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104 年 - 104年關務特考四等英文更正#20691 

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1.1 The network has scheduled to provide _____ coverage of the debate for the presidential candidates at 3pm today.

2.2 In Singapore, throwing a cigarette butt on the street is punished with a heavy _____ of several hundred dollars.

3.3 The release of the movie was timed to_____ with the director's seventieth birthday.

4.4 She developed a terrible fear of strangers after being sexually _____ in a public park.
(B) arrested  

5.5 The newspaper _____ that the mayor has accepted bribes but it provides neither source of information nor evidence.

6.6 In Antarctica during the winter, temperatures can _____ below-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

7.7 The inmates often feel treated as social _____ after being released from prison.

8.8 The profits will be equally divided_____ the five stock holders.

9.9 The apartment is very pretty and,_____ , the rent is quite low.

10.10 Seeing my daughter finally winning a gold medal after all the years of hardships, I felt a _____ in my throat.
(C) hold  

11.11 The police _____ a farmhouse where the terrorist leader was believed to be hiding, but found nothing. 





12.12 Someone once joked that dogs think you're family, _____ cats think you're staff.
(C) however
(D) likewise

13.13 One of the most_____ parts of living at the South Pole is that the sun neither rises nor sets.

14.14 When his son was caught cheating in the exam, he had to _____ his pride and meet the principal.

15.15 To cut down on the man power, the company offered a golden _____ to many of their senior employees for early retirement.
(A)cold shoulder 
(B)hand shake  
(C) head count  
(D)face lift 

16.16 Apart from the regular examination, the Customs will sometimes conduct a _____ in order to prevent corruption.
(A)tariff cut 
(B)tax refund  
(C)duty memo  
(D)spot check  

17.17 According to a report issued by National Development Council in Taiwan, foreign travellers who make value-added tax refunds will be _____ from examination in the Customs. They will no longer need to go through Customs examination.
(C) exempt  

18.18 Passengers are only allowed to carry a certain amount of _____baggage when boarding an airplane.
(D) imported

19.19 Travellers who carry counterfeit and pirated goods will be _____ intellectual property right.
(A)in charge of 
(B)in violation of  
(C)in case of  
(D)in place of 

20.20 There are different ways of _____ customs declarations. But usually making electronic declarations is more convenient than others.
(D) promoting 

21.21 One essential procedure for customs_____ is to carry out checks on persons, baggage and other things that enter the country.
(B) clearance 
(C) stamping
(D) application 

22.22 In the United States, a customs_____ is highly paid because the person who takes this position needs to shoulder important responsibility and is fully aware of complicated import laws and regulations.

23.23 The Community Charge, also known as a poll tax, is a certain amount of tax_____ on each individual who resides in the community.
(C) approved
(D) registered 

24.24 Imported goods that are stored in a _____warehouse are usually controlled and handled by the customs and can be exported without paying any tax.
(B) posted 

25.25 Zoe got an _____response upon inquiry when she applied for a tax refund in the Customs office this morning. She was very pleased with the public service they have provided.
(C) immediate
(D)  abominable

26.26 Any goods that need to be either imported or exported will have to get the permission from the government and obtain a _____for imports/exports.

27.27 Any _____movement of goods such as drugs and endangered animals into or out of a country can be seriously punished.

28.28 _____ , Hinojosa has assisted the customs in many other countries with their capacity building. She mentions that it has to do with tasks related to traditional trade.
(C) However  

29.29 With Hinojosa's great abilities at customs administration, she can _____ act as the best candidate for the World Customs Organization.
(A)at all 
(B)in order  
(C)on time  
(D)no doubt 

30.30 In many countries, foreign visitors are usually _____ to have a tax refund when they purchase products that amount to certain values of money.

31.31 One important way to _____ export trade in a country is to create a nation's image as a quality provider because people usually are more willing to import goods with excellent quality from other countries.

32.32 Finally, _____ resolving one last misunderstanding between them, Bridget's plan to marry Mark is confirmed by the scene of both of them kissing each other.
(A)so for as 
(B)as long as  
(C)in spite of  
(D)as  a result of 

33.請依下文回答第 33 題至第 37 題 Written English has evolved mostly in ways unrelated to the changes in the spoken language, thanks in part to shenanigans and human error. The first English printing press, in the 15th century, was operated by Belgians who didn't know the language and made numerous spelling errors (such as "busy" in place of "bisy"). And because they were paid by the line, they sometimes padded words with extra letters; "frend," for example, became "friend." In the next century, other non-English speakers in continental Europe printed the first English Bibles, introducing yet more errors. Worse, those Bibles were then copied, and the writing became increasingly corrupted with each subsequent rendition. English spelling became a chaotic mess, and successful attempts to simplify the spelling after that were offset by events that made the language harder to learn, such as the inclusion of many alternate spellings in Samuel Johnson's influential English dictionary. Unlike many other languages, English spelling was never reformed to eliminate the incongruities. In a sense, English speakers now talk in one language but write a different one.
【題組】33 According to this passage, why did "frend" become "friend"?
(A)For making more money. 

(B)For creating extra meaning.
(C)For reading between the lines.
(D)For finding a pad for the word. 

34.【題組】34 What does "corrupted" mean in this passage?

35.【題組】35 Which of the following is true about the evolution of written English?
(A)It is closely related to the evolution of spoken English.
(B)It is supposed to give credits to humor of human beings.
(C)It is affected by many mischievous activities or mistakes.
(D)It is critically initiated by the chaos and reforms in Europe.

36.【題組】36 Which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A)The Belgians who ran the first English printing press did not know English.
(B)The first English Bibles printed by the Europeans were full of errors.
(C)Production of the copies of the Bibles featured financial corruption.
(D)English spelling kept getting worse even with some good efforts to simplify it.

37.【題組】37 Which of the following could best describe the main idea of this passage?
(A)Printing of the Bible is resulted from the evolution of English.
(B)Reformation of English has successfully rid the chaos in Europe.
(C)Samuel Johnson became established after completing the English dictionary.
(D)There are many inconsistencies between written English and spoken English.

38.請依下文回答第 38 題至第 41 題 The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed. Short video lectures are viewed by students at home before the class session, while in-class time is 38 to exercises, projects, or discussions. The video lecture is often seen as the key ingredient in the flipped approach, such lectures being either created by the instructor and 39 online or selected from an online repository. While a prerecorded lecture could certainly be a podcast or other audio format, the ease with which video can be 40 and viewed today has made it so ubiquitous that the flipped model has come to be identified with it. The notion of a flipped classroom draws on such concepts as active learning, student engagement, hybrid course design, and course podcasting. The value of a flipped class is in the repurposing of class time into a workshop where students can inquire about lecture content, test their skills in applying knowledge, and interact with one another in 41 activities. During class sessions, instructors function as coaches or advisors, encouraging students in individual inquiry and collaborative effort.


(C) twittered  

(B)hands  -off 
(C)hands  -up 
(D)hands  -down

42.請依下文回答第 42 題至第 45 題 Numbers have a strange grasp on people's lives, thanks to the human tendency to 42 deeper meaning to numbers. Some people make a wish at 11:11. Others believe that good things 43 in threes. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, sweet 16s. Some numbers are divine, e.g., seventh heaven, or are given divine connotations through math, e.g., the golden ratio. And of course, there's pop culture: James Bond is 007; Jim Carrey did something-or-other with the number 23. Twelve has found particular significance across cultural fields—there are 12 zodiac signs, 12 months in a year, 12 models of Cylons. But 13? Thirteen's cultural meaning is a little more 44 . This number is most often associated with fear or superstition, mostly in Western culture. Thirteen is rooted in negative meaning, which can partly be 45 to the Bible since Judas, who betrays Jesus, was the 13th guest at the Last Supper, as well as to pop culture. The horror franchise Friday the 13th capitalizes on the fear of the date itself.

(B) make 



46.請依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題 My husband Peter and I lease a land for organic farming in the foothills of Northern California. In the heat of summer, my fields cover the bronzed landscape like a green quilt spread over sand. We mind the requirements for organic farming and successfully get certificates for all our vegetables. Ten acres of them trace the contours of a small valley floor. Tomatoes glow crimson, flowers bloom and watermelons grow fat. But the beautiful picture does not overrule the reality that my business is struggling. Whenever a customer asked how things were going, I replied, Great. I never revealed the truth, Well, we're making ends meet, but we work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and pay ourselves only what we need to cover food and household expenses: $100 per week. I didn't tell anyone how, over the course of the last three years since Peter and I had started our farm, I'd drained most of my savings. I didn't admit that the only thing keeping the farm afloat was income Peter and I earned through other means — Peter working as a carpenter and I as a baker. I didn't say I felt like I was trying to fill a bathtub when the drain was open. People admire organic farming, but they seldom know it's hard to sustain a living.
【題組】46 What does the underlined "them" refer to in this passage?
(A)The tomatoes 
(B)The flowers  
(C)The watermelons  
(D)The plants in the fields 

47.【題組】47 According to the passage, which of the following statements is true about organic farming?
(A)It has to be located on the floor of a valley.
(B)Tomatoes and watermelons are the most popular products.
(C)It can get certified if meeting specific standards.
(D)Different means of farming have been promoted.

48.【題組】48 What does "making ends meet" mean in this passage?
(A)Managing to keep regular hours of life.
(B)Managing to cover space of the landscape.
(C)Earning and spending equal amounts of money.
(D)Working and resting for equal amounts of time.

49.【題組】49 According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A)The narrator lies to her customers about her business.
(B)The narrator makes big profits through her hard work.
(C)The narrator and her husband need to do odd jobs to cover their expenses.
(D)The narrator and her husband have spent all their savings on the farm.

50.【題組】50 What is the major problem that the narrator is facing?
(A)It is too hot to work in the summer on the farm.
(B)It is too hard to get rid of the fats in their body.
(C)It is urgent to deal with the draining problem in their bathtub.
(D)It is difficult to support themselves by solely working on the farm.