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104 年 - 104年少將轉任考試_國軍上校以上軍官轉任公務人員考試_一般行政 英文#22834 

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1.1 Sometimes we recoil when a stranger reaches out to help as we stumble, and sometimes we _____ to a kind word with an unpleasantness that was not intended.

2.2 He's a handsome man with a_____ smile and an infectious laugh. When he walked into Grandma's house he was like fireworks exploding on a summer night.

3.3 Since some dyes can_____ and stain your skin, colorists agree that, in order to protect your skin, it is helpful to spread Vaseline along your hairline before applying any color.

4.4 According to psychologist Laurence Steinberg, good parenting is_____ , but all parents can improve their skills through practice.

5.5 President Obama says he hopes the_____ will reveal the truth about the shooting and he hopes that truth will bring peace to the city.

6.6 The head of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is hopeful that the spread of the deadly Ebola virus can be defeated. But he says quick action is_____ to make that happen.

7.7 President Barack Obama has_____ the Islamic State militants who killed an American reporter and threatened to kill another one.
(B) recruited

8.8 Demonstrators in Monrovia, Liberia, protested the government's insufficient efforts to_____ the Ebola virus.
(C) attain
(D) depict

9.9 The monsoon has brought _____ amounts of rain in June and July and the flooding has killed more than 50 people in India.

10.10 The idea of global warming was retrieved from the bin and turned into one of the biggest arguments of our time.
(A)The idea of global warming began as a pure theoretical postulation and then the debate heated up dramatically.
(B)The idea of global warming resulted from laboratory research and then the debate heated up dramatically.
(C)The idea of global warming was initially due to natural disasters and then the debate heated up dramatically.
(D)The idea of global warming used to be refuted but has regained attention and become a hot topic of arguments these days.

11.One of the most powerful weasel words is VIRTUALLY, a word so innocent that most people don't pay any attention to it when it is used in an advertising claim. But watch out. It is used in advertising claims that appear to make specific, definite promises when there is no promise. After all, what does Virtually mean? It means in essence or effect, although not in fact. The next time you see the ad that says that this dishwasher detergent leaves dishes virtually spotless, just remember how advertisers twist the meaning of the weasel word VIRTUALLY. You can have lots of spots on your dishes after using this detergent and the ad claim will still be true, because what this claim really means is that this detergent does not in fact leave your dishes spotless. Whenever you see or hear an ad claim that uses this word, just translate that claim into its real meaning. So the product that virtually never needs service becomes the product that is not in fact service free.
【題組】11. Which of the following best explains Weasel Words?
(B)words that are used to mislead without outright lying
(C)words that make the negative disappear
(D)words that make the reader feel flattered

12.【題組】12 According to this passage, which of the following is NOT true?
(A)Advertisers try to convince people that the product does what they claim it can do.
(B)Encouraging people to buy products, advertisers try to avoid being outright dishonest.
(C)Advertisers may possibly benefit from using weasel words in advertising claims.
(D)Weasel words are not considered abuses in advertising claims.

13.【題組】13 Which of the following can NOT be inferred from this passage?
(A)Identifying weasel words may help us become aware of the potential trap in buying products.
(B)Advertisers use weasel words to appear to be making a claim for a product when in fact they are making no such claim.
(C)Weasel words are not subject to some laws.
(D)Many weasel words can be found in advertising claims.

14. Each August, as students head to college, Beloit College issues the Beloit College Mindset List. The college web site describes this list as “a look at the cultural touchstones that shapes the lives of students entering college” (www.beloit.edu). For teachers making 14 to cultural events that shaped their own lives, this list provides insights into the students in their classes. The Mindset List 15 that older generations will remember an earlier, very different time, but the class of 2012, for example, lives in a world where “Gas stations have never fixed flats, but most serve appuccino.” 16 world has always included computers, the Universal Studios tour, and GPS systems. A large 17 of these students has never shared a bedroom and will have their first experience with a roommate as they begin college. They have led their lives attached to their cell phones, communicating through texting. They understand principles of multiculturalism and environmentalism, they are unaware that Small Pox has ever 18 a global health threat, and they could be classmates with Harry Potter.

(C) offers
(D) implies

(B) They're
(C) Their
(D) There're

(B) total
(C) weight

(C) posed
(D) imported

19.How advertisers win our hearts and minds and get our money? Here are some examples. 19 . But its cost is included in the price. 20 . Of course they will produce more if they can sell it. 21 . Although the actress is holding the product in the photo, do you really think she uses this cream at home? 22 . Then you will be bombarded with ads from them and other companies.
(A)“Come get it free. All your neighbors are enjoying it.”
(B)“Three out of five doctors recommend it.”
(C)“Rock bottom prices. Everything must go.”
(D)“Get a free camera when you subscribe to our magazine for two years.”

(A)“Buy this limited edition now!”
(B) “Buy one get one free.”
(C)“Last day on sale.”
(D)“Warehouse clearing.”

(A)“We are lovin' it.”
(B) “Just do it.”
(C)“We are family.”
(D) “Trust me, I 'm a celebrity.”

(A)“Buy a bundle: cable TV, telephone, and Net--all in one.”
(B)“Buy a one-year service and get three extra months free. ”
(C)“Leave us your address and you'll get a free quote.”
(D)“Subscribe to a family package and save.”

23. Amid excitement over 3D printing, there is caution. According to experts, safety and reliability standards and mandates will need to be developed and implemented for products that can be churned out on a whim. Technical education and training will likely be impacted. Legal issues pertaining to ownership, patent protection, trademarks and copyrights and credentials for individuals using the technology will need to be resolved before 3D printing reaches new levels and new frontiers. In the U.S. and elsewhere, the 3D printer is enabling a “maker movement,” as an increasing number of people apply the technology to their daily lives. In the business world, 3D printers are used at dental labs to make custom crowns in less than one hour and at NASA’s to fabricate a new type of fuel injector. Future industrial applications include food production and the printing of human bone and tissue. What’s more, 3D printers are showing up in basements and garages of households as the do-it-yourself community embraces the powerful tool to make everything from model trains and translucent chess pieces to circuitry and musical instruments. Three dimensional printers make products by following instructions from a computer and stacking raw material — plastic, metal or other substance — into layers. Whereas in conventional design and anufacturing, computer-based models are developed and then adapted to machining. “Among the many advantages of 3D printing is the capability of the system to print on demand when an object is needed,” said the author of the book “Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing”. Many of the consumer 3D printers on the market are “selective deposition” types that squirt, squeeze or spray liquid, paste or powdered raw material through a nozzle. Found today in many homes and schools, the selective deposition models are also a favorite of food-loving enthusiasts, who use the printers to create dough, frosting and other culinary treats. Experts concurred that 3D printing will enjoy a promising future.
【題組】23. Which of the following is NOT a good reason for the excitement surrounding 3D printing?
(A)It enables a “maker movement” as more people apply the technology to their daily lives.
(B)Food-loving enthusiasts can finally create dough and other culinary treats manually.
(C)It has the capability to print on demand whenever an object is needed.
(D)It enables the do-it-yourself community to make everything they need.

24.【題組】24 According to the passage, which of the following is NOT the author's main concern?
(C) Legal issues
(D)Raw material

25.【題組】25 Which of the followings is most likely a legal issue in 3D printing?
(A)Teaching employees skills for using the technology.
(B)Computer-based models are developed and then adapted to machining.
(C)Printing an object that is protected by patents.
(D)Following instructions from a computer and stacking raw material into layers.