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104 年 - 104年臺北捷運-新進助理工程員、助理專員-【英文】#19063 

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1.1. He ________ smoking five years ago.
(A) has been quitting
(B) quit
(C) has quit
(D) quits

2.2. We ________ when you called yesterday.
(A) worked
(B) have been working
(C) were working
(D) had worked

3.3. This Awards Ceremony ________ every year to acknowledge and recognize students, staff, and faculty that demonstrate a commitment to science education.
(A) have held
(B) to be held
(C) are held
(D) is held

4.4. When I was a kid, I ________ with my brother all the time.
(A) fought
(B) was fighting
(C) have been fighting
(D) was fought

5.5. Her teachers considered Cassie ________ an emerging star.
(A) be
(B) being
(C) to be
(D) been

6.6. In next month’s issue, we ________ coupons offering a steep discount for new subscriptions only.
(A) were inserting
(B) have been inserted
(C) had inserted
(D) will be inserting

7.7. They had her ________ to many auditions.
(A) go
(B) going
(C) to go
(D) went

8.8. ________ the organization was founded last year, it already has over 300 registered members.
(A) Although
(B) Because
(C) In spite of
(D) Besides

9.9. Ms. Willis will be unable to finish her project by Friday unless she ________ one of the office interns to help her.
(A) got
(B) has gotten
(C) gets
(D) will get

10.10. The tourist was unable to find the local information center ________ was marked on her city map.
(A) who
(B) what
(C) where
(D) which

11.11. The new labor regulation ________ impacts the operations of E&A’s factory in Wugu.
(A) direct
(B) directly
(C) director
(D) directing

12.12. The construction application could be approved by the government ________ all the necessary forms were submitted.
(A) after
(B) regarding
(C) until
(D) without

13.13. It was officially announced that ________ design for the company logo was accepted.
(A) our
(B) we
(C) us
(D) ours

14.14. Please stack the boxes ________ the wall leading up to the storage room.
(A) among
(B) against
(C) across
(D) about

15.15. The weather expert expects conditions to be ________ over the next few days than they have been all year.
(A) bad
(B) badly
(C) worse
(D) worst

16.16. Athena realized that she didn’t have the ________ to become a champion.
(A) championship
(B) motivation
(C) opponent
(D) accomplishment

17.17. The coach told the players that they wouldn’t ________ the opposing team unless they improved.
(A) achieve
(B) defend
(C) beat
(D) get used to

18.18. Plastic waste is hard to________ from the environment.
(A) generate
(B) reverse
(C) eliminate
(D) sustain

19.19. Nations don’t like to ________ in each other's politics.
(A) give up
(B) intervene
(C) recover
(D) oppose

20.20. After the hurricane, government agencies arrived in the area to ________ the damage.
(A) assess
(B) give up
(C) tolerate
(D) prohibit

21.21. The company made Roger such a good offer that he couldn’t ________ it.
(A) cut off
(B) postpone
(C) refuse
(D) afford

22.22. Alice was quick to ________ but slow to accept negative feedback herself.
(A) designate
(B) get into trouble
(C) get away with
(D) criticize

23.23. As the heat in the city rose higher and higher, people began to feel desperate. Many took off their jackets and ties. Some even went without socks and shoes.
(A) departed quickly
(B) increased dramatically
(C) removed
(D) disclose

24.24. If you’re going to the mall, could you please pick up an umbrella for me? It’s going to rain for the next three days, and I lost my old one.
(A) learn
(B) lift
(C) obtain
(D) receive

25.25. After hearing the weather report calling for a hurricane, Larry decided to call off his beach party. The rain and wind would make it too dangerous for his guests to get to the party.
(A) cancel
(B) departed quickly
(C) learn
(D) postpone

26.26. The new company policy on leave affects all employees, ________ of age, experience or rank.
(A) regard
(B) regardless
(C) regarding
(D) regarded

27.27. Today we know that Mendel’s “factors,” which we now call “genes,” ________ who and what we are.
(A) come up with
(B) determine
(C) set out
(D) reimburse

28.28. Some energy experts believe that the sun can produce more energy than nations can ________.
(A) consume
(B) reverse
(C) eliminate
(D) delegate

29.29. Scientists noticed that certain ________ in pea plants follow a pattern from generation to generation.
(A) statistics
(B) traits
(C) average
(D) ambition

30.30. The ________ treasure that Dustin found with his metal detector consisted mostly of gold objects from the late seventh century.
(A) adventurous
(B) tranquil
(C) breathtaking
(D) remote

31.31. The senior executive refused to________ the deadline for the report on the proposed merger.
(A) extend
(B) exhale
(C) exhibit
(D) extract

32.32. The ________ specified the clothes that students were required to wear in school.
(A) discipline
(B) restriction
(C) regulation
(D) limitation

33.33. According to the memo, the human resources department will ________ a new identification card to each employee.
(A) propose
(B) control
(C) review
(D) issue

34.34. Arden’s job was to ________ the goal against the players from the other team.
(A) refuse
(B) beat
(C) get used to
(D) defend

35.35. Management is trying to develop a more ________ system for managing and assessing employee performance.
(A) appropriate
(B) inevitable
(C) reluctant
(D) intense

36.36. Lily: Ranold, you’re late! Ranold: Why! I should still have half an hour. The meeting starts at 3, doesn’t it? Lily: No, the executive committee meeting starts at 3, our meeting was at 1. Ranold: Oh no! You’ll have to fill me in on everything. Did you keep the minutes? When did Ranold arrive?
(A) 1:00
(B) 1:30
(C) 2:30
(D) 3:00

37.37. Man: Excuse me. Woman: Yes? Man: I’m a tourist from Taiwan. My wallet was stolen and I’m not sure what I need to do. Woman: Well, I suggest you’ll need to go to the police station and report it. Man: But I don’t know where the police station is. Woman: Go straight ahead. It’s only two blocks from here. What will the man probably do next?
(A) Purchase a new wallet.
(B) Report the theft to the police.
(C) Ask the woman to take him to the police station.
(D) Go back to Taiwan.

38.38. Man: Excuse me, is this seat taken? Woman: Someone was sitting here a minute ago. Man: I guess I’ll have to find another seat. Woman: Wait! I remember he took his coat with him when he left. What does the woman imply?
(A) It is cold outside.
(B) The movie is not good enough.
(C) The man may sit anywhere he likes.
(D) The seat is available.

39.39. Angus: Wow! What an amazing AV entertainment system! It must have cost a fortune. Joyce: Not really. Most of the components were on sale when I bought them. Angus: But look at this DVD player. It’s the newest model! Joyce: Yeah. 1 bought it when I was in Japan on business last month; it cost a lot less there. What did Joyce buy in Japan?
(A) A television set
(B) A DVD player
(C) A cabinet
(D) An entertainment center

40.40. Sam: I think I told you to close the windows when you left the house. Claire: I’m sorry. I didn’t think it was important. Sam: If we keep the windows closed during the day, not so much dust will get inside. Claire: You’ve got a point here. What does Claire think of Sam’s reason for keeping the windows shut?
(A) It is ridiculous.
(B) It doesn’t sound too important.
(C) It makes some sense.
(D) It is interesting.

41.41. Sean: Guess what? I finally got two tickets to Dubai. Mia: That’s great! How much were they? Sean: 30,000 NT each. Mia: Wow, that’s not bad. I wish I could go with you guys. Who is going to on a trip?
(A) Sean and a friend of his
(B) Sean and Mia
(C) Sean is going alone.
(D) Mia and a friend of hers

42.42. Jim: Can you finish the project yourself, or would you like me to take over? Jen: ________________.
(A) Nobody knows about the takeover.
(B) I haven’t seen the projections.
(C) Right. It was assigned to him.
(D) I think I can handle it.

43.43. Taylor: Do you like to listen to music? James: ________________.
(A) Yes, it was brilliant.
(B) All the time.
(C) No, I don’t play an instrument.
(D) I like Broadway musicals.

44.44. Liam: Didn’t you go to that movie last Saturday? Wendy: ________________.
(A) It finally came out on Friday.
(B) It’s so good. I want to see it again.
(C) Yes, I heard it’s really impressive.
(D) I’m going back to Dallas.

45.45. A: Should I call you George, or do you go by William? B: ________________.
(A) No, I don’t know him.
(B) He’s our new director.
(C) Either is fine.
(D) No, that’s okay.

46.閱讀測驗 46-50 Though many places in the world seem to enjoy peaceful prosperity, there are unfortunately still human rights violations that occur on a daily basis. While it’s impossible to prosecute every incident, there is an organization dedicated to making the international public more aware of such injustices in the hope of stopping future offenses. Amnesty International was established to help the thousands of people worldwide who are incarcerated, tortured, terrorized or brutalized because of their political beliefs. It began with a group of former political prisoners in 1961 and has now grown to a membership of more than 1 million in over a hundred different countries. Amnesty International’s strength lies with its members. Once a political injustice is discovered, members write letters to their own countries and notify the media about the incident. This puts pressure on governments by highlighting inhumane treatment of citizens and can ultimately lead to changes in government policies or even human lives being saved. The work of Amnesty International is highly respected throughout the world and earned them the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977. Because they are not affiliated with any particular religion or political views, their objective research is often called upon to aid other international organizations such as the United Nations. Though their headquarters are in London, they have more than seven thousand offices internationally and uncover incidents from every corner of the globe. Mexico, Australia, Iraq, China and the US, among many others, have come under security for human rights violations. With Amnesty International, concerned citizens all over the world can work together and engender fairness in places where it is most needed.
【題組】46. What is the main purpose of Amnesty International?
(A) Helping governments create political systems.
(B) Organizing protest campaigns.
(C) Stopping human rights violations.
(D) Teaching the media about international laws.

47.【題組】47. Who established Amnesty International?
(A) People who were once put in jail for their beliefs.
(B) British citizens concerned about international peace.
(C) More than a million people from different countries.
(D) Politicians from Mexico, Australia, Iraq, China and the US.

48.【題組】48. How does Amnesty International fight political injustices?
(A) They organize a protest march in London.
(B) They research the country’s political history.
(C) They prosecute the offenders in court.
(D) They notify governments and the media of incidents.

49.【題組】49. Which of the following is true of Amnesty International?
(A) Their headquarters are localized to different offices.
(B) More than a hundred different countries have members.
(C) They won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1961.
(D) Only Christians can belong to their group.

50.【題組】50. Which of the following would be an Amnesty International concern?
(A) Having a democratic election in a country with a king.
(B) Changing unfair labor laws.
(C) Discovering a lost, ancient society.
(D) Imprisoned and abused war protesters.