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104 年 - 2015臺北市市立北安國中七年級104 上學期英文第一次段考(期中考)翰林#61939 

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16. Look at the picture. Dora’s aunt is short and thin. She is a nurse. Who is she?
(A) Jane.
(B) Pam.
(C) Sandy.
(D) Vivian. php80VwcX


2.17. Edward and I ____ at the park now. We are watching a basketball game.
(A) am
(B) are
(C) be
(D) is .

3.18. Albert is my cousin. So Albert’s mother is my father’s ____.
(A) aunt
(B) daughter
(C) grandma
(D) sister .

4.19. Now I see a girl at the door. ____ girl is tall, and she is looking at her watch.
(A) A
(B) An
(C) My
(D) The .

5.20. Oliver: ____ the new cook? Peggy: Great! He is a nice man. Look over there. He is cooking fish now.
(A) How’s
(B) What’s
(C) Where’s
(D) Who’s .

6.21. Yaroslava Witvicky is a new student from Russia. ____ family is in Taiwan now.
(A) Her
(B) Its
(C) My
(D) Their .

7.22. Boys and girls are welcoming the singer. She is singing and coming on a small red ____.
(A) afternoon
(B) classmate
(C) husband
(D) scooter .

8.23. Zoe: How about eating an apple? Kay: No, thanks. ____
(A) Apples are good.
(B) I’m full.
(C) I like apples.
(D) You are hungry. .

9.24. Frank: Is this Rose and Carl’s orange farm? Emily: ____ Their farm is not here. Go to Lucky Town, and you can see it.
(A) No, it isn’t.
(B) No, they aren’t.
(C) Yes, it is.
(D) Yes, they are. .

10.25. Peggy: Your cat is cute and smart! Helen: ____ She is one year old.
(A) Mimi is an old cat.
(B) No, she is not a cat.
(C) This is my sister, Lucy.
(D) Thanks! That’s Mimi. .

11.26. Ann: You write very well. Are you a writer, Jeff? Jeff: No, but ____. Here you are. This is his new book “The Missing Bus”.
(A) I am
(B) you are
(C) my brother is
(D) that girl is .

12.27. Fannie: How is the tea? Vincent: It’s good. But it’s a little too ____ for me. May I have some water?
(A) old
(B) strong
(C) tall
(D) ugly .

13.28. Annie: _____ Nancy: I am. What’s up? Annie: Oh, this is your English book. It has a number but no name on it.
(A) Are you a student?
(B) Who is number ten?
(C) Is this your book?
(D) What’s your phone number? .

14.重新載圖二、下列五個題組(題號29~42),請依選文或圖表資料,選出一個正確或最佳的答案。 (28%) 


(A) big
(B) short
(C) weak
(D) young .

(A) Is it good?
(B) Is the park here now?
(C) Where is Black Park?
(D) Who is eighteen years old? .



(A) It is a big classroom.
(B) My classmates are nice to me.
(C) My family watches TV every day.
(D) My teachers go home at 5:00. .

(A) I’m thirty years old.
(B) I love to be with Class 7012.
(C) I like Lake School very much.
(D) My son is Leo, and my daughter is Amy. .

(A) listen
(B) look
(C) meet
(D) play .



【題組】34. Look at Paul’s family tree. Who is Ella’s grandmother?
(A) Alice.
(B) Molly.
(C) Laura.
(D) Rose. .


35. Who is Paul?
(A) phptOTFfi
(B) php9SEABh 
(C) phphTInnL
(D) phpXZAOGx  



36. Which is true about Paul? phpDNoba0
(A) He likes to play basketball.
(B) His grandmother is a nurse.
(C) He has a son and a daughter.
(D) His father is an English teacher, too.




【題組】37. What is “slovník”?
(A) A card.
(B) A basketball.
(C) A game.
(D) A dictionary. .

23.【題組】38. Which word can Dustin see on page 875?
(A) Leitmotif.
(B) Linseed.
(C) Logarithm.
(D) Lyricism. .

24.重新載圖【題組】39. Now Dustin is looking up a new word “ spiel.” Which can he see next to “spiel”?

(A) phpG1BCVG
(B) phpEkMyZL
(C) php0Vmbgh
(D) phpN8Ihqv




40. Which is “Yellow Table”?
(A) phpbIIVOK
(B) phpNJlxal
(C) phpmYbymU
(D) php9nfURw


26.【題組】41. Who is Owen?
(A) Louis Black’s son.
(B) A chef in a comic book.
(C) A new cook in Yellow Table.
(D) A tall boy in A Close Call. .

27.【題組】42. Which is true about the reading?
(A) Louis Black writes two comic books.
(B) “A Close Call” is Owen’s number one book.
(C) Apples and bananas are at Star Square this evening.
(D) Louis Black writes and Owen draws pictures for him. .

三、寫作(16%,請作答於下方答案卷) 第43,45,46,47題,每題2分。第44,48題,每題4分。 
Elsa: Eighteen and thirteen is thirty-one. Eighty-five minus thirty-eight is 43 .
Ron: Wow! You are very good at math, Elsa. How? 
Elsa: Thanks! Well, I have a nice new math teacher this year. Look at this picture. 44 (這個年輕人不是很帥嗎?3%) He is Brian Chen, my math teacher. 
Ron: Brian Chen?! Hmm… he is twenty-seven years old. His f 45 e singer is Katy Perry. He listens to her songs every day. Elsa: Really? How do you know that? Ron: Well, he is my u 46 e, my mother’s brother. He teaches me math, too.
 Elsa: 47 (我懂了。) Ron: You know what? Brian plays baseball very well. 48 (他也是個棒球教練。3%) You can see him at Baseball Park this afternoon. He has a game there. 
Elsa: Cool! I love baseball!







104 年 - 2015臺北市市立北安國中七年級104 上學期英文第一次段考(期中考)翰林#61939-阿摩線上測驗

104 年 - 2015臺北市市立北安國中七年級104 上學期英文第一次段考(期中考)翰林#61939