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107 年 - [無官方正解]107 樹德科技大學_日間部四年制表演藝術系甄試入學筆試試題:英文#102924 

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1.1. He __________ solve his problem, but he failed.
(A)managed to
(B) attended to
(C) looked forward to
(D) devoted to

2.2. I usually________breakfast. I have to catch up an early bus.
(A) skip
(B) go
(C) take
(D) make

3.3. A: How often do you wash your hair? B:_____________
(A) Every two days
(B) Sometimes
(C) In the evening
(D) Yesterday

4.4. I _________up at seven o’clock in the morning.
(A) go
(B) take
(C) wake
(D) make

5.5. How often do you _______ jogging?
(A) do
(B) go
(C) have
(D) take

6.6. If I ________ $ 1000, I _______ happy.
(A) win, am
(B) won, will be
(C) won, would be
(D) win, would be

7.7. A: Is this your purse? B: No, that _______ mine. My purse is black, not red.
(A) can’t be
(B) might be
(C) must have been
(D) could have been

8.8. The use of cell phones inside the museum is still common ______ the visitors are advised to turn them off at the entrance.
(A) since
(B) even though
(C) before
(D) when

9.9. Cutting down on daily expenses is ______ most people manage when the economy is down.
(A) how
(B) why
(C) that
(D) where

10.10. ________ about the open position is available in the job section of our website.
(A) Information
(B) Details
(C) Requirements
(D) Arrangements

11.11. The market-research team conducted a survey on how often people listen to the radio while _____ their cars.
(A) drive
(B) driving
(C) driven

12.12.Hilltop Inc. wants to fill _______ job vacancies as soon as possible. They need more workers.
(A) his
(B) their
(C) it
(D) hers

13.13. Do you ______ if I practice the piano?
(A) Ok
(B) mind
(C) could
(D) please

14.14. A: I need to blow up all the balloons. B: Don’t worry. ______ help you.
(A) I’m going to
(B) I’ll
(C) I have to
(D) I’ve got to

15.15. Please be quiet! The baby ________.
(A) sleeps
(B) was sleeping
(C) slept
(D) is sleeping

16.16. It ______fifteen hours to get there by plane. We were all beat!
(A) took
(B) has taken
(D) taken

17.17. My friend called me when I ___________ a shower.
(A) took
(B) was taking
(C) had taken
(D) was taken

18.18. People get ____ traffic.
(A) arrested in
(B)stuck in
(C)polluted by
(D)dressed by

19.19. The biggest problem in this country is ___; people are suffering from hunger.
(A) pollution
(B) robbery
(D) famine

20.20. Jane is relaxed and calm. Jane is ____.
(A) laid-back

21.II. Reading:
Recently, an Internet game has become a new fashion among young office workers and students. People can farm on a piece of land and grow, sell or even steal vegetables, flowers and fruits on the Internet. They can earn some e-money and buy more seeds, pets and even houses. Joyce interviewed some young people. Here are their opinions.
Harold: I don’t quite understand why they are so mad about the childish game. Maybe they are just not confident enough to face the real world.
Allan: I enjoy putting some bugs in my friends’ gardens and we’ve become closer because of the game. Having fun together is the most exciting thing about it.
Laura: You know, people in the city are longing for the life in the countryside. It reduces my work pressure; besides, it gives me the exciting experience of being a “thief “.
Ivy: Well, it’s just a waste of time. Teenagers playing the game spend so many hours on it that they cannot focus on their study.

【題組】21. According to the passage, people can’t _______ things in this game.
(A) grow
(B) borrow
(C) steal
(D) sell

22.【題組】22. People can buy more things with ________ in the game
(A) e-money
(B) houses
(C) seeds
(D) vegetables

23.【題組】23. Among the people Joyce interviewed, who dislikes the game?
(A) Laura
(C) Harold
(D) none

24.【題組】24. From Laura’s words, we can guess that she’s most probably ___________?
(A) a student
(B) an office worker
(C) a farmer
(D)a thief

25.【題組】25. Ivy thinks the Internet game is bad for __________?
(A) adults
(B) thieves
(D) teenagers



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107 年 - [無官方正解]107 樹德科技大學_日間部四年制表演藝術系甄試入學筆試試題:英文#102924-阿摩線上測驗

107 年 - [無官方正解]107 樹德科技大學_日間部四年制表演藝術系甄試入學筆試試題:英文#102924