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104 年 - 104年警察四等中華民國憲法與消防警察專業英文-警察專業英文#22608 

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1.26 Firefighters must be able to think critically and solve problems quickly when _____ fire at a fire scene.

2.27 The fire department is seeking new _____ to use helmet-mounted cameras for novel ways to reduce injuries and make firefighting more efficient.

3.28 Periodic inspection and regular _____ of the wiring system of a building can help prevent overloading of the wiring or short-circuit from happening.

4.29 With the changes our industrial activities have brought to the environment, many weather related natural disasters have gained in both frequency and _____ .

5.30 Temporary shelters were set up for the victims who lost their homes to the _____ earthquake which claimed many lives in the remote village.

6.31 Units from the city’s Fire Department were sent to an amusement park to rescue the people _____ on a roller coaster ride that stopped in midair.

7.32 Wildfires must be detected and _____ prior to reaching an uncontrolled state if we want to significantly reduce the damage and cost of them.

8.33 A man reported a rockslide instance and gave a clear _____ of what happened as well as how many people were injured.

9.34 When rescuing injured workers at construction sites where the stairs are not accessible, a moving ladder is a good _____ to consider.

10.35 A mysterious giant sinkhole has appeared in the suburb of the capital city, _____ 20 meters in width and up to 30 meters in depth.

11.36 When the firefighters arrived, they tried to find out how many people were _____ in the fire.

12.37 Live fire trainings usually take place in structures, built or acquired, to be _____ burned for firefighting practices.

13.38 When we use the washer, we should make sure that the right plug and outlet are used and that the machine is _____ properly.

14.39 In order for supplies and relief efforts to flow smoothly into the _____ areas after a natural disaster, government agencies must be in close contact with each other.

15.40 After _____ their climbing equipment and rescue gear, the team members began to ascend the cliff to meet the sick climber.

16.41 Emergency warning _____ can be electronic or manual and are designed to alert members of the public and other road users by sound that an emergency vehicle is approaching.

17.42 The National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Fire Sprinkler initiative has _____ a new grant program to ramp up sprinkler-related efforts across America.

18.請依下文回答第 43 題至第 46 題:
 Searching for people trapped under debris of a collapsed building should be done very carefully. As you clear the wreckage, you could be changing the balance of it, and further 43 the structure. Therefore, proper safety precautions should be taken at all times. Before starting to move large pieces of the wreckage, you should make 44 contact with the people trapped under it by calling out to them. You also need to make an effort to listen below the debris to catch any sign of 45 . Victims may respond to your call by uttering a word or tapping the debris. Even if there is no response, it 46 assumed that there is nobody below. The trapped person could be unconscious, or, might be too feeble to respond.




(A)should be should have been
(B) should not be
(C) should not have

22.請依下文回答第 47 題至第 50 題: 
The New York City Fire Museum operates a world-class fire safety education program in conjunction with the New York City Fire Department. The program 47 teaching visitors how to prevent fires within the home and how to protect themselves and escape should a fire occur. The program consists of two components – classroom training and a simulated fire event in a mock home environment. During the first portion, visitors are shown a video 48 fire safety and burn prevention. Immediately following the video, a New York City firefighter leads a discussion to reinforce safety information presented in the video. During the second half of the program, the firefighter leads the visitors through various rooms in a mock apartment. In each room (living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom), various fire and burn hazards are black-lit and the firefighter spends time explaining how each can cause a fire and 49 can be done to prevent it. When the group reaches the bedroom, the firefighter closes the door to continue his/her discussion. 50 , the firefighter’s assistant fills the rest of the apartment with theatrical smoke. A smoke alarm sounds and the firefighter teaches the visitors how to escape from the bedroom, and then helps them practice.

(A)counts on
(B)runs out
(C)calls for
(D)aims at

(C)being regarded
(D)regarded as