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108 年 - 108學年度四技二專統一入學測驗-英文#76061 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. When teaching a large class, the teacher has to________ the class into small groups to help students to learn.
(A) arrive
(B) divide
(C) hire
(D) ignore .

2.2. I have to________ your idea of selling our products to Europe because shipping them out there is too expensive.
(A) reject
(B) shine
(C) toast
(D) visit .

3.3. My parents are really ________ to me. They have always supported me in whatever I have wanted to do.
(A) changeable
(B) doubtful
(C) medical
(D) precious .

4.4. Emily enjoys trying different things and traveling to different places, for she believes that ________ is the spice of life.
(A) quarrel
(B) variety
(C) wagon
(D) zipper .

5.5. Instead of being defeated, the tennis player finally________ the obstacles she faced in the game.
(A) awoke
(B) hatched
(C) overcame
(D) tickled .

6.6. When it comes to job interviews, making a good first ________ is very important.
(A) confusion
(B) depression
(C) explosion
(D) impression .

7.7. The student has been working part time in order to earn ________ money to cover his college expenses.
(A) sufficient
(B) tropical
(C) vacant
(D) weary .

8.8. For the domestic pork industry, the government has made efforts to prevent the spread of African swine fever.
(A) cause
(B) melt
(C) risk
(D) stop .

9.9. The Taiwan Lantern Festival appealed to foreign tourists this year for its beautiful lantern shows.
(A) advised
(B) attracted
(C) edited
(D) envied .

10.10. Even though Nancy is busy at work, she still goes fishing from time to time on weekends.
(A) always
(B) generally
(C) sometimes
(D) usually .

11.11. Sam is not easy to get along with. I do not know how his friends can tolerate him without any complaints.
(A) break up with
(B) catch up with
(C) keep up with
(D) put up with.

12.12. Susan: Excuse me, may I exchange this shirt? Clerk: What’s the problem, ma’am?________ Susan: No, the size is OK. But there’s a stain on its back. Clerk: Oh, sorry about that. Let me get you a new one.
(A) Is it too big for you?
(B) Do you have it in red?
(C) Is this your final price?
(D) Do you have the receipt? .

13.13. Sally: I don’t know what to do with Jimmy. Eric: What did he do this time? Sally: This morning I found milk spilled all over the floor. Eric: ________ He’s only four.
(A) It’s nice of him to help you.
(B) You must be jealous of him.
(C) He’s grown into a young man.
(D) Please don’t be so hard on him. .

14.14. Alison: Would you like to join the charity marathon this weekend? Peter: I don’t really like running.________ Alison: Could you please give it a try? It’s for a good cause. Peter: All right, I’ll do it.
(A) Let me join you.
(B) I go jogging daily.
(C) Let me think about it.
(D) I like long-distance races. .

15.15. Edward: How do you like living in the school dorm? Laura: I like it a lot! Edward:________ Laura: I can walk to the classroom in five minutes and never be late for classes.
(A) What’s the best thing about it?
(B) What does the dorm look like?
(C) How often do you walk to school?
(D) How much do you pay for the rent? .

16.16. Lina: Excuse me, I’m looking for the shoes section. Clerk: It’s next to the escalator. Let me take you over there. Lina: Thanks a lot. Also,________ Clerk: Sure, they’re right beside the shoes.
(A) what do you think about the color?
(B) what style would you recommend to me?
(C) could you tell me what time the store closes?
(D) do you happen to know where the socks are? .

17.17. Doctor: Hi! I’m Dr. Chen. What’s the problem? Cindy: I fell down some steps and hurt my wrist. Doctor: Let me take a closer look.________ Can you move it at all? Cindy: It hurts too much!
(A) You’ll get over the flu.
(B) It looks pretty swollen.
(C) I see something I like.
(D) This drug has side effects. .

18.18. Bill: What did you think of the movie? Paul: I couldn’t wait for the movie to end. It was putting me to sleep. Bill:________ It was the best movie I’ve ever seen in years. Paul: Well, everyone has different tastes.
(A) You’re telling me!
(B) You’ve got a deal!
(C) You must be joking!
(D) You can say that again! .

19.19. Clerk: Front desk. How may I help you? John: Hello. This is John Wang. The light in my bathroom doesn’t work. Clerk: Mr. Wang, what’s your room number, please?________ John: Room 1016. Thanks.
(A) I’ll have a repairman go up there in a minute.
(B) I’ll have the bellman take your bags up for you.
(C) I’ll have the receptionist give you a wake-up call.
(D) I’ll have a waiter bring you a menu up right away. .

20.20. Brian: Did you watch the World Cup final match last night? Jordy: No, I couldn’t make it. Brian: Too bad!________ Jordy: What was the score at the end of the game?
(A) You’ve got a point here.
(B) I’m not very good at sports.
(C) You shouldn’t have missed it.
(D) I don’t like to play soccer at all. .

21.21. Jack: Do you want to have dinner at that steakhouse on Main Street? Jill: It just went out of business this Friday. Jack: I beg your pardon? Jill: I mean________
(A) it’s open on Fridays.
(B) it closed down already.
(C) it offered very good food.
(D) it only serves business customers. .

22.▲ 下篇短文共有 5 個空格,為第 22 - 26 題,請依短文文意,選出一個最適合該 空格的答案。 Have you ever imagined that you can chat with a robot instead of a real person? The techniques of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 22 become mature. Many companies, such as Google, Amazon, and Apple, have created smart voice assistants that can understand what you say, search for answers to your questions, and complete some tasks 23 on your instructions. More recently, chatbots, which are computer programs with AI techniques on apps, have been developed in order to present useful information whenever users request 24 . From the perspectives of business, replacing humans 25 chatbots can save money. As a result, many companies nowadays want to develop their own chatbots. Therefore, people might lose their jobs due to the 26 of chatbots. At the same time, many new companies which build chatbots have sprung up, and this will create many new job opportunities.
(A) has
(B) has been
(C) have
(D) have been .

(A) base
(B) based
(C) to base
(D) are based .

(A) it
(B) its
(C) their
(D) them .

(A) besides
(B) during
(C) towards
(D) with .

(A) create
(B) created
(C) creation
(D) creative .

27.▲ 下篇短文共有 5 個空格,為第 27 - 31 題,請依短文文意,選出一個最適合該 空格的答案。 Many people celebrate their birthdays with a cake and candles. But, have you ever wondered how the birthday celebration started? According to some historians, putting candles on the cake 27 in Ancient Greece. The Greeks would make moon-shaped cakes to honor Artemis, the goddess of the moon. On top of the cake 28 lit candles representing the glow of the moon. The smoke from the candles was believed to serve the dual purpose of preventing 29 evil spirits, and carrying prayers and wishes to the heavens. Today, birthday cakes with lit candles on top have become a popular way of birthday celebration. The number of candles usually represents the age of the person 30 celebrated. He or she will make wishes including a silent one and then 31 all the candles in one breath. As a modern tradition, the silent wish would not be told to anyone else, or it would never be realized.
【題組】 27.
(A) begin
(B) began
(C) begun
(D) beginning .

(A) have
(B) is
(C) was
(D) were .

(A) at
(B) down
(C) from
(D) off .

(A) be
(B) being
(C) had
(D) has .

(A) blow out
(B) break into
(C) take off
(D) turn on .

32.Ⅳ. 閱讀測驗:以下有兩篇短文,共有 10 個題目,為第 32 至 41 題,請於閱讀短文後, 選出最適當的答案。 ▲ 閱讀下文,回答第 32-36 題 Water pollution is a serious problem in the United States. Unsafe levels of toxic chemicals linked to cancer have been found in the drinking water of 33 states. To solve this problem, Eric Li, the founder and CEO of Ecomo, has developed the world’s first smart water bottle. It took Li about two years to develop the water bottle that is very easy to use. After filling water from a tap, lake, or even toilet, all you need to do is shake, twist, and drink. In less than five seconds, the filter, the bottle’s water-cleaning mechanism, removes 99 percent of bacteria, pesticides, petroleum products, and heavy metals. If the water is clean, the word “Good” appears on the LED monitor with a green light flashing. If it is still undrinkable, a yellow or red light and the word “Fail” or “Bad” will appear on the monitor at the same time. Ecomo, which is the name of the bottle and is short for “eco-monitor,” has other features that consumers will enjoy. The bottle weighs just 0.37 kilograms, but it can store almost 600 milliliters of water. Furthermore, it can keep water hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. Customers are warned, however, not to fill the bottle with other kinds of liquids because these will damage the bottle. Two other notable aspects of the product are the app and Bluetooth wristband that the product works with. The app sends a notice to users when it is time to change the filter. In addition to measuring temperature, the Bluetooth wristband records users’ daily activities, calculates their water needs, and monitors their water intake.
【題組】32. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) To show the process of making clean water.
(B) To introduce a product that keeps water clean.
(C) To examine how much water to drink per day.
(D) To describe the ways to protect water sources. .

33.【題組】33. According to the passage, what does Eric Li do?
(A) He teaches chemistry.
(B) He sells LED monitors.
(C) He writes news articles.
(D) He develops new products. .

34.【題組】34. According to the passage, why is the water bottle, Ecomo, smart?
(A) Because it has a blue light.
(B) Because it has a cheap monitor.
(C) Because it uses a Bluetooth device.
(D) Because it uses a big capacity bottle. .

35.【題組】35. Which of the following statements is true about Ecomo?
(A) Its filter removes unwanted substances fast.
(B) It can change any liquid into drinking water.
(C) Its filter tells users to change the LED monitor.
(D) It can be used to store water, juice, or coffee. .

36.【題組】36. Which of the following inferences can be drawn from Ecomo?
(A) Users can easily get the weather report through the bottle.
(B) Users can use it to make an appointment with their doctor.
(C) Users can use it to find various water drinking sites nearby.
(D) Users can decide how much water they should drink daily. .

37.▲ 閱讀下文,回答第 37-41 題 With summer vacation right around the corner, many people are planning to travel abroad. Some of them take an overseas trip with their friends and family while others join package tours to visit foreign countries. Nowadays, many young people prefer a backpacking trip abroad. Since backpacking is a new form of tourism and getting more popular among young people, experienced travelers have some suggestions for those would-be backpackers. First, plan your budget and prepare the required travel documents. You need to figure out in advance how much your trip may cost you. Remember to check with banks and find out the usage of ATM cards and the exchange rate so that you have enough money before the trip. Then, make sure to have travel documents such as a passport and visa on hand. It is also good to leave a copy of these documents to a family member whom you can contact in case of emergency. Second, choose accommodation that is close to public transportation. In Taiwan, for example, backpackers can easily travel by using such public transportation systems as trains, buses, the High Speed Rail, and the Mass Rapid Transit in major cities. With convenient transportation, backpackers can save their time and energy to move from nearby stations to hotels, hostels, or tourist attractions. Third and finally, do not be shy; try to make friends, taste the local food, and visit sightseeing spots when you arrive at a destination. In this manner, your adventures will help you experience more about foreign cultures and lifestyles, thus helping you feel refreshed both physically and spiritually. Go ahead and take on the backpacking challenge. It is certainly a chance for you to prove yourself ready for this new style of tourism.
【題組】37. What is the main purpose of the passage?
(A) To give safety tips for all travelers.
(B) To offer useful advice to backpackers.
(C) To introduce foreign cultures and lifestyles.
(D) To pick the best places for backpackers to visit. .

38.【題組】38. According to the passage, which of the following is true about backpacking?
(A) It has been a form of travel since the late twentieth century.
(B) It takes more time to backpack in the summer than in the winter.
(C) It is one option for young people to spend their summer vacation.
(D) It requires students to work and support themselves while traveling. .

39.【題組】39. Which of the following is NOT suggested for would-be backpackers to do in the passage?
(A) Buy a prepaid phone card for emergencies only.
(B) Make sure that they have enough spending money.
(C) Try to know how to use their ATM cards overseas.
(D) Give a copy of the travel documents to their family. .

40.【題組】40. Why is convenient transportation important for backpackers?
(A) Because they can get to the places they want easily.
(B) Because they will stay abroad for as long as they wish.
(C) Because they plan how much money they will spend daily.
(D) Because they need a part-time job with free accommodations. .

41.【題組】41. Which of the following inferences can be drawn from the passage?
(A) Young people choose package tours because of the low cost.
(B) Countries with convenient transportation are not the choices for travelers.
(C) Learning about foreign cultures and lifestyles is not possible for backpackers.
(D) Backpacking trips offer young people some challenging tasks to accomplish. .

42.Ⅰ.填充 說明: ▲ 請依據中文提示,將試題內空格 ①、② 答案之完整單字( 含提示之字首 ), 分別作答於答案卷之作答欄 ①、② 之指定範圍內以完成句子。 ▲ 請勿抄題,每格限填一字,超過一字者視為錯誤,不予計分。 
 1. 幸福的感覺就是讓每個小小的願望成真。 The f of being happy is about having each tiny wish come t .

說明: ▲ 請將題中 5 段提示字詞重組成一完整句子,並於句尾加上適當標點符號。 
           ▲ 請將重組後的句子寫在答案卷之「非選擇題作答區」指定範圍內,答案中不能 增減字詞或修改變化字詞,請勿抄題。
 2. people avoid / that laughing / mental illness / Studies show / can help

▲ 請將以下中文句子譯成正確、通順、達意的英文,並將答案寫在「非選擇題作 答區」之指定範圍內,請勿抄題。 
 3. 我喜歡在網路上張貼與分享我的照片。



(41~44) Jeff Bezos had an interest in science when he was a teenager. He liked to stay in his father’s garage and did many experiments. At that time, he even learned from his grandfather and under...

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108 年 - 108學年度四技二專統一入學測驗-英文#76061-阿摩線上測驗

108 年 - 108學年度四技二專統一入學測驗-英文#76061