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104 年 - 104年臺北捷運-新進隨車站務員、站務員-【英文】#19029 

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1.1. The father and son have been apart for 10 years and their reunion was very ____.
(A) emotionally
(B) emotional
(C) emotion
(D) emotive

2.2. For a better negotiation outcome, let’s decide on a date _____all of us can make it to the meeting.
(A) on when
(B) for which
(C) with that
(D) on which

3.28. The new intern, ____ instructions, didn’t have a clue on how to conduct the experiment.
(A) giving no
(B) given not
(C) not have been given
(D) not give

4.29. I wish that human beings ____fly instead of having to take airplanes.
(A) will
(B) be able to
(C) could
(D) can

5.30. You _____forget that you have a meeting with Prof. Flowerdew.
(A) better no
(B) better have not
(C) had not better
(D) had better not

6.31. David is ____enormous pressure to finish the final report by the due day.
(A) With
(B) in
(C) under
(D) of

7.32. _____Jessie’s efforts, her team still lost the chance to win the championship.
(A) Due to
(B) In spite of
(C) Because
(D) According to

8.33. Do you know the answer ____this question?
(A) with
(B) to
(C) on
(D) for.

9.34. Jane got her husband to _____her luggage for her at the airport.
(A) put
(B) borrow
(C) shuffle
(D) carry

10.35. Very few students can _____ a nice hot drink on such as cold day.
(A) refresh
(B) resist
(C) resign
(D) restore

11.36. The passenger can get _____news about the MRT system on the LED screen.
(A) updates
(B) up-to-date
(C) out-of-date
(D) dated

12.37. I was planning a dinner party so I bought a lot of ____.
(A) foods
(B) grocer
(C) grocers
(D) groceries

13.38. The suspect ____said that he was not at the crime scene.
(A) who accused of the robbery
(B) who accusing of the robbery
(C) accusing of the robbery
(D) accused of the robbery

14.39. She was too shy to really ____herself in the job interview.
(A) promote
(B) promotion
(C) produce
(D) protect

15.40. This research team is ____of the best scientists in the field of electrical engineering from around the world.
(A) made
(B) comprehended
(C) composed
(D) included

16.41. Taylor Swift is a _____singer and songwriter who has a unique voice.
(A) opposite
(B) desired
(C) specialize
(D) talented

17.42. The family do not have the money to buy ____items such as fur coats and name brand handbags.
(A) reusable
(B) luxury
(C) inexpensive
(D) extreme

18.43. The new window screens are very ____ in keeping out bugs.
(A) effective
(B) familiar
(C) brave
(D) smart

19.44. A: We can settle the bill now or when we leave. B: _____.
(A) I will stay then.
(B) I’m leaving tomorrow
(C) I think we can settle here
(D) I’ll do it now.

20.45. A: Would you mind passing me the salt? B: _____.
(A) Never mind. I’ll be leaving soon.
(B) You have to say thanks first.
(C) I do mind. Give it to me.
(D) Not at all. Here you go.

21.46. A: I can’t stand people who like to talk behind others' backs. B: _____.
(A)I can’t too.
(B)Neither can I.
(C)Nor do I.
(D) Either do I.

22.47. A: I’ve always respected Dr. Williams. B: So have I. He’s my role model. A: She really had an impact on my academic studies. B: Is that why you decide to become a scientist? A: Yes. What did Dr. Williams do?
(A) Suggested A to be nice.
(B) Told A to overcome the language barrier.
(C) Influenced A’s life.
(D) Gave A a hand.

23.48. A: I wouldn’t go to the party on Sunday if you paid me. B: Why not? It’ll be tons of fun. And everybody will be there. A: Exactly. You know I can’t stand it when the house is jam packed with young people. Why does A want to avoid the party?
(A) He has no best friend.
(B) Fun events don’t sound tempting to him.
(C) It’s going to be too warm.
(D) It’ll be too crowded.

24.Scientists at the University of Michigan studied 82 teenagers over the course of two weeks, and looked at the relationship between unhappiness and their Facebook usage. The findings show a connection between more time on Facebook and negative feelings, such as low self-esteem, loneliness, and decreased subjective wellbeing. Does the study surprise you? Well, if you often check out your friends' walls and all you see is how nice their lives are while you’re browsing their Facebook site, it might make sense, right? Facebook and other social networking sites give almost everyone’s life a kind of glamour that might not actually exist. So that’s probably how the phrase “Fear of Missing Out" or FOMO was coined. If you think that everyone’s life is as perfect as it looks on Facebook, you are more likely to feel more sad and lonely.
【題組】49. The above passage is mainly about _____.
(A) The function of Facebook
(B) The negative impact of Facebook usage
(C) The positive impact of Facebook usage
(D) The pros and cons of using Facebook

25.【題組】50. The word, “decreased," in the first paragraph most likely means _____.
(A) increased
(B) devalued
(C) developed
(D) lessened