passage most likely appear?
(A)A newspaper
(B)A novel
(C)A TV Guide
(D)A tax report