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1.1 Being creative involves making the best use of your senses: for example, it means looking at the same object from many different ________.

2.2 If the town were ________ about drinking and driving, I would not worry so much about driving at night.

3.3 Human began ________ food about 10,000 years ago; otherwise, they would not have developed a stable food source.

4.4 Even though the men were the leaders in this tribe, within the family, they were ________ to the women.

5.5 Although each language in the world may have a very ________ set of words and grammar, all of them have similar parts of speech.

6.6 Since the last half of the twentieth century, our way of life has been ________ by gadgets of all types: television sets and DVDs, cell phones and computers, just to name a few.

7.7 Culture is humanity’s ________; there is not one aspect of human life that is not touched and altered by culture.

8.8 Should the Prime Minister receive another vote of no confidence, she would be forced to ________ her government.

9.9 When you read a forty-page chapter, you may divide it into readable ________ to increase your comprehension.

10.10 When we have leftover cooked stew or other food with meat, it is suggested that the food should be ________ to room temperature, and then put in the refrigerator.

11.11 Recently more and more men are ________ new roles and entering new careers that previously were nearly all female. For example, we are now seeing more male nurses.
(A)taking on
(B)laying off
(C)pointing out
(D)putting down

12.12 Studies have shown that many people are very concerned about the amount of sex and violence ________ in television shows.

13.13 We thought our experimental design was flawless, but it turns ________ that we failed to control an important variable.

14.14 There is no sense ________ over such a petty matter.
(A)splitting hair
(B)holding water
(C)carrying the ball
(D)taking into account

15.15 She and I argue a lot, but if we could just sit down and talk things over, I think we could ________ our differences.
(A)put over
(B)hang up
(C)work out
(D)send back

16.16 We have ________ all of our travel funds for the year; any trips from now on will have to be paid for out of our own pockets.
(A)used up
(B)asked for
(C)carried out
(D)gotten back

17.17 To keep the bills down, I ________ turning off the computer the minute I was finished with it.
(A)was sidetracked by
(B)got into the habit of
(C)made a big impact on
(D)came face to face with

18.18 Professionals who seek career experience outside of their home countries may feel the need to ________ with a new challenge.
(A)swing back and forth
(B)recharge their batteries
(C)put their heads together
(D)make a mountain out of a molehill

19.19 When you are interviewed, you had better not volunteer any additional information because that could ________ you.
(A)perform for
(B)cut down on
(C)work against
(D)keep abreast of

20.20 I have been working on this design problem all day with nothing to show for it. I just seem to be ________.
(A)beating around the bush
(B)getting down to business
(C)running around in circles
(D)putting two and two together

21.21 Human beings often like to be part of a group, so it comes as no surprise that they would do something to ________.
(A)get an early start
(B)look for peer identity
(C)come out the winner
(D)make a social statement

22.22 Generally most of us admire the people whose names ________ success, risk-taking, and creative thinking.
(A)team up with
(B)keep track of
(C)are independent of
(D)are synonymous with

23.23 This girl was very happy to ________ publicity that came with her relationship with the most celebrated soccer player in the world.
(A)fall short of
(B)stay out
(C)with go up against
(D)ride the wave of

24.24 It is late and I am tired of sitting around waiting for everybody to show up; I wish we could ________.
(A)get going
(B)hang around
(C)keep alive
(D)stay young

25.25 What the lawyer advised the couple was to ________ with a trained and licensed marriage counselor before the two even contemplated getting a divorce.

26.26 The police officer wanted to come face to face with the ghostly phenomenon and ________ it as a hoax.

27.27 He is not good at talking to strangers. When he tries to make polite conversation, it often ________ uncomfortable silence.
(A)fills out
(B)takes up
(C)lapses into
(D)accounts for

28.28 Doing the housework is one of those things that you can do frequently with ________ effort, or infrequently with a whole lot of work.

29.29 Many people believe that wealth is like health: ________ its utter absence can breed misery, having it does not guarantee happiness.

30.30 Many people agree that America is not only a country of wealth and riches, but also a country of homelessness and ________.

31.31 These two articles both discuss material goods; ________, they take different views about the value of possessions.
(C)to sum up
(D)as a result

32.32 ________ their military to become weak, their country might be invaded.

33.33 If you have problems with ________ sickness, you can take over-the-counter antihistamines before traveling.

34.34 To be able to work as a chef in the first rate hotel means that you have to have professional ________ skills.

35.35 Tourism ________ refers to the amount paid for the acquisition of consumption goods and services for and during tourism trips.

36.36 Climate tourism has become a new ________ in the booming ecotourism due to the global warming in recent years.

37.37 The policy of Taiwan tourism is to reach the goals of development of international tourism, _______of domestic travel quality, and increased foreign-exchange revenues.

38.38 ________ refers to a set of social conventions that facilitate interactions over networks on the world-wide web.

39.39 Being ________ means that you anticipate problems before they arise and come up with solutions ahead of time.

40.40 The ________ statement of Tourism Malaysia is “marketing Malaysia as a destination of excellence to make tourism industry a major contributor to the socio-economic development of the nation.”

41.41 One of the most desirable qualities of a tour leader is being ________-minded, i.e., willing to help others.

42.42 After the 311 disaster in Japan in 2011, many Japanese began to advocate for the ________ of the use of nuclear power.

43.43 The Agency Against Corruption is forced to ________ an investigation into the bribery case of the governor.

44.44 Even though it controls all of our body movements, the brain itself never ________.

45.45 Event ________ are in charge of organizing all the details required to ensure the success of an event.

46.46 Online dating has become a ________ for many people looking for potential relationships.

47.47 Being responsible means that we should learn to take the ________ of our own actions.

48.48 In order to save money, she asked to be ________ to the branch office near her home town.

49.49 After a long period of economic depression, the unemployment rate has finally ________.

50.50 Ultra-high speed tube trains are one of the most ________-edge technologies in the 21st century.

51.51 ________of energy has become a very important policy for many countries due to the limited resources.

52.52 The color blue is often ________ with sadness.

53.53 The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to be one of the world’s ________ producers and providers of entertainment and information.

54.54 The value of the stocks has grown ________ 1.6 percent in 2013 to ten million US dollars.

55.55 Air ________ can be caused by either human error or poor weather conditions.

56.56 ________ is forbidden on campus for sanitary reasons.

57.57 I will keep her ________ on the progress of the project.

58.58 The English tour group ________ Taj Mahal last December.
(D)visit had visited

59.59 I have been living in Japan ________ two and a half years.

60.60 She ________ me that pearl milk tea was one of the most famous drinks in Taiwan.

61.61 Taking a ________ has become quite popular in recent years with the new smart phone technology.

62.62 Drinking and eating on the Taipei MRT are strictly ________.

63.63 The murderer ________ before the detective arrived on the crime scene.
(B)has left
(D)had left

64.64 We had no choice but to ________ to force in order to settle the dispute.

65.65 We’re so grateful to the warm ________ the host family showed us.

66.66 Your ________ response will be highly appreciated.

67.67 The man was arrested by the police for producing ________ LV bags.

68.68 We should always ________ our blessings and live with content.

69.69 Pickpocketing often occurs in ________ tourist attractions.

70.70 I would definitely have bought a car if I had learned to drive back in college. The truth was ________ in college.
(A)I did learn to drive
(B)I did buy a car
(C)I never bought a car
(D)I learned how to drive

71.Tourisms around the world bring both positive and negative impacts to the local community. These impacts can be classified as economic, environmental, and sociocultural. Positive economic impacts include job opportunities, income obtained from tourisms and improvements in the transport 71 . Negative economic impacts refer to low salaries often associated with non-managerial jobs and through financial speculation, which can cause the price of land and homes to rise well beyond the capacity of local people. The environmental impacts can be legendary with the presence of the large number of tourists in fragile natural areas, which 72 produces pollution and degradation. As for the effects of tourism in sociocultural aspect, 73 tourist demand, local arts and crafts are often heavily commercialized. In addition, it is also common to see traditional dances and ceremonies 74 purely for a tourist audience and on dates that 75 no relationship with the ceremonies’ true meaning.


(A)in respect to
(B)in response to
(C)in spite of
(D)in lieu of

(A)to perform
(C)being performed


76.Accommodation is known as the heart of tourism, and hotels are the hub of accommodation. The hotel industry is both complex and highly competitive. Hotels can be categorized into either chains or independent ones. The former refers to major chains such as Sheraton, Hilton, and Accor. The major chains use different brands as a strategy to gain access to different segments of the accommodation market. Accor, for example, is an European leader and worldwide group which owns various brands from the very high-end Sofitel and Pullman to mid-market Mercure to the budget and economy Etap and Formule 1. Consumers who are attracted to such brands know exactly what they want and get: hotels within a given brand cost more or less the same and look and feel very similar no matter where they are located. Whether you are a hardened business executive or timorous first-timer, they can be expected and comforting. Independent hotels are privately owned and managed as a small/family business. They feature a sense of uniqueness, in contrast to the sometimes “identikit air” of the chain hotels. Independents can also offer the client a more personal experience and their staff turnover is generally lower.
【題組】76 What might be the best title for this excerpt?
(A)The structure of the accommodation market
(B)Characteristics of the world-known chain hotels
(C)The competition between the chain and independent hotels
(D)Consumers perspectives of the different types of hotels

77.【題組】77 Which of the followings is not true about the chain hotels?
(A)They very often look and feel similar wherever they are in the world.
(B)They include world-famous brands such as Sheraton, Hilton, and Accor.
(C)They have higher staff turnover compared to the independent hotels.
(D)They mostly target only at the clients who can afford to stay at high-end hotels.

78.【題組】78 What does “identikit air” mean in line two of the third paragraph?
(A)A feeling of uniqueness
(B)A sense of belonging
(C)A feeling of being the same
(D)A sense of tolerance

79.【題組】79 Which of the following statements is true about the excerpt?
(A)Accor hotels are an upmarket branded chain hotels group.
(B)Many chain hotels target at the different segments of the market.
(C)Independent hotels usually fail to attract repeat guests.
(D)Compared to Etap and Formule 1, Mercure is a more economical hotel brand.

80.【題組】80 What can not be inferred based on the excerpt above?
(A)The hotel industry can be quite competitive nowadays.
(B)Many chain hotels aim at both the rich and the low budget consumers.
(C)Some independent hotels might team up with each other through a consortium.
(D)Company executives or celebrities in general might stay with the Sofitel or Pullman hotel.