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104 年 - 104 臺中教育大學教師專業碩士學位學程:英文#47274 

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1.1. Apple Watch, in combination with the iPhone, can be a key conduit for two-way delivery of health care information, sending data about a person's metabolism to researchers while also reminding wearers to take their medicine or go exercise.
(A) medium
(B) message
(C) member
(D) memory

2.2. Some Hawaii residents have been suffering from respiratory and other chronic diseases after long-term exposure to the spread of chemicals sprayed on the herbicide and pesticide resistant crop developed by agrochemical firms over the past few years.
(A) rescue
(B) breathing
(C) illness
(D) recreation

3.3. Syrian troops and pro-government militias launched an offensive last month in an attempt to besiege rebel-held parts of Aleppo.
(A) defensive
(B) opening
(C) attack
(D) intensive

4.4. Millet was actually Asia’s staple grain before rice more than 10,000 years ago.
(A) rich
(B) small
(C) better
(D) main

5.5. Dogs are better able to complete certain tasks than their ancestor, the grey wolf, even when the wolf is brought up in a domesticated setting.
(A) wild
(B) housebroken
(C) natural
(D) similar

6.6. Some body fat is essential to stay healthy, with a range stretching up to 25 percent of body weight for women and around 15 percent for men.
(A) reaching
(B) springing
(C) amazing
(D) searching

7.7. It is imperative that no matter whom you interact with, you must act with the utmost professionalism.
(A) important
(B) impressive
(C) impossible
(D) imagining

8.8. Studies have shown that taking time off from work can improve cardiovascular health, mental health, and sleep patterns.
(A) physical
(B) heart
(C) lung
(D) mind

9.9. Based on your experience and good work ethic you will be assigned specific position to manage some works of the organization.
(A) partner
(B) principle
(C) relationship
(D) environment

10.10. Joining an apprenticeship program will help a person to get the necessary skills to get this job.
(A) internship
(B) intensive
(C) interesting
(D) individual

11.II. Grammar (20%)
【題組】11. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) are causing global warming, _______ rising sea level and climate change.
(A) ascribing to
(B) attributing to
(C) resulting in
(D) causing to

12.12. Hence, the Conferences of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change have set up the mechanism of _______ greenhouse gases emissions.
(A) reducing
(B) reduction
(C) to reduce
(D) reduce

13.II. Grammar (20%)
【題組】13. All nations have shown their resolve to expect to reduce the amount of GHGs to 17% _______ 40% of the levels of previous years.
(A) in
(B) to
(C) of
(D) at

14.【題組】14. In recent years, _______ increasing number of Taiwanese students who studied abroad has chosen to study in Hong Kong due to two major appealing reasons as internationalization and cheaper tuitions than those in the US.
(A) a
(B) the
(C) these
(D) an

15.【題組】15. In Hong Kong, classes are a constant collision of cultures, which the divergence of opinions _______ encountered. Besides, college is to equip students with adaptability for future job market and functional knowledge.
(A) can
(B) be
(C) is
(D) meet

16.【題組】16. International society has been keeping an eye _______ the long-muted country, Myanmar, these recent years since its liberalization began due to its abundant natural resources (petroleum, natural gas, and minerals), low labor cost, and low crime rates.
(A) of
(B) on
(C) with
(D) at

17.【題組】17. However, the law of the jungle of doing business in Myanmar can be incomprehensible for outsiders, and there are many tricks for the trade. Numerous Taiwan-based businesspeople in Myanmar, who are known for their adventure spirit, _______ knocking around.
(A) have been
(B) has been
(C) will have been
(D) being

18.【題組】18. ________ from October 2, 2012, Taiwan has been accorded visa-free courteous by the US after a screening of high threshold including the country’s records in illegal immigration, illegal employment, passport forgery, and border control.
(A) Coming
(B) Since
(C) Begin
(D) Starting

19.【題組】19. However, the fact that Taiwan has no official diplomatic tie with the US but being granted visa-free treatment ______ that Taiwanese passport holders could benefit from indirect official protection and endorsement of their travel documents.
(A) introduce
(B) implies
(C) simplifies
(D) meaning

20.【題組】20. Prices for daily consumer products in Taiwan are relatively high. Plus, prices for residential housing or real estate have even ______ 10 times in the past two years, leading to the Government’s measures to slow down the rise in housing prices.
(A) doubled
(B) remained
(C) skyrocketed
(D) stood

21.21 syllables are important units is 22 by the history of writing. Many writing systems have one symbol for each syllable, a well-known present-day example 23 Japanese. But only once in the history of mankind 24 anybody 25 an alphabetic writing system 26 syllables were systematically 27 their components. About three thousand years ago, the Greeks modified the Semitic syllabary 28 represent consonants and vowels by separate symbols. It seems that everybody finds syllables comparatively easy units to 29 . But people who have not been educated in an alphabetic writing system find it much more difficult to consider syllables 30 made up of segments.
【題組】 21.
(A) why
(B) that
(C) of
(D) in which

(A) executed
(B) caused
(C) painted
(D) illustrated

(A) that is
(B) was
(C) being
(D) is

(A) why
(B) has
(C) because
(D) is

(A) devised
(B) divided
(C) deducted
(D) duplicated

(A) why
(B) because
(C) in which
(D) when

(A) divided by
(B) invented by
(C) taken by
(D) split into

(A) due to
(B) so as to
(C) thus
(D) owing to

(A) teach
(B) feel
(C) write
(D) identify

(A) as being
(B) for being
(C) as to
(D) in order to

31.IV. Reading Comprehension (20%) Music was an important ingredient in the lives of Americans at the end of the nineteenth century. From formal concerts and balls to weddings, funerals, and holiday fairs, music was an important part of everyone’s life. At that time, in African American communities, music was a means of expressing joy, of taking pleasures, within a broader context of repression and confinement. At the end of the nineteenth century in America, folk music could be found in every state. However, it was in New Orleans that a new folk music known as jazz started to flourish. A defining mark of this New Orleans jazz was an ensemble of musicians improvising their notes in changing chords around a specific melodic line. This improvising music within the constrains of a common agreement upon melody requires a highly developed musical sense and also a familiarity with the musical thinking of one’s companions. The new folk music is a community effort with a high degree of individualism.
【題組】31. What is the main idea of the passage?
(A) life ingredients
(B) jazz in New Orleans
(C) American ball games
(D) history of the African Americans

32.【題組】32. What main points might be included in the following paragraphs?
(A) Music in Africa
(B) Types of classical music
(C) Musicians of pop music
(D) History of American jazz

33.【題組】33. What does the word improvising mean in the above passage?
(A) Compose music while playing
(B) Playing music while singing
(C) Tune up the instruments before playing
(D) Hum music while thinking

34.【題組】34. According to the passage, what type of persons suits playing at a jazz ensemble?
(A) A soloist who is more used to playing alone
(B) A musician who is easily tuned to others
(C) A violinist who is able to strictly follow the scores
(D) A conductor of a classical orchestra

35.【題組】35. Why was the music important to the lives of African Americans in the 19th century?
(A) Because music was a means of gaining fames and money for African Americans at that time.
(B) Because African Americans were born to be talented singers and musicians.
(C) Because African Americans were prone to being lazy and taking pleasures.
(D) Because music was a means of expressing joy within a broader context of repression and confinement.

36.There is a theory widely believed by students of history that geography determines history. This can be applied to the development of technology and its effects on cultures. As with animals, humans were first hunters and gatherers. They hunted animals for food and clothing. They gathered wild plants for food, clothing, weapons and building materials. When an area no longer had the animals to hunt and the plants to gather, humans had to move to another location. Humans certainly understood that one man without weapons had little chance against most animals, so they had to use their biggest advantage, their brains. As humans developed better weapons by using rocks, teeth and claws from animals, and sharpened wood and stone, they became more efficient hunters and less likely to starve to death. The discovery of metal in certain locations gave humans from that area an even stronger advantage over animals and also over other humans who didn't have the technology. Other things being equal, armies armed with bronze weapons could defeat armies with stone weapons. Armies with iron weapons could defeat armies with bronze weapons and armies with steel weapons could defeat armies with iron weapons. Each advance in technology changed the balance of power. The discovery of metals also helped agriculture. Sharper and harder tools helped plant the seeds and harvest the crops. Planting and harvesting allowed humans to abandon the hunter-gatherer life style and settle in one place for long periods of time. The old divisions of labor had been men were the hunters and women were the gatherers. Now with farming, the whole family helped. While the hunter-gatherer life style could support only limited numbers of people, farming required many people, and large families became helpful even necessary. Farming areas vary widely too in terms of rainfall, soil, temperature and the types of crops that can be grown. Farmers in favorable areas could grow a lot more crops. More crops can feed more people who then yield more workers and also larger armies. Some areas don't allow for much agriculture so the people do other things such as herding to survive. Herder populations are smaller but hardier since life is harder. Farming also led to a surplus of food which could be traded for other things. This led to the rise of villages and then cities with markets. Trade is made easier by certain geographic locations such as on rivers or on the seacoast. So, people who turned to farming earlier than their neighbors would develop a larger population, have more goods to trade, and become wealthier. This would give them an advantage over their neighbors in any war or economic competition.
【題組】36. What thing gave men the biggest advantage over animals?
(A) the discovery of metal
(B) weapons of rock and bone and sharpened wood and bone
(C) superior intelligence
(D) living in certain locations

37.【題組】37. Why is a surplus of food important?
(A) People could leave the hunter-gatherer life style.
(B) It gives opportunities for trade.
(C) People don’t have to move from place to place.
(D) Weather is not very important.

38.【題組】38. The passage implies that battle and wars are won by…
(A) better technology
(B) better fed soldiers
(C) armies with more soldiers
(D) geographical location

39.【題組】39. What is the main idea of this passage?
(A) Farming is better than hunting.
(B) Using metal was a great advantage for humans.
(C) Farming leads to the rise of villages and cities.
(D) Where people live determines their lives.

40.【題組】40. What is the greatest advantage that geography can give?
(A) more animals to hunt
(B) metal to be used for technology
(C) locations on rivers or sea coasts
(D) no nearby enemies

41.V. Writing (20%) Please write a short essay in English explaining why you would like to become a teacher.



21. ( ) There ______ many visitors around here if the weather is fine tomorrow. (A) will have (B) is going to be (C) will be (D) are ...

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