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104 年 - 104年臺北捷運-新進司機員、技術員-【英文】#19030 

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1.1. The train will stop in Taoyuan briefly, but its final _____ is Taipei.
(B) destination
(C) stronghold
(D) construction

2.2. The giant panda is a _____ animal. With the loss of the bamboo forests where they live, the panda is becoming scarce and rare.
(A) timid
(B) monotonous
(C) mischievous
(D) precious

3.3. Stephanie spent the weekend at the national library so she could _____ on her studies.
(A) concentrate
(B) innovate
(C) ignore
(D) relieve

4.4. His brother __________ just two minutes before it was due.
(A) has finished to type the report
(B) finished typing the report
(C) has finished typing the report until
(D) has been finishing to type the report

5.5. _____ all our efforts to save this museum, the government decided to close it.
(A) Despite of
(B) In spite
(C) Despite
(D) In spite with

6.6. Brian:“ What can I get for you, Eric? Coffee or tea?” Eric: “I'll have a glass of orange juice, please. If I drink _____ after 5 p.m., I won't be able to sleep.”
(A)dairy products
(B) chowder
(C) caffeine
(D) sport drinks

7.7. Peter was so _____ in class that he fell asleep.
(A) bored
(B) boring
(C) bore
(D) boredom

8.8. What her mother did __________her.
(A)has a great influence of
(B) is greatly influenced to
(C) is a great influence with
(D) had a great influence on

9.9. Try to _____ the amount of money you spend eating out at restaurants so that you can save more money.
(B) decrease
(C) expand
(D) contribute

10.10. A: “Major airlines have their own training schools. For the first six months, flight attendants usually work on call. Airlines sometimes require them to show up for work with just an hour’s notice. “ B: “So their schedules can be very _____?” A: “Yes.”
(A) impassive
(B) palatable
(C) languid
(D) unpredictable

11.11. The famous singer _____ the day before yesterday.
(A) died
(B) was dead
(C) dead
(D) was dying

12.12. The train __________________ the MRT station.
(A) had already left since he has arrived at
(B) have already leaved until he arrived in
(C) had already left when he arrived at
(D) have already left for two minutes after he arrived

13.13. I don't think about my old friend very much, only __________.
(B) twice a day
(C) now and then
(D) regularly

14.14. A: “Just as regular exercise can help people achieve skeletal fitness, it can also help people improve their _____ fitness.” B: “ Yes, I agree with you. One of the good things about exercise is that it reduces stress.”
(A) permanent
(B) functional
(C) emotional
(D) cognitive

15.15. This hotel is not busy. Let's ask for a big _____ so we can save a lot of money.
(A) promotion
(B) discount
(C) authority
(D) account

16.16. This is a club for _____ who are between 13 and 19 years old.
(A) teenagers
(B) adults
(C) toddlers
(D) elders

17.17. A:“Would you __________ a little? The wind's just a little bit chilly.” B:” Oh, I'm sorry! I'll close it.”
(A)turn the radio up
(B) roll your window up
(C) turn down the radio
(D) roll down your window

18.18. Please __________ for assistance in case of emergency.
(A) contact with the station staff
(B) make contact to the station staff
(C) be contacting the station staff
(D) contact the station staff

19.19. A:“Didn't you learn the traffic safety rules when you got your scooter license?” B: ”Yes, but most people here don't seem to follow them.” A: “You should be careful. __________, you know.”
(A)No pains, no gains
(B) When in Rome, do as the Romans do
(C) Better late than never
(D) Better safe than sorry

20.20. I __________ you again.
(A) am looking forward to seeing
(B) am looking forward to see
(C) look forward in seeing
(D) looking forward when I see

21.21. Rebecca is not indolent; __________, she is a very diligent girl.
(A)on the other hand
(B) in other words
(C) on the contrary
(D) in addition

22.22. The helmet can _____ my head when I fell from the motorcycle.
(B) protect
(C) cuddle
(D) recover

23.23. A:”It's __________.” B: “Yes, the temperature is below zero. Let's stay home. It's warmer inside.”
(A) cool and foggy
(B) hot and sunny
(C) nice and fair
(D) cold and freezing

24.閱讀測驗49‐50 Tour guide: “Los Angeles County Metro is unique among the nation's transportation. It provides safe, clean, courteous, reliable, on‐time service. Most rail lines in LA start around 4 a.m. and keep running past midnight, but they're less frequent in the evening.” Tourists: “Any safety tips?” Tour guide: “Yes, security is a top priority for the Metro. For example, you should always stand away from the edge of platform. Wait for exiting passengers to leave, then board. Also, watch the gap between the platform and train. Watch your step, especially at night or in wet weather. Don't skate on the platform, stairs or escalators and don’t play near trains or tracks. Remember: pushing and shoving can cause accidents. If you travel with your child, hold on to your child when a train approaches. Last, take a seat if possible or use handrails.”
【題組】24. According to the passage, which of the following is true about Los Angeles County Metro ?
(A) It is not dependable.
(B) The most critical thing for the Metro is convenience.
(C) Night time service is much more limited than daytime service.
(D) Passengers are told to push and shove when boarding or exiting the Metro.

25.【題組】25. According to the passage you have read, which of the following does the tour guide advise ?
(A) Walking on the tracks or skating on the escalators is not prohibited.
(B) Children are not allowed to board the Metro when it comes.
(C) Passengers who want to get off the Metro should wait till all the passengers who want to board the Metro finish boarding.
(D) Standing too close to the edge of the train platform is dangerous.