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1.1 During the hotel renovation, special ___ was given to the lighting fixtures and decorations.

2.2 Downloading should ___ about two to four minutes. The time needed will depend on the speed of your internet connection.

3.3 For five years in a row, the ___ of sick days taken by employees has gone down.

4.4 At the employee awards banquet, we hope to give all our hardworking employees the recognition that they ___.

5.5 The water of this city comes from a ___ located in the mountains nearby.

6.6 Unfortunately, after Epoch Computers merged with that Japanese company, the ___ of its stock dropped.

7.7 The beautiful statue my mother ordered did not arrive ___. When she opened the package, there were just pieces of broken glass.

8.8 Your afternoon tea experience includes a glass of good wine and a selection of culinary delights designed to ___ your beverage choice, and of course, live music for your entertainment.

9.9 Deck chairs operate on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved. Please take your ___ with you when leaving a deck chair for a period of time, or they may be removed.

10.10 Today, ships are equipped with a large array of electronic devices that help the ___ to reach their destinations.

11.11 The fast food restaurant should have been profitable, but poor capital control forced it into ___.

12.12 According to a recent ___, more people watch television on Sunday night than on any other night.

13.13 If you ever need an emergency contact number for someone, the ___ department keeps a file on each employee.

14.14 Having a good logo means people will be able to recognize your ___ instantly.

15.15 Chess is a popular ___ for people of all ages.

16.16 The baseball game had to be ___ for an hour because of a thunderstorm.

17.17 Black pepper is perhaps the most commonly used ___ in the world.

18.18 As soon as you submit the receipts, the company will ___ you for all costs related to your business trip.

19.19 The client requested that the contract be rewritten because several important clauses had been ___ from the original.

20.20 The building manager has informed us that the west entrance elevators will be out of ___ for the remainder of the week.

21.21 Sitting through a long presentation can make audience ___, so speakers should limit their talks to 30 minutes.

22.22 The Star Lodge boasts 20 years of 80 percent ___, a record for the state.

23.23 In an effort to reduce the number of plastic tooth brushes customers throw away, many hotels have stopped providing ___ brushes.

24.24 The restaurant manager was replaced because of her inability to maintain ___ among her employees.

25.25 Our trips range from cruising ___ islands to closer-to-home excursions to baseball games and music events.

26.26 The contract is still being discussed as the two parties have not been able to reach an ___ on several matters.

27.27 Federica is interested in genealogy or family history. In fact, she has___ her ancestors all the way back to the late seventeenth century.

28.28 The final examination will be a(n) ___ one that will cover everything we have studied since the beginning of the semester.

29.29 Starting next quarter, all store managers will be given increased ___, to make decisions on their own.

30.30 I like many types of movies, but my favorite ___ is science fiction films.

31.31 Terry went into the used-book store just to ___ through the old books, but he found a rare edition of a Hemingway novel that was worth over $1,000.

32.32 There was a rumor that there had been a minor accident at the nuclear power plant, but a spokesman for the plant issued a ___.

33.33 In most forms of music, ___ instruments such as drums provide the beat.

34.34 The actress was wearing sunglasses and a head scarf to ___ her identity, but she was recognized by her fans anyway.

35.35 In medicine, an acute condition is one that is only a temporary problem, such as a sprained ankle. However, a ___ one recurs over and over. Migraine headaches are an example of this kind of condition.

36.36 Professor Lee thought that the small college town would be a ___ place to live, but in fact, he found it quite cosmopolitan.

37.37 I think you need another knife, Laura. This one you have is so dull that it barely ___ bread.

38.38 Some publishing companies do not accept ___ manuscripts. If an author sends them materials that are not invited, they will be immediately rejected.

39.39 My brother is very superstitious. Whenever he sees a black cat, he considers it a bad ___.

40.40 A metropolitan area consists of a central city and any suburban areas in its ___.

41.41 Teamwork plays a vital ___ in fulfilling any mission, particularly at a time when an economic recession is looming on the horizon.

42.42 A: I hope the weather will clear up tomorrow for our picnic. B: Let us keep our fingers ___.

43.43 A: Do you like cooking? B: No, I’m not ___ it.

44.44 A: What do you think about the plan to build more factories? B: Environmentally, I’m afraid it is like opening Pandora’s ___.

45.45 A: It seems that everyone is jumping on the Godzilla ___. B: Yeah, even my grandmother bought a Godzilla model.

46.46 A: Why are you so busy today? B: The boss dropped this big assignment on me out of the ___.

47.47 A: Our toys are all over the place. B: They sure are. We had better clean them up or mom will go ___ when she gets home.

48.48 A: I failed that test--my life is ruined! B: Don’t get ___ away. It was only one test.

49.49 A: Are you interested in politics? B: No, it is not my cup of ___.

50.50 A: It seems I have lost all the work I did on the computer this afternoon. B: Oh, no! I am afraid you will have to start from ___ again.

51.51 In Australia, about 10% of all divorced people remarry after they ___ with their first spouses. This figure is about half of what it was in 1970.
(A)pull over
(B)put in
(C)split up
(D)wipe out

52.52 A: Bob argues with Bill about almost everything. B: They just do not see ___ to ___.

53.53 The representatives are___ going home and seeing their families after this negotiation.
(A)looking for
(B)looking forward to
(C)looking up
(D)looking up to

54.54 While you are at the conference, take an afternoon to ___ and check out the competition’s booths.
(A)look around
(B)look for
(C)look out
(D)look through

55.55 The plane cannot leave the gate ___ all passengers are seated and baggage is safely stowed.

56.56 The city government must decide ___ it wants to increase taxes or undergo severe budget cutbacks.

57.57 A recent survey shows that the average American generates ___ much trash as the average European.
(B)twice as
(C)as twice
(D)twice more

58.58 Despite ten years of success, the financial stress and burden of the sudden recession made the partnership ___.
(C)to fail
(D)to be failed

59.59 Your application materials must be postmarked ___ Friday, January 10.
(A)no later than
(B)no less than
(C)no more than
(D)no sooner than

60.60 The decision was not mature at all as there was ___ time for discussion before the vote.
(C)a little
(D)a few

61.61 George made a terrible social ___. He asked the hostess at the party when her baby was due, and she said, in an icy voice, “I am NOT pregnant!”

62.62 Because of threats he received recently, the entrepreneur hired a ___.

63.63 I always thought Dr. Wang was ___. He seldom talked to anyone and seemed cold and distant. But now, I realize that he was just painfully shy!

64.64 A: I am not familiar with this new computer. B: It is not that difficult. I am sure you will get the ___ of it soon.

65.65 Naples is rich in historical, artistic and cultural traditions; in addition, it is famous for its ___ because the city is by tradition the home of pizza.

66.66 The spy wrote her message in a secret code, but government intelligence agents were able to ___ the message.

67.67 Tour tickets, once booked, are ___ to a 10% cancellation fee if returned prior to the deadline.

68.68 Commuters can help reduce pollution by occasionally leaving ___ cars at home and using public transportation.

69.69 People everywhere are becoming concerned about the high energy prices. Rising energy costs are forcing many offices to ___ energy-saving measures.

70.70 Everyone attended last week’s meeting ___ Mr. Lee, who was out of town on a business trip.

71.For about US$50, a cheap, acceptable hotel room can be found in most countries. In some countries, you may even be able to pay less. If you are traveling on a tight budget, another option is a boarding house. They are normally found in abundance near bus and railway stations. In some towns with a high number of tourists, it is common for families to rent rooms to visitors. Both these options are difficult to book in advance. However you can easily find out about them at the local bus or railway station when you arrive at your destination, if you are not immediately inundated with offers the minute you step off your bus. Although traveling this way does not provide the security of knowing exactly where you will next spend the night, it does have the advantage of giving you an experience with the local culture that most motels and hotels cannot provide. Good inexpensive hotels can be found in most cities away from the airport, tourist areas, and central business districts. There are often great seasonal variations in hotel prices at resorts. Remember, cheaper hotels do not always supply soap, towels, and toilet paper, so carry these items with you. By going online, it’s a simple matter to find a hotel within your price range in practically any city in the world. Most sites also include customer reviews, an especially important feature when booking budget-priced accommodations. In addition, most hotels and motels offer discounts to travelers making their reservations online.
【題組】71 For whom is this information intended?
(A)Diners looking for restaurants.
(B)Hotel managers looking for guests.
(C)Online booking operators.
(D)Travelers looking for accommodations.

72.【題組】72 The underlined word abundance is closest in meaning to ______.
(A)great quantity
(B)middle-class neighborhood
(C)safe areas
(D)walking distance

73.【題組】73 What, according to the passage, may be a good way to closely experience the local culture?
(A)Find the hotel after you arrive at a place.
(B)Go traveling at the right season.
(C)Stay away from business districts.
(D)Make on-line booking.

74.【題組】74 What can a traveler get by booking a room online?
(A)Free soap and towels.
(B)Lower room prices.
(C)A taste of the local culture.
(D)An offer for a free bus ride.

75.【題組】75 The underlined word inundated is closest in meaning to“ ”.

76.Many travelers prefer to buy foreign currency in their own countries before they leave, both for convenience and as a hedge against possible market fluctuations, but there are other options. Arriving in a foreign country can be a confusing experience, even for seasoned globe-trotters. By buying your currency beforehand, you can become acquainted with the value and appearance of the notes and coins, as well as avoid any exchange commissions applied by foreign banks for the conversion of foreign currency. It is more convenient to have some local currency with you immediately upon arrival in a foreign country for the inevitable initial expenses, such as taxis, meals, and tips, as your arrival might not coincide with normal banking hours. As soon as you arrive, you can be ready to go without wasting time lining up to exchange your money at the airport. Many modern travelers use automated teller machines (ATMs) to obtain local cash when traveling abroad. ATMs are easy to use. The machines are familiar, and you can use the same card to access your account as you use at home. One drawback is the hefty fees charged by both the local bank and your home bank. The fees for foreign exchange transactions are generally higher than they are for domestic transactions. When you arrive at the airport, you don’t want to worry about finding the nearest ATM machine and then trying to understand the money it dispenses. So, while judicious use of ATMs is a good idea when traveling abroad, ATMs don’t preclude the need to arrive in a foreign country with cash in hand.
【題組】76 Who are seasoned globe-trotters?
(A)First-time international tourists.
(B)Retired members of a basketball team.
(C)Experienced travelers.
(D)International gourmets.

77.【題組】77 If travelers change their money before they leave, what will they NOT have to do upon reaching their destination?
(A)Pay for initial expense.
(B)Wait in line for money change.
(C)Go through customs.
(D)Bring the money with them.

78.【題組】78 What is the most important advantage of having local currency at hand when arriving at a foreign country?
(A)The traveler always enjoys a better exchange rate if buying foreign currency in advance.
(B)Local people recognize their own currency in cash only, not in any other forms.
(C)The traveler does not need to worry about the loss of the credit cards or ATM cards.
(D)The traveler would be prepared for some initial expenses, such as taxis, meals, and tips.

79.【題組】79 What is the author’s preference of using foreign currency in traveling, among the several options?
(A)Buy the foreign currency before leaving one’s own country.
(B)Buy the foreign currency as soon as one reaches the destination.
(C)Use ATM cards to get cash anywhere in the country one visits.
(D)Use credit cards to make the travel more convenient.

80.【題組】80 What, according to the passage, can be a major disadvantage of using ATMs in a foreign country?
(A)Not all ATMs accept cards from foreign banks, so service may not be available.
(B)There is usually a high fee charged for international transaction.
(C)Some ATMs may not have enough cash in storage.
(D)The ATMs do not give small denominations of cash or coins.