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110 年 - [無官方正解]110 彰化縣立福興國中第一學期九年級第二次段考英文科#106062 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1.The music ______since we went to school this morning.
(A) has played
(B) was played
(C) has been played
(D) was playing

2.2.The math report ______by tomorrow.
(A) is done
(B) will be done
(C) is going to do
(D) has done

3.3.Was Taipei 101 ______in 2004?Yes. It was the tallest building then.
(A) built
(B) build
(C) building
(D) builded

4.4.A: Mom, the power went out. I don't know ______ B: Don't worry. Let me check .
(A) how to do
(B) what to do it
(C) what should I do
(D) what to do

5.5.A: There is a boy crying over there. B: Let's go ask ______
(A) what's wrong with him
(B) who is he
(C) what was happening
(D) who she is asking for help

6.6.A: I heard that fifty people died in the serious train accident this morning. B: How terrible it is!______
(A) I am glad that no news is good news.
(B) I'd like to know when it happened.
(C) I hope it won't happen again.
(D) I am sorry but I can't be there.

7.7. A: If the weather fine this picnic. I would like to know if you ______then B: Let me check and I will tell yo
(A) is; will be free
(B) will be; ar
(C) is; are free
(D) will be ; will b

8.8.Please tell me ______
(A) what TV program is he watching
(B) what he is watching TV program
(C) what TV program he is watching
(D) what is he watching TV program

9.9.A: Who ______the floor? It looks clean. B: It ______by my sister ten minutes ago.
(A) mopped ; is mopped
(B) mopped ; was mopped
(C) mops ; was mop
(D) is mopping ; was mopped

10.10. I always have a good time______  with my family, but I also have problems______which hotel to stay. 
(A) traveling ; choosing
(B) travel ; choose
(C) traveling ; choose
(D) travel ; choosing

11.11. Before______ computer games, Allen______ to clean his
(A) he was playing; was asked
(B) playing; was asked
(C) being played; was asking
(D) played; will be asked

12.12. The mask ______in Taiwan, so it ______by me. I don't like the one made in China.
(A) doesn't make; will be worn
(B) is made; won't be worn
(C) was made; will be worn
(D) wasn't made; is worn

13.13. A: Tell me if Jason______ to the party this Saturday or B: He will if he______his homework before Saturday.
(A) will come; finishes
(B) will come; will finish
(C) comes; finishes
(D) comes; will finish

14.14. A: Did the science teacher tell us ______B: Yes, she said we should hand in our report before
(A) when we should finish our science report
(B) where we can get our science report
(C) how did we finish our science report
(D) what can we do about our science report

15.15. The car is so dirty. It needs______. 
(A) to be wash
(B) to be washing
(C) to wash
(D) washing bedroom. Friday.

16.16.Which is NOT true? Kevin: Do you know what time the party will start this evening? Tina:______ 
(A) Yes, it will be at six a.m.
(B)Yes, I do.
(C) Let me ask Linda.
(D) At around ten to seven p.m.

17.17. Which is NOT true?
(A) I don't know why John didn't come to school today.
(B) What do you think he will do to you?
(C) Do you think when he will come?
(D) Where do you guess he will go tonight?

Tesla, Inc. is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company in the USA. It   (1)   in 2003 by a group of engincers. The company's name came from the inventor and the electric engineer, Nikola Tesla. Now Elon Musk becomes the biggest shareholder of the company. He  (2)   the CEO since 2008. He wants to show that electric vehicles can be   (3)   to drive than gasoline cars. He knows    (4)  . He said that the world   (5)   better if people stop using gas.

(A) is set up
(B) was set up
(C) set
(D) was stetting

(A) is
(B) was
(C) has been
(D) has being

(A) good
(B) better
(C) convenient
(D) more safe

(A) how to help save the earth
(B) how can he help save the earth
(C) where to save the carth
(D) what was happened to the earth

(A) becomes
(B) became
(C) is becoming
(D) will become

                                                                      Speak with Siri 
  If you have an iPhone, you can order Siri to do many things for you. Siri is a personal virtual assistant. It will speak back to you because it can understand almost everything you say by using a special program. It can inform you of the weather, the time of your appointment and even open an application. All you have to do is to say "Hey Siri" to turn the program on. A recognizer will closely listen to the words and check if the words are actually "'Hey, Siri." Siri collected your order and sent them into a data file to find out the words. Siri becomes more familiar with your voice the more you use it. Then the Apple's central computer will search for the answer to your questions and orders. By the way, Susan Bennett is the original voice of Siri. She recorded her voice in 2005, and she didn't know back then that her voice would be used for Siri. virtual虚擬的inform通知 appointment約會 application申請,請求datafile 文件 familiar熟悉的search搜尋recognizer識別器

【題組】1.______What is the reading mainly about?
(A) An introduction of a new kind of smartphone.
(B) An introduction of a woman
(C) An introduction of a program in a phone
(D) An introduction of a smart machine introduction介绍

24.【題組】2.______What doesn't   it   refer to ?
(A) a telephone
(B) a personal virtual assistant
(C) Siri
(D) a special program

25.【題組】3.______Which is true?
(A) You can give orders to Susan Bennett and she will answer your questions.
(B) You can use the program of Siri if you have any smartphone.
(C)Siri can tell you how the weather is and when your appointment will be.
(D) Siri can't collect your order and send them into a data file because you don't often use it.

26.                                              The Harvest Festival of the Amis 
    The Amis is the biggest tribe in 'Taiwan. They live in the cast of Taiwan. Some Amis communities live along the rivers or near the ocean, so fishing is an important part of life for them.
There are many traditional ceremonies for the Amis, and one of them is the Harvest Festival. This festival is to celebrate the harvest of millet and rice and worship the ancestral spirits. In
the past, the main food of the Amis was millet, and the timing of the festival coincided with the harvest of millet. It's also a coming of age ceremony--a boy becomes an adult man. Besides,
it is a chance for single men and women to meet. For example, a young woman will give betel nuts to a man to show her affection.
    The Harvest Festival in each community is a little different ; it can last from one day to seven days. It is a window for other people to see the Amis culture. The singing and dancing activities are important parts of the festival. The Amis people have a great time together.
indigenoustribe 原住民族community聚落ceremony典mille小米worh祭taditioasinge單身的
ancestral spirit祖betel nut 檳榔affection 喜愛coincide 同時發生

【題組】4.______What is the reading about?
(A) An important indigenous ceremony in Taiwan.
(B) An indigenous tribe in the south of Taiwan.
(C) Different indigenous tribes in Taiwan.
(D) Dancing activities in indigenous tribes.

27.【題組】5.______Which is NOT true?
(A)During the Harvest Fcstival, Amis always have fun singing and dancing together.
(B) Women will get betel nuts from their loved men.
(C) Besides Amis, there are many different indigenous tribes in
(D) People can understand the Amis culture from the celebration of their festivals.













【題組】1.It's convenient to water the grass with a water   p   e  .

39.【題組】2.We always   p   y   for good luck for the new year in the temple.

40.【題組】3.Nick   v     d   to do the dishes after dinner today.

41.【題組】4.Dai Zi Ying(姿穎)is the best   b    n   player in Taiwan.

42.【題組】5.The poor ox was   a   ed   by a group of lions.

A plane   (1)  , and it landed   (2)  



Mr. Barr suddenly   (3)   and stood   (4)   the road.



3.Google 怎麼知道我喜不喜违首歌?
 How did Google know w   (5)   I like the song   (6)   ? 





21. 附圖為地層剖面示意 圖,圖中的岩層皆具有透 水性,虛線為地下水位 面。今鑿一口深井,則井 水水面將位於井中何處? (A)甲 (B)乙 (C)丙 (D)丁 ...

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110 年 - [無官方正解]110 彰化縣立福興國中第一學期九年級第二次段考英文科#106062