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104 年 - 104年四技二專統測英文試題#21029 

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1.1. Thank you very much for helping me ______ my bicycle yesterday. You really gave a hand.
(A) remind
(B) repair
(C) revise
(D) repeat

2.2. My parents and I often______ to clean up the beach with neighbors on weekends. We feel happy that we can do something for the Earth.
(A) donate
(B) survive
(C) vote
(D) volunteer

3.3. The recent terrorist ______ in Australia and Europe raised concerns about national safety all over the world.
(A) attacks
(B) attractions
(C) insults
(D) pollutions

4.4. The old couple celebrated their fiftieth wedding______ in a famous Italian restaurant. All their children and grandchildren attended the party.
(A) operation
(B) occasion
(C) marriage
(D) anniversary

5.5. Facebook,Google+ ,Twitter,and LINE are among the most popular social ______ services that connect people worldwide.
(A) masterwork
(B) message
(C) networking
(D) negotiation

6.6. Bird flu, a viral disease of birds, does not usually ______ humans; however, some viruses, such as H5N1 and H7N9, have caused serious diseases in people.
(A) infect
(B) inform
(C) illustrate
(D) inflate

7.7. People who speak more than one language fluently process information more easily than those who know only one language.
(A) apparently
(B) especially
(C) smoothly
(D) simply

8.8. It is urgent to develop good reading habits in order to enlarge the reading population and to help promote cultural industries.
(A) expand
(B) express
(C) exploit
(D) launch

9.9. The discussions of the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement in the Legislative Yuan provoked domestic objections, which started the Sunflower Movement.
(A) openings
(B) opportunities
(C) disagreements
(D) discoveries

10.10. Many small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan possess resources and skills that allow them to occupy key positions in the global supply chains.
(A) staffs
(B) companies
(C) explorers
(D) engineers 

11.11. Salesperson: What can I do for you, ma’am? 
Melinda: I need to purchase a blouse. 
Salesperson: _______________
Melinda: Medium.
(A) Not that I would help you.
(B) Certainly.
(C) What is your size?
(D) What color do you prefer?

12.12. Jeremy: Did you watch the NBA games last night? Sophie: No, I am not a basketball fan. 
Jeremy: Then, _____________ 
Sophie: I am a fan of the baseball games.
(A) who is your favorite player?
(B) what sports do you like best?
(C) what fans do you prefer?
(D) are you into Linsanity?

13.13. Rita: Because of the recycled cooking oil problem, Mom cooks dinner for us now. 
Gary: Yes. ____________ 
Rita: Indeed, we are lucky to eat homemade meals.
(A) You have a good appetite.
(B) Most people have become vegetarians.
(C) Most people prefer cooking at home now.
(D) I’m going out for a big dinner.

14.14. Adam: I was so worried about today’s exam that I stayed up all night studying. 
Grace: The last question really confused me, but I think I did a good job. _______________ 
Adam: I guess I can get at least 90 on the exam.
(A) Did you sleep well last night?
(B) Do you have a good job?
(C) How about you?
(D) What worries you most?

15.15. Kevin: I am learning Japanese. 
Lynn: That sounds great. ________________ 
Kevin: I plan to go to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.
(A) Why are you learning Japanese?
(B) Did they offer you a new job in Japan?
(C) Is the Japanese Language Test coming soon?
(D) Do you enjoy Japanese cosplay?

16.16. Operator: Hello. This is Fashion Magazine. How may I help you? 
Nick: Good morning. It’s Nick,the designer of the XYZ Company. ________________ 
Operator: Just a moment. I’ll put you through.
(A) Could you call back?
(B) May I speak to the manager?
(C) Can you hold for a minute?
(D) Could I leave a message?

17.17. Charlotte: How was Hannah and Jay’s wedding reception? 
Damien: It was just beautiful! _______________
Charlotte: I wish I could, but I had to take care of my dad in the hospital.
(A) The traffic was bad though.
(B) I couldn’t receive it.
(C) Everyone was waiting for the newlyweds.
(D) Too bad you couldn’t come. 

18.18. Ruby: Richard, I haven’t seen you for a month. You look slimmer. 
Richard: Thanks! You look good too. 
Ruby: How did you lose weight? 
Richard: _____________
Ruby: I want to try that too.
(A) I have been working out in the gym.
(B) Being on a diet makes me hungry.
(C) My knees hurt after jogging.
(D) Exercising is boring.

19.19. Kelly: At what time does the guided tour of the museum start? 
Tour guide: The last one ended ten minutes ago. ______
Kelly: Thank you! I’ll wait for the next tour at the lobby.
(A) The time on my watch is ten to ten.
(B) The next tour will start at ten.
(C) The tour allows only ten people.
(D) The tour lasts for ten minutes.

20.20. Ivy: I don’t think I will be able to get a ticket to Jody Jiang’s (Jiang, Hui)Farewell Concerts. 
Sam: Maybe you can try e-booking. 
Ivy: Well, I don’t think that will help much.____________
(A) Jody Jiang is always my favorite singer.
(B) Jody Jiang’s Facebook is great.
(C) E-booking makes things easier.
(D) But it’s still worth trying.

21.III. 綜合測驗:以下兩篇短文,共有 10 個空格,為第 21 至 30 題,請依各篇 短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格的答案。 ▲ 閱讀下文後,作答第 21–25 題 At a certain point of your life, you come to understand most people are neither for you nor against you; they are thinking about themselves. No matter 21 hard you try to please, some people are not going to love you. The things you learn in 22 aren’t simple things such as acquiring information and skills. You learn not to 23 energy in anxiety, and you learn that self-pity and resentment are the most dangerous emotions. You discover how to 24 your stress. You find that the world admires talent but ignores character. Eventually, you need to build up the meaning of your life out of your own past, out of your affections and faiths, and out of humankind’s experience that 25 you. You are the only one who can put the meaning together into a unique pattern, which defines who you are.
(A) what
(B) how
(C) which
(D) so

(A) maturity
(B) material
(C) nationality
(D) nutrition

(A) get on
(B) turn off
(C) burn out
(D) burst into

(A) destroy
(B) create
(C) grow
(D) manage

(A) gets away with
(B) gets rid of
(C) is up to
(D) is passed onto

26.▲ 閱讀下文後,作答第 26–30 題 It has only been five years since Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai wrote a diary about life under Taliban rule in Pakistan. Malala first came to public attention through her diary, 26 recorded her desire to remain in education and for girls to have the chance to be educated. In October 2012, Malala was 27 in the head by a Taliban gunman, which raised her international fame. She was named as one of TIME’s most influential people in 2013, and her autobiography I Am Malala was 28 in the same year. Then in 2014 she became the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Amid the global support, Malala was flown to the United Kingdom for advanced medical treatment of the gunshot. After recovery, she began 29 Edgbaston High School and her father was given a job for three years. Now the brave 17-year-old Nobel Prize winner continues her 30 to help girls and children receive better education around the world, and she continues to draw the media’s attention worldwide.
(A) that
(B) which
(C) what
(D) this

(A) survived
(B) scanned
(C) scattered
(D) shot

(A) released
(B) rebelled
(C) reduced
(D) relaxed

(A) absorbing
(B) abusing
(C) attending
(D) attracting

(A) campaign
(B) camp
(C) campaigner
(D) commercial ˉ

31.IV. 閱讀測驗:以下兩篇短文,共有 10 個題目,為第 31 至 40 題,請於閱讀 短文後選出最適當的答案。 ˉ ▲ 閱讀下文後,作答第 31– 35 題 We all need money to live. Without it we cannot buy the things we need. The first people to live on the Earth did not use money. Instead, they bartered─ giving something they had for something they needed. This still happens in many places today. The first things to be used as money were a type of sea-shell, called cowrie shells. They were used by the Chinese from about 1200 BC. The Chinese then began to make small objects that looked like cowrie shells. These were the first coins made out of metal and with a hole in them so that the coins could be put together to make a chain. Over the years, money has been made of different things─ for example, silver, leather, and paper. The Chinese were the first to use paper money from about 800 AD. But, would you believe that noses have been used instead of money? Many hundreds of years ago, people from Denmark used to cut the noses off people who did not pay their taxes. Since many think that the more money they have the happier they will be, they will make all the effort to earn money. Some even steal or commit crimes to become rich. Of course, we know this is wrong. Many wealthy people have found that, in spite of having all the possessions, they are not really happy. Some wealthy people live alone in gorgeous mansions yet die lonely with no family or friends around them. They have spent their lives trying to be rich, but in fact they are poor. It is a pity that they do not know the true meaning of happiness, without getting and spending money. 公告試題 僅供參考 共同科目 英文 共 8 頁 第 6 頁
【題組】31. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) The making of paper money.
(B) The history and the meaning of money.
(C) The more money, the less happiness.
(D) Money talks.

32.【題組】32. What were the first things used by the Chinese as money?
(A) Bomb shells.
(B) Silver coins.
(C) Paper made of leather.
(D) Cowrie shells.

33.【題組】33. According to the passage, which one of the following statements is true?
(A) Only those people who have all the things will die happy.
(B) Without money we can live more happily.
(C) People from Denmark cut off people’s noses to avoid paying taxes.
(D) Paper money was first used by the Chinese people.

34.【題組】34. What does the word “bartered” mean in line 2 in the first paragraph?
(A) exchanged
(B) battered
(C) bar tended
(D) needed

35.【題組】35. According to the second paragraph of the passage, what does the author think about money?
(A) The more money you have, the lonelier you will be.
(B) We all need money to live, but it has little to do with real happiness.
(C) Only those who have spent their life to become rich know the meaning of real happiness.
(D) Over the years, money has made rich people wish to live alone.

36.▲ 閱讀下文後,作答第 36– 40 題 As E-commerce has become a global economic trend, people are buying more products than ever before through the Internet. According to the statistics of AC Nielsen Corporation, fifty-three percent of Taiwanese have bought something electronically, which makes Taiwan the second largest place worldwide in terms of the number of online shoppers. Store owners are worried that the growing amount of online sales will hurt their businesses. This has led traditional stores to seek new ways to keep their customers loyal. Experts say that traditional stores can keep their customers by selling goods that buyers may want to see and taste, or feel the material and try on before purchasing. The stores can also offer services to instantly set up or repair electronic products. In addition, stores can offer things that are difficult to ship, or provide goods to buyers more quickly than online stores. Experts say that traditional stores offer the unique social experiences and personal interactions that most people enjoy. A lot of emotions can occur in the final buying decision. Oftentimes, you need that last sense of “Wow, this is exactly what I want!” before you’re ready to pay, and you can’t always get that online.
【題組】36. Why do traditional stores seek new ways to keep their customers?
(A) They don’t know how to shop electronically.
(B) They want to be part of the E-commerce trend.
(C) They are worried about the growing amount of online sales.
(D) The market researchers tell them to do so. 公告試題 僅供參考 共同科目 英文 第 7 頁 共 8 頁

37.【題組】37. According to the first paragraph, which of the following is NOT true?
(A) Nowadays, people are buying more products through the Internet.
(B) Taiwan has the second largest number of online shoppers in the world.
(C) E-commerce is gradually replacing traditional stores.
(D) E-commerce produces fifty-three percent of global earnings.

38.【題組】38. What is the advantage of traditional stores?
(A) Buyers can feel the material and try on before purchasing.
(B) Buyers receive shipments more quickly than online shopping.
(C) Buyers can choose any time to get on the Web and shop.
(D) Buyers can compare prices from different online vendors.

39.【題組】39. Compared with online shopping, traditional stores can offer _____________
(A) consumer reviews quickly.
(B) more variety of goods to choose from.
(C) instant personal services.
(D) shopping at any time of the day or night.

40.【題組】40. What can be inferred from the conclusion?
(A) Consumers make their final buying decision based on economic trends.
(B)With traditional shopping, customers are more emotionally involved in making the final buying decision.
(C) Saving money is the first priority when buyers make the final decision.
(D)Since people enjoy the unique social experiences offered by traditional stores, traditional shopping will dominate the future market

41.I. 填充 ( 第 1 及第 2 題,每題 8 分,共 16 分 ) 說明: ▲ 請依據中文提示,在空格內填入適當英文字以完成句子。 ▲ 每格限填一字,超過一字者視為錯誤,不予計分。 ▲ 請將答案(空格中單字)依序寫在答案卷之「非選擇題作答區」之指定範圍 內,請勿抄題。 1. 藉由旅遊,我們可獲得寶貴的第一手經驗。 Through _________ , we can gain _________firsthand experience.
42.2. 世界經濟學家能預測下次的金融危機嗎? Will the world’s economists be able to _________the next financial _________?
43.II. 句子重組 ( 第 3 題 4 分) 說明: ▲ 請將題中 6 段提示字詞重組成一完整句子,並於句尾加上適當標點符號。 ▲ 請將重組後的句子寫在答案卷之「非選擇題作答區」之指定範圍內, 答案中不能增減字詞或修改變化字詞,請勿抄題 。 3. Recent / improves / regular exercise / memory and thinking skills / suggest that / studies