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104 年 - 104年四等警察人員考試 水上警察人員輪機組、水上警察人員航海組 水上警察專業英文#22347 

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1.26 Because of the dreadful weather, an American merchant ship was _______ in the harbor.

2.27 The vessel was on fire after explosion, but fortunately the fire is now _______ control.

3.28 Since the ship is seriously damaged, we have decided to _______ the ship.

4.29 The notification and coordination of maritime rescue operations in the surrounding waters of Taiwan is mainly conducted by NRCC. What does the abbreviation “NRCC” stand for?
(A)National Rescue Command Center
(B)National Rescue Community Council
(C)National Research Council Canada
(D)National Republican Congressional Committee

5.30 Fighting against smuggling and illicit entry/exit, the personnel of the Coast Guard shall _______ any suspect they discover in the course of duty to the authorities.
(A)drop off
(B)pick out
(C)turn down
(D)hand over

6.31 All mobile investigative groups of the Coast Guard Administration are _______ to perform intelligence-gathering mission of State Security.

7.32 A full safety _______ of the vessel was carried out immediately after learning that illegal drugs might be kept on the vessel.

8.33 Several crew members were badly injured in the crash and rushed to the hospital. It might take a long time before they can be _______ .

9.34 Mooring and unmooring services are _______ both to ensuring vessel safety and handling ship cargoes efficiently and effectively.

10.35 The United Nations was informed by some _______ sources that certain European companies had been dumping toxic and nuclear waste off the Somali coastline.

11.36 To prevent avian flu viruses from invading Taiwan via fowl-smuggling passages or illegal immigrants, the Coast Guard works closely with Center for Disease Control to keep _______ out.

12.37 To _______ the efficiency of maritime search and rescue operations, the Coast Guard has operational procedures pertinent to emergency response organization in order to set up joint command centers and dispatch rescue resources.

13.38 A Canadian cargo ship carrying 3,000 brand new cars sank soon after departure. An investigation was immediately _______ by the Canadian authorities into the cause of the accident.

14.39 If proved to be doing illegal activities such as smuggling and stowaway, the vessel could be _______ in port and the crew subject to interrogation/prosecution by the local authorities.

15.40 Serious _______ has been reported after the crash. According to the report, among all the 20 crew members onboard 17 were killed and 3 injured.

16.41 The Taitung Vessel, the newest addition to the Taiwan’s Coast Guard Fleet, is one of four 1,000-ton patrol vessels being built to _______ the Coast Guard’s ability to enforce maritime law.

17.42 An oil spill that blackened the beaches at this famous holiday island a year ago has had a serious _______ on the island’s tourism and fishing industries.

18.43 In order to improve the _______ of local coastguardsmen, Taiwan’s Coast Guard Administration is planning to invite some senior Coast Guard personnel from other countries to hold lectures as part of a training program.

19.44 When at rest on even keel, the vessel’s centre of buoyancy is directly below the centre of _______ as well as below the metacenter.

20.45 Having a lifesaver _______ a self-igniting light on your boat at all times helps you respond well if you find yourself in an emergency situation.
(A)opposed to
(B)come across
(C)turned against
(D)fitted with

21.請依下文回答第 46 題至第 48 題: Coast Guard Festival is a festival in Grand Haven, Michigan. Founded in 1924, the festival is a ten-day 46 that starts in the last weekend in July, and ends in early August. Over 350,000 people attend the festival, 47 the nation’s highest-ranking United States Coast Guard dignitaries from Washington, DC. The focus of the annual festival is to 48 the Coast Guard and those who sacrificed their lives in the service of their country.

(A)including respectively
(B) except for
(C) let al
(D) one

(B) approve 
(C) honor 

24.請依下文回答第 49 題至第 50 題: A cruise ship had a 49 with another merchant vessel and lost its engine power completely. It was soon 50 to the nearest harbor.