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109 年 - [無官方正解]109 東吳大學_轉學生招生考試_國際經營與貿易學系三年級︰經濟學#105955 

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1. Assume that John and Theresa can switch between producing wheat and producing beef at a constant rate.
 John has a comparative advantage in the production of
(A) wheat and Theresa has a comparative advantage in the production of beef.
(B) beef and Theresa has a comparative advantage in the production of wheat.
(C) both goods and Theresa has a comparative advantage in the production of neither good.
(D) neither good and Theresa has a comparative advantage in the production of both goods.

2.2. Most governments subsidize basic education because
(A) there are external costs associated with well education citizens.
(B) marginal social benefit of education is greater than marginal private benefit.
(C) of existence of private schools.
(D) None of the above answers are correct.

3.3. If a bank has $10 million of checkable deposits, a required reserve ratio of 20 percent, and it holds $3.6 million in reserves, then it will not have enough reserves to support a deposit outflow of
(A) $1 million.
(B) $1.2 million.
(C) $2 million.
(D) $2.2 million. 

4.4. If the purchasing-power parity theory is true, then:
(A) the net exports schedule is very steep.
(B) all changes in the real exchange rate result from changes in price levels.
(C) all changes in the nominal exchange rate result from changes in price levels.
(D) changes in saving or investment influence only the real exchange rate.

5.5. Suppose that when the price of good X falls from $10 to $8, the quantity demanded of good Y rises from 20 units to 25 units. Using the midpoint method, the cross-price elasticity of demand is
(A) -1.0, and X and Y are complements.
(B) -1.0, and X and Y are substitutes.
(C) 1.0, and X and Y are complements.
(D) 1.0, and X and Y are substitutes.

6.6. Analysis of the short-run Phillips curve suggests that policymakers who want to reduce unemployment in the short run should ______ aggregate demand at a cost of generating ______ inflation.
(A) increase; higher
(B) increase; lower
(C) decrease; higher
(D) decrease; lower

7.7. In the Solow growth model, if investment exceeds depreciation, the capital stock will ______ and output will ______ until the steady state is attained.
(A) increase; increase
(B) increase; decrease
(C) decrease; decrease
(D) decrease; increase

8.8. When profit-maximizing firms in competitive markets are earning profits,
(A) market demand must exceed market supply at the market equilibrium price.
(B) market supply must exceed market demand at the market equilibrium price.
(C) new firms will enter the market.
(D) the most inefficient firms will be encouraged to leave the market.

9.9. If a tax is imposed on a market with inelastic supply and elastic demand, then
(A) buyers will bear most of the burden of the tax.
(B) sellers will bear most of the burden of the tax.
(C) the burden of the tax will be shared equally between buyers and sellers.
(D) it is impossible to determine how the burden of the tax will be shared.

10.10. An example of increasing returns to scale is when capital and labor inputs:
(A) both increase 10 percent and output increases 5 percent.
(B) both increase 10 percent and output increases 10 percent.
(C) both increase 5 percent and output increases 10 percent.
(D) do not change and output decreases 5 percent.  

11.11. In the case of unions, the conflict of interest between different groups of workers results in insiders wanting ______, while outsiders want ______.
(A) more hirings; high wages
(B) high wages; fewer hirings
(C) high wages; more hirings
(D) fewer hirings; high wages

12.12. Financial markets have the basic function of
(A) getting people with funds to lend together with people who want to borrow funds.
(B) assuring that the swings in the business cycle are less pronounced.
(C) assuring that governments need never resort to printing money.
(D) providing a risk-free repository of spending power.

13.13. Under which of the following conditions would the interdiction of illegal drugs result in a decrease in the quantity of drugs sold and in a decrease in total spending on illegal drugs by drug users?
(A) The price elasticity of demand for illegal drugs is 1.3.
(B) The price elasticity of supply for illegal drugs is 0.8.
(C) The interdiction has the effect of shifting the demand curve for illegal drugs to the right .
(D) As a result of the interdiction, the price of illegal drugs increases by 20 percent and the quantity of illegal drugs sold decreases by 16 percent.

14.14. In Keynes's liquidity preference framework, as the expected return on bonds increases (holding everything else unchanged), the expected return on money ________, causing the demand for ________ to fall.
(A) falls; bonds
(B) falls; money
(C) rises; bonds
(D) rises; money


15. Two firms are considering going out of business and selling their assets. Each considers what happens if the other goes out of business. The payoff matrix below shows the net gain or loss to each firm.
                                                                        61f107357435d.jpg What is the Nash equilibrium?
(A) A and B both stay in business.
(B) Both A and B sell.
(C) B stays in business, A sells.
(D) A stays in business, B sells.  

16.16. In the Solow model with technological change, the Golden Rule level of capital is the steady state that maximizes:
(A) output per worker.
(B) consumption per worker.
(C) output per effective worker.
(D) consumption per effective worker.

17.17. Which of the following statements is correct? Monopolies are socially inefficient because they
 (i) charge a price above marginal cost.
 (ii) produce too little output.
 (iii) earn profits at the expense of consumers.
 (iv) maximize the market’s total surplus.
(A) (iii) only
(B) (iii) and (iv) only
(C) (i) and (ii) only
(D) (i), (ii), (iii), and (iv)

18.18. According to the Mundell-Fleming model for a small open economy with flexible exchange rates, an effective policy to increase equilibrium output is to:
(A) increase government spending.
(B) increase the money supply.
(C) increase taxes.
(D) decrease the money supply.

19.19. Which of the following would cause stagflation?
(A) rising government expenditures.
(B) technical progress.
(C) a falling money supply.
(D) rising oil prices.

20.20. Mrs. Smith is operating a firm in a competitive market. The market price is $6.50. At her profit-maximizing level of output, her average total cost of production is $7.00, and her average variable cost of production is $6.00. Which of the following statements about Mrs. Smith’s firm is correct?
(A) Mrs. Smith is earning a loss and should shut down in the short run.
(B) Mrs. Smith is earning a profit since the price is above the average variable cost.
(C) Mrs. Smith is earning a loss but should continue to operate in the short run.
(D) we cannot determine whether she should stay in business or shut down.

21.二、問答題(共 40 分)。 【注意】請以詳細文字敘述並搭配經濟學圖形,無完整文字敘述則不予計分。可用中英文作答。 1. (8 分) Why are all Giffen goods inferior goods but not all inferior goods are Giffen?

22.2. (12 分 ) Illustrate both short-run equilibrium and long-run equilibrium for a monopolistically competitive firm. Under the advertising marketing strategy, please analyze the changes in the balance of monopolistic competition firms?

23.3. (8 分) 我國政府今年 7 月份實施振興三倍券政策,以提高民眾消費。請分析此政策在短期對國內 的均衡物價(P)、均衡實質總產出(Y)及均衡實質利率(i)的影響為何?

24.4. (12 分) 我國今年上半年景氣明顯受到新冠肺炎(Covid-19)疫情衝擊,中央銀行第一季理事會決 議降息 1 碼(0.25 個百分點),調整後重貼現率、擔保放款融通利率和短期融通利率分別降至 1.125%、1.5% 和 3.375%。請分析此一政策對我國經濟各層面之影響,其中包含總產出(Y) 、利 率(i)、物價(P)、就業(N)及實質工資(w)。



35.( ) 甲錐形瓶中放置萌芽的綠豆,乙錐形瓶中放置乾燥的綠豆,過 30分鐘之後,各自倒入 100mL 的清水。請問 各自倒入清水的原因為何?【題組】36.( )...

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109 年 - [無官方正解]109 東吳大學_轉學生招生考試_國際經營與貿易學系三年級︰經濟學#105955-阿摩線上測驗

109 年 - [無官方正解]109 東吳大學_轉學生招生考試_國際經營與貿易學系三年級︰經濟學#105955