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108 年 - 2019臺中市市立中港高中附設國中八年級108 上學期英文第三次段考(期末考)翰林#97841 

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12.12.Do you _____ that sound? It's coming from under the table.
(B)isten to

13.13.My father drove me to school this morning because I _____ my bus.
(B)got on
(D)got in

14.14.A: What's the _____ of the sweater? B:It's $150.

15.15.I want a ruler because I need to draw a _____ line.

16.16.Judy: I need a dress for David's party next week, but I don't have one.
Wendy: Why don't you _____ my new dress?
(A)pick up
(B)try on
(C)take off
(D)find out

17.17.Sue:_____ Shelly going to do on Sunday?
Andy:_____ just watch TV at home and eat out with her family.
(A)Is ;She'll
(B)What's ;She'll
(C)Will; She's
(D)Isn't ;She'll

18.18._____ a concert at Youth Park next week. Do you want to go with me?
(A)It's going to be
(C)There will have
(D)There's going to be

19.19.Dad _____ NT$10000 _____ his new shirt yesterday. Mom wasn't happy about it.
(A)cost ;on
(B)spend ;on
(C)paid ;for
(D)bought ; for

20.20._____ is so much fun for us.
(A)Go bird watching
(B)Going jogging
(C)Going to hunt
(D)Go window shopping

21.21.Patty: How do I look _____ this new skirt?
Michael: It looks beautiful _____ you.
(A)in; on
(B)in; of
(C)on; in
(D)with; for

22.22.Man: Excuse me, how can I get to the library?
Woman: Go down the road _____ three blocks, and you can see the library______your left.

(A)with; on
(B)for; on
(C)of; at
(D)X; of

Adam: I __23___ Taipei next week.
Fanny: That sounds great. But __24___ are you going there?
Adam: My sister,Bella, __25___ in Taipei. She has three children. She got sick last week, so my mother asked me __26___ her.
Fany: I see. Being a housewife isn't easy. It __27___ a lot of time to take care of three children.
Adam: It __28___ So I think I will go to Macy's Department Store __29___ some snacks or toys for the kids.
Fanny: That's a good idea. All kids like snacks and toys. I remember when I was a little girl, I spent all my pocket money __30___ them. By the way, how will you go to Taipei?
Adam: Well, I plan __31___ a train to the Taipei Train Station. It's a short distance from Ella's house to the train station. So I'll go to her house __32___ bus or __32___ foot.
Fanny: That sounds like a good plan. Hope you enjoy your stay with your sister and the children.
Adam: I __33___ . Thank you.

(A)am going to
(B)will go
(C)will be going
(D)am going to go


(D)will live

(C)to help



(C)to buy

(B)to buy

(B)to drive
(D)to take

(A)by the ;on
(B)on the ;by
(C)by ;in
(D)on a ;on


34.Hi, Ken:
        Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party next Saturday. Last year you gave me a wonderful birthday present---a puppy. I can never thank you enough for that. It's my turn __34__ you a nice gift. __35__ .I'm sure you'll like it.
        By the way, I'm sorry I couldn't answer your phone call yesterday because I __36___ then. Last month, I started to take the driving lessons. The lessons were very expensive. They cost me __37___ dollars. To drive well, I practice __38___ for hours every day. Mom said she would buy me a new car if I get my driver's license. I hope some day I can go to any place __39___ my car. And with you beside me.
if 如果 driver's license駕駛執照

(C)to give

(A)I borrowed some money from my mother
(B)Yesterday it took me a lot of time in the store to look for something for you.
(C)What do you like? Please tell me.
(D)It's not easy to buy a good birthday present.

(A)was driving
(C)am driving

(A)eight thousands
(B)twelve thousand
(D)eight thousand of

(C)to drive




【題組】40.Justin made a phone call to ask about the class.
        Hello. This is Justin. I want to join your cooking class. I uaually have free time in the morning, so I hope to take morning classes. And it's too far for me to take classes in Circle Building. On the weckends, my wife and I often go hiking together; it's not a good time for the class,either.
From Justin's phone call, which class can Justin join?
(B)Pearl milk tea
(C)Fruit candy

41.【題組】41.Mary booked two classes on March 30, but after that, her friend,Paul, invited her to join the Cheese cake class, so she booked the class with Paul on April 12. How much did Mary and Paul pay in total? in total 總共

42.Dear Ms. Bower:
        I am so lucky to be your student. In the past two years, I learned so much from you. And thanks to you, I passed my GEPT this time. I hope you are proud of me. I hope you can become healthy again and come back to be our teacher. I don't think I can study well without you in the coming ninth grade.
GEPT全民英檢 proudof以--為榮 without沒有 grade年級
Dear Ms. Bower:
        You won't teach us next year. Is that true? All of us are so sad because you are so good a teacher. You helped us to learn English well. You also taught us many other things, and we couldn't learn them in the textbooks. I hope you'll remember me forever. I wish you be healthy and happy, and may all your dreams come true.
Dear Ms. Bower:
        I am Will. I made a lot of trouble in your class, but you were never angry with me. I want you to know I am really thankful to you. I will stay out of trouble in my last year of junior high school. And I won't ever forget you.
I love you.
trouble 麻煩

【題組】42. Three students wrote the cards. What do we know about them?
(A)They are all in the ninth grade. Denny
(B)English is their favorite subject.
(C)They don't like Ms. Bower's class.
(D)They miss Ms. Bower very much.

43.【題組】43.What can we know from the cards?
(A)This was the first time Denny took the GEPT.
(B)Ms. Bower is going to leave her job because of her health problem.
(C)Ms. Bower decides to make her dreams come true.
(D)Ms.Bower never likes Will because he makes trouble all the time.


Look at the map below, and answer the questions.
Sue: How do I get to McDonald's ?
Man:Go straight. Turn right on Beach Road. Keep going and turn left on Second Street. It's next to the coffee shop.


44. Where is Sue?
(A)She is at①
(B)She is at②
(C)She is at③
(D)She is at④

45.【題組】45.Which is true?
(A)The library is on the corner of Second Street and Beach Road.
(B)The coffee shop is across from the science museum.
(C)The temple is next to the park.
(D)The library is between the theater and the coffee shop.



2. 下列文句「」 中的字, 何者意義前後相同? (A)「 闔」 家光臨/「 闔」 眼休息 (B)心思細「 密」 /保守秘「 密」 (C)不「 期」 而遇/冰河時「 期」 (D)...

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108 年 - 2019臺中市市立中港高中附設國中八年級108 上學期英文第三次段考(期末考)翰林#97841-阿摩線上測驗

108 年 - 2019臺中市市立中港高中附設國中八年級108 上學期英文第三次段考(期末考)翰林#97841