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104 年 - 104年警察四等-警察專業英文#22609 

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1.26 With a search _____ , police officers may search a residence without its owner’s consent.

2.27 Unfortunately, the police were unable to gather enough evidence during their _____ of the serial murders.

3.28 A juvenile _____ in the United States is a person who is typically under the age of 17 and commits an act that otherwise would have been charged as a crime if they were adults.

4.29 Today, ID fraud is a major concern for police around the world. Many young people use _____ ID to access adult venues, such as concerts and nightclubs.

5.30 Mary’s _____ against her husband’s conviction is being considered because she has presented some new solid evidence to the judge.

6.31 Jane is a victim of _____ and sexual violence, because ever since her mother fled from their house years ago she has been living alone with her alcoholic father.

7.32 _____ the driving habits of the two groups of drivers, the researcher hopes to find out ways to enhance road safety.
(A)Comparing with
(B)In comparison
(C)As compare
(D)By comparing

8.33 This community is now under police _____ because many residents of this area strongly demand it after serial murders occurred over the past few days.

9.34 Jennifer was convicted of the murder of her mother and sister according to Sam’s _____ that he made to the jury.

10.35 The Hong Kong Police try to prevent crime by persuading members of the public to do more to _____ themselves and their property.

11.36 Mr. Jackson stated the reason why he left the brush company where he worked as a salesman because he thought the brush would not _____ beyond a month.

12.37 Avoiding phone _____ is very important for people not to be cheated.

13.38 To stay physically healthy, most people know the importance of having a balanced _____ .

14.39 According to experts, a person’s lifestyle can be a major factor in their _____ , both physical and mental.

15.40 In Europe, many charity organizations receive more money from government _____ than from public donations.

16.41 A number of universities in England were established in the 19th and early 20th centuries _____ the industrial revolution and they trained highly skilled people for industry.
(B)indebted to
(C)as a result of
(D)with a view to

17.42 Mr. Jones has to be _____ all the time over his rare species of rose grown in the glass house, lest it should be stolen.
(B)on guard
(D)in sight

18.43 At seeing the garden, Mr. Hooper has no sooner said what a small garden it is, _____ an airplane is heard taking off.

19.44 Jeff’s five-year-old son had always enjoyed going to museums, particularly those where he could _____ buttons to make things work.

20.45 Women who have jobs report that they feel overworked by household chores _____ their professional duties.
(A)according to
(B)in contrast to
(C)in addition to
(D)in regard to

21.46 Susan’s gun was _____ after it was detected by the security officer at the customs at Taoyuan International Airport.

22.請依下文回答第 47 題至第 50 題: 
Of all the websites, one that has attracted attention recently is myspace.com. Most of this attention has come from the media and tells every reason why the website should be shut down. The threat of Internet predators is indeed a tough reality, but shutting down the site is not the answer. If myspace.com were shut down, another site would quickly take its place. Therefore, the right way is to teach teens how to use the site safely and educate them about who may be predators and how to avoid them. The key to 47 safe on the Internet is to make sure that your profile is secure. The simplest way is to change the privacy setting on your profile to “private”, which protects your information 48 only the people on your friend list can view it. Although this is 49 , it is not perfect. Predators can find ways to view your profile if they really want to, 50 through hacking in or figuring out their way onto your friend list. Thus, you should never post too much personal information. Some people actually post their home and school addresses, date of birth, and so on, often letting predators know exactly where they should go and when.

(A) stay
(B) be stayed
(C) stayed
(D) staying

(A)as to
(B)no matter
(C)so that