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1.1 With rising income and purchasing power, the automobile in China has become a symbol of new lives, a _____ of status, and a mark of modernity itself.
(A) measure
(B) publication
(C) rubrics
(D) certification

2.2 The review the critic gave is _____ . Neither does it contain harsh words, nor does it sound over critical.
(A) moderate
(B) unfriendly
(C) reluctant
(D) aggressive

3.3 My brother Henrik always teased us; he told us ghost stories and scared us half to _____ .
(A) sleep
(B) nightmare
(C) death
(D) illness

4.4 Café Rufous not only has the best coffee in Taipei but also offers a relaxed _____ . That’s why I love to hang out with friends there.
(A) facility
(B) reputation
(C) atmosphere
(D) investment

5.5 Martin Luther King was widely known for his great _____ ; he made many dramatic speeches in his lifetime.
(A) arrogance
(B) eloquence
(C) innocence
(D) obedience

6.6 It is said that a _____ personality is more important than education in deciding how one will succeed in workplace.
(A) hostile
(B) vicious
(C) cooperative
(D) repressive

7.7 The plan to _____ smoking in New York City, though enjoying some public support, faces considerable opposition from the tobacco industry and the city's restaurant industry.
(A) purchase
(B) restrict
(C) spend
(D) try

8.8 Doctors usually insist on a definitive _____ before treatment because the drugs used have so many adverse effects.
(A) diagnosis
(B) geometry
(C) prescription
(D) rehearsal

9.請依下文回答第 9 題至第 13 題: 
Most writers find it difficult to find a subject to write on. A method frequently used to gather ideas is brainstorming. The method has been used for many years in business. You get a group of people around a table, and they try to solve a problem. The people simply start talking and 9 to each other, then ideas come out in the process. Brainstorming is particularly valuable to the writer 10 it offers a technique for getting suggestions and leads for a subject. Most of us brainstorm 11 . You start with something—anything—and with a pencil and paper you talk to yourself. At first you write down whatever comes to mind. But after a few phrases appear, you gently apply pressure and shape some of the material as it 12 . Only when the ideas tend to get 13 should you come to a conclusion that may provide a subject. This may not be your final subject, but at least it is a beginning.

(A) owing
(B) occurring
(C) reacting
(D) according

(A) because
(B) unless
(C) whereas
(D) though

(A) hence
(B) hardly
(C) otherwise
(D) alone

(A) interprets
(B) emerges
(C) acquires
(D) operates

(A) abstract
(B) efficient
(C) general
(D) specific

14.請依下文回答第 14 題至第 17 題: During my high school years my best friend was Susan Miller, a girl who had lived down the street from me all her life. We knew each other well and had many interests in common. One way in which we were different, however, was in our shopping habits. When I shopped, I always knew what I wanted, got it quickly, and left. For Susan, shopping was a game. She spent all day at it: examining, comparing, and finally, if conditions were right, buying. All too often I have spent hours waiting for her to make up her mind. In fact, my longest “shopathon” was on a Christmas Eve when Susan and I went to pick up a few last-minute gifts. She wanted a fit for her father, and I had to get something for my youngest sister, Sara. We started at 9:00 A.M., and by 10:15 I had bought Sara her gift, a toy Dalmatian. Then I just trudged around the mall after Susan. By one o’clock she still had not made a purchase, and the mall was becoming human gridlock. Finally feeling some compassion, Susan bought herself and me each a slice of pizza. We had to eat standing up; the tables were all filled. Then, walking and walking through endless stores, we continued shopping. She examined shirts, scarves, ties, knickknacks. Her response to every possibility was negative: her father had it, he wouldn’t like it, this was too expensive, and that was too cheap. Nothing seemed right for Susan’s father. Finally, fifteen minutes before the mall was scheduled to close, she came out of a store in triumph. “I got it!”she said. I looked up from where I was sitting on a bench, rubbing my swollen feet. “What?” I asked weakly. She held up a piece of paper. “A gift certificate!”she exclaimed. “With this my father can get whatever he wants.”
【題組】14 According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A) The author agrees that slow-paced shopping can be very rewarding.
(B) Though their shopping habits were different, the author enjoyed shopping with Susan.
(C) The author and Susan shared many interests except shopping habits.
(D) Finally Susan bought her father a shirt.

15.【題組】15 What does “shopathon” mean?
(A) It is a new term which implies a long, continuous day completely filled with shopping.
(B) It refers to the habit of shopping with a person who can give wise advice.
(C) It is a buying game sponsored by shopping malls before Christmas.
(D) It is a Christmas compassion program which encourages shoppers to help out people in need.

16.【題組】16 According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A) They enjoyed greatly the delicious steak for lunch as a lot of other shoppers did.
(B) There were so many people; they could not find a table, and they ate in a rush.
(C) They had a large meal: their table was full with nice food.
(D) Because there were huge crowds in the shopping mall, their food was not served until one o’clock.

17.【題組】17 Which of the following best describe "a gift certificate"?
(A) A prize won from a game or contest
(B) A warning message from the credit card company
(C) A piece of paper presented as a gift to someone to be used as money
(D) An award for academic excellence

18.18 Ipad is a _____ version of a laptop computer.
(A) needy
(B) global
(C) mobile
(D) trendy

19.19 For the first reading, avid readers tend to _____ the book rather than read it from page to page.
(A) fold
(B) memorize
(C) publicize
(D) skim

20.20 In succeeding generations, Bernini’s fame was _____ by others, and only within recent years has it begun to regain its luster.
(A) eclipsed
(B) illuminated
(C) retrieved
(D) trespassed

21.21 The devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 _____ more than 15,000 lives.
(A) claimed
(B) violated
(C) obtained
(D) corrupted

22.22 His family has to live on a tight _____ because Mr. Jones is out of work.
(A) bucket
(B) buckle
(C) budget
(D) bundle

23.23 In Chinese culture, the New Year’s Eve is an _____ for families to get together.
(A) operation
(B) omission
(C) orientation
(D) occasion

24.24 Almost half of the audience has fallen asleep; _____ , the speech is very boring.
(A) appropriately
(B) accidentally
(C) adequately
(D) apparently

25.請依下文回答第 25 題至第 27 題: 
A long healthy life is no accident. It begins with good genes, but it also 25 good habits. If you adopt the right lifestyle, experts say, chances are you may live up to a decade longer. So what’s the formula for success? In recent years researchers have fanned out across the globe to find the secrets to long life. 26 in part by the US National Institute on Aging, scientists have focused on several regions where people live significantly longer. In Sardinia, Italy, one team of demographers found a hot spot of 27 in mountain villages where men reach age 100 at an amazing rate. On the islands of Okinawa, Japan, another team examined a group that is among the longest lived on earth.

(A) depends on
(B) leads to
(C) results in
(D) changes into

(A) Founded
(B) Fond
(C) Funded
(D) Functioned

(A) longitude
(B) altitude
(C) attitude
(D) longevity

28.請依下文回答第 28 題至第 30 題: 
Since ancient times, sound and music has been used as a powerful tool for healing, a means of communication, and a way to lift the human spirit. Today, in our stressful and busy world, we are again 28 music as a means to heal and relax our lives. People in all walks of life, of all ages, are listening to music specifically designed to harmonize and heal. 29 , acupuncturists have begun using Chinese healing music such as that of the Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra as a perfect accompaniment to their work. The musician, Deuter said, “You will experience the best healing results when you open up to listen not just with your physical ears, but when you start to feel the vibration of the music with your whole body and spirit.” So, we invite you to explore the healing power of music and sound. 30 you are in the healing professions and would like to make your work even more graceful and effective, or you just want music to dance to, to relax with or to take you to deeper states of consciousness on your own healing, there is much to choose from, lots to enjoy—one world, so much music.

(A) asking for
(B) turning to
(C) abiding by
(D) restoring from

(A) However
(B) For example
(C) As such
(D) In turn

(A) When
(B) Maybe
(C) Whether
(D) Since

31.請依下文回答第 31 題至第 34 題: Pablo Picasso was born on October 25, 1881 to Don José Ruiz Blasco and Doña Maria Picasso Lopez.Pablo 31 the first ten years of his life in Malaga, Spain. The family was far from rich, and when two other children were born, 32 was often difficult to make ends meet. When Don José has offered a better-paid job, he accepted it 33 , and the Picassos moved to the provincial capital of La Coruna, where they lived for the next four years. In 1892, Pablo entered the School of Fine Arts, but it was mostly his father who taught him painting. By 1894 Pablo’s works were so well executed for a boy of his age that his father, recognizing Pablo’s amazing 34 , decided to hand his brush and palette to his son and declared that he would never paint again.
【題組】 31
(A) took
(B) cost
(C) used
(D) spent

(A) it
(B) what
(C) which
(D) that

(A) significantly
(B) immediately
(C) lately
(D) lovely

(A) memory
(B) speed
(C) defect
(D) talent

35.請依下文回答第 35 題至第 37 題: By the 18th century Paris had replaced Rome as the artistic center of Europe. At the French court of Louis XV a new rococo style developed. The term “rococo” comes from the French word rocaille (rock-work). Like the terms “gothic” and “baroque,” it was a term of contempt—a departure from the classical conception of art. The rococo style is sometimes called the Louis XV style. The rococo style developed out of the late baroque. It was more delicate and relaxed than the baroque. It was also on a smaller scale, marked by curves and countercurves. Principally a decorative art, it expressed itself in interior architecture and design, painting, furniture, porcelain, and landscape gardening. It was first used to decorate the palaces and salons of the French aristocracy but later spread to the southern German states and Austria. The rococo style, then, was closely connected to the joyful, frivolous age of Louis XV. It aimed at delicacy and perfection of proportion. Small in scale, it had a graceful feminine character. It represented the elegance and luxury of the period.
【題組】35 According to this passage, which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) The term “rococo” is a French word, meaning rock-work.
(B) Baroque style grew out of the rococo style.
(C) The term “rococo” referred to an art form which was considered inferior to the classical forms of art.
(D) The rococo style represented the elegance and luxury of the reign of Louis XV.

36.【題組】36 According to this passage, what did the rococo style and the baroque style have in common?
(A) Neither was considered the Louis XV style.
(B) Both were large in scale and aimed at delicacy and elegance.
(C) Both were viewed as different from the classical conception of art.
(D) Both developed out of the gothic style.

37.【題組】37 According to this passage, how did the rococo style express itself as a decorative art?
(A) It was used to decorate the houses of the ordinary people.
(B) It originated from the southern German states and Austria.
(C) It was used to portray the beauty of women.
(D) It was used to decorate the palaces and salons of the French aristocracy.

38.請依下文回答第 38 題至第 41 題: Our fascination with eating and drinking behaviors and their causes has resulted in a huge industry of food-related pop science. Every bookstore, every magazine stand, every grocery store checkout counter is filled with publications about how to get your child to eat vegetables, how to tell if someone has an eating disorder or, most commonly, how to lose weight. But the degree to which any of these is based on scientific research is very limited. In contrast to the literature for the general reader, the scientific research on eating and drinking behaviors is usually too technical for the general reader. The Psychology of Eating and Drinking is a unique volume, a textbook that can be comprehended by the general educated reader. Just as in her previous books, Alexandra Logue grounds her investigation into the complex interactions between our physiology, our surroundings, and our eating and drinking habits in laboratory research and up-to-date scientific information. The chapters move from the general—hunger and thirst, taste and smell, and eating behaviors—to the more specialized—overeating and overdrinking, anorexia and bulimia, and alcohol use. In each case, Logue provides a brief synopsis of the most historically influential scientific research and then relates this history to the most up to date advances. This method provides the reader with a general introduction to the physiology of sensations related to eating and drinking and how these sensations are influenced by the individual’s social surroundings. Thus, this book provides general readers with a biological and psychological framework to understand their eating behaviors.
【題組】38 What’s the purpose of this passage?
(A) To arouse the interest of doing research on food science.
(B) To call for the attention to healthy life and food choices.
(C) To advertise Alexandra Logue’s unique way of editing a cook book.
(D) To introduce the book The Psychology of Eating and Drinking.

39.【題組】39 Which of the following statements is NOT true about The Psychology of Eating and Drinking?
(A) It leads the reader from the general to the specialized.
(B) It’s Alexandra Logue’s first publication.
(C) The data relates the past studies to the present ones.
(D) It comes after Logue’s complex investigation.

40.【題組】40 What does the author think about the scientific research on eating and drinking behaviors in general?
(A) It is historically influential.
(B) It is biologically interactive.
(C) It is too hard for common readers.
(D) It is filled with sensations.

41.【題組】41 Which of the following statements is true?
(A) Food-related science has been popular due to our love of eating and drinking.
(B) The way to judge an eating disorder is by the behavior at a grocery checkout counter.
(C) Alexandra Logue controls her eating and drinking habits in laboratory research.
(D) Food-related publications are always based on some famous scientific studies.

42.請依下文回答第 42 題至第 44 題: Christopher Reeve (1952-2004) was an American actor, director, producer, and writer. He established himself early as a Juilliard-trained stage actor before portraying Superman/Clark Kent in four films, from 1978 to 1987. He was, however, never a Superman or comic book fan, though he had watched Adventures of Superman starring George Reeves. He took the challenge only because it was a dual role. Reeve took up horse riding in 1985 after learning to ride for the film Anna Karenina. He was initially allergic to horses, but as with every other sport he participated in, he took horse riding seriously and was intensely competitive with it. His allergies soon disappeared. The accident happened when he was invited in the 1995 jumping and dressage finals at the Commonwealth Park. Being over-concerned about jumps sixteen and seventeen, Reeve paid little attention to the third jump, which was a routine three-foot-three fence. After his horse had a refusal, Reeve fell off, severely damaged his spinal cord, and therefore, became paralyzed from the neck down. After being convinced that not only would he never walk again, but that he might never move a body part again, Reeve considered suicide. Thanks to his wife’s timely encouragement of love, Reeve never considered suicide as an option again. Instead, since he was constantly being covered by the media, he realized that he could use his name to help everyone with spinal cord injuries. Throughout this time, Reeve kept his body as physically strong as possible by using specialized exercise machines. Also, by engaging in various show businesses, he kept his mind active and helpful to others. Though he finally lost his battle to a systemic infection and passed away on October 10, 2004, his story has inspired people worldwide.
【題組】42 What is the main idea of this passage?
(A) The inspiring life of Christopher Reeve, the Superman.
(B) Christopher Reeve’s accident with a fall from the horse.
(C) The adventures of a Superman, George Reeves.
(D) The dual role, Superman/Clark Kent, by Christopher Reeve.

43.【題組】43 Based on this passage, which of the following is NOT true about Christopher Reeve?
(A) He died from a systemic infection at the age of 52.
(B) His wife’s love saved him from depression and suicidal ideas.
(C) He kept being strong and optimistic even years after the accident.
(D) Christopher Reeve starred Adventures of Superman.

44.【題組】44 Which of the following can best describe Christopher Reeve’s last 10 years?
(A) Intensely competitive.
(B) A super fighter.
(C) A Juilliard-trained stage actor.
(D) Very pessimistic.

45.45 The housing prices in this city are so _____ high that few people can afford to buy an apartment before the age of thirty-five.
(A) beneficially
(B) tentatively
(C) passionately
(D) ridiculously

46.46 Conflicting reports on the government’s position has led to widespread public _____ regarding the new energy policy.
(A) nomination
(B) confusion
(C) occupation
(D) permission

47.請依下文回答第 47 題至第 50 題: Denali National Park One of the most well-known parks in Alaska is Denali National Park. It is home to Mt. McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America. The park is 47 in the middle of the state, north of Anchorage, and is included on most Alaska cruise tour itineraries. The 6 million acres that comprise the park are complete subarctic eco-system with 750 48 of flowering plants and over 200 birds and mammals. The park is a popular destination for tourists looking to hike, camp and view wildlife, and the grounds of the preserve also 49 a subject for research in the natural sciences. Bus tours run along the 90-mile Denali Park Road, which is closed 50 private vehicles after Mile 15. Walking and biking are thus great ways to get to know the park. Visitors also enjoy rafting, hiking and flight-seeing.
(A) landed
(B) situated
(C) occupied
(D) enclosed

(A) companions
(B) fragments
(C) substances
(D) species

(A) relate to
(B) focus on
(C) serve as
(D) come from

(A) to
(B) in
(C) at
(D) from